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Birthday Bliss Nature Gallery – Part IV

Nature displays her artistry and magnificence each day and each night.

We learn from our beloved Gurumayi to slow down and show our appreciation for nature’s impeccable beauty and immense power.

By synchronizing our own breath with the songs of nature, we breathe with ease and worship the supreme Self.

Nature Gallerly - Part INature Gallerly - Part IINature Gallerly - Part III
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Each day I visit the Birthday Bliss Nature Gallery, and I experience a sense of tranquility and playfulness as I view the photographs.
Today, while at work, I looked through the window and saw a man pushing a wheelbarrow filled with beautiful flowers. I thought of Gurumayi. In that moment, I felt as I do when I view the Nature Gallery—calm and content.
Thank you for this beautiful visual aid that reminds me that the beauty of the world is ever present, and which takes me to the experience of the Self.

London, United Kingdom

It was such an awesome experience to view the pictures on Birthday Bliss 2015 Nature Gallery. There is a sense of harmony and peace underlying each of them. The colorful flowers and the tender birds and animals vibrate with God’s presence. Gurumayi’s teachings about the natural world are inspiring me to feel so much love for nature. I feel blessed.
I wish you a very, very happy birthday, Gurumayi!

Kolkata, India

Under the Guru’s benevolent gaze
Flowers unfold their myriad limbs
Deer with their young ones graze
The orange-spotted lizard comes out of its burrow
To drink in the sunlight
Birds their love songs sing
Squirrels skip and prance about
The lake mirrors the seasons
The moon, the sun, and the rain
The spider quietly spins its web
The pinnacle of Bade Baba’s temple shines
The bridge across the chasm leads
How blessed are they and how blessed am I
To be present under this encompassing benevolent gaze.

Sydney, Australia

Gurumayi is teaching me to move more slowly in order to appreciate “nature’s impeccable beauty and immense power.” So, when I watch the photos, I delight in looking at and absorbing every aspect—the items themselves, the way the shapes are, the textures, the colors, the play of light, the exquisite reflections, the way the photographer has placed him or herself. 

Melbourne, Australia

Watching the Nature Galleries on the Siddha Yoga path website has opened my heart to appreciate all the expressions of generosity in nature. By breathing in and out deeply when taking a walk in the woods, or while working in my garden and orchard, I try to absorb her offerings and learn from her bountiful generosity. This causes my heart to smile, and I feel inspired to share this generous smile through my thoughts, my words, and actions. In this way, I can give back to the world all the sweet presents I receive daily.

Punta del Este, Argentina

These beautiful hues of green and blue,
Bring the Guru’s words alive and true.
Communing with nature with rapt attention,
I’m shown my protection in God’s vast mansion!

Mumbai, India

As I looked at each nature photo, my heart became lighter and felt more joyful and free. I am very grateful for this website.

California, USA

As I was viewing the Nature Gallery, I noticed my mind drifting.  I brought my attention back to my breath and the mantra as I watched the slideshow, and I was drawn to a place of deep contentment and oneness.

Grace and gratitude feel so palpable in our global sangham during the celebration of Birthday Bliss. Happy Birthday, Gurumayi!

Connecticut, USA

Whenever I visit the Birthday Bliss Nature Gallery, I feel more gratitude toward God's creation. I thank God for his beautiful creation and experience his presence in each unique image.

Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for this beautiful Nature Gallery. Happy Birthday Bliss!

Nasik, India

Yesterday, I was feeling worried about the future, so I decided to visit the Siddha Yoga path website. Contemplating the Nature Gallery brought me back to the present. I felt so much grace, so I sat for meditation. My thoughts slowed down, and I felt calm. I had a very nice experience, indeed.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your wonderful gifts!

Oregon, USA

Watching this slideshow just now, at the beginning of my busy day, has totally changed my perspective. I have been brought back into my heart, with a feeling of connectedness with the Guru.

What a beautiful surprise to see Gurumayi here, and to see the ways she shares her nurturing grace and love. I feel as if I am the bird, the leaf, the tree, and I am being held and nurtured by the Guru.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this incredible and uplifting reminder that I will take with me throughout my day. What a gift! Happy Birthday Bliss!

Honolulu, USA

As I watched the images in this slide show, I could see the love, the life, and the vitality vibrating in each one, as well as the stillness within them. I was drawn into meditation.

Thank you for this Nature Gallery!

Massachusetts, USA

Seeing the photo of Gurumayi freed me from thoughts. It made me become silent and connect within for a few minutes.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Gurumayi ji!

Nasik, India

Oh, my goodness! The celebration has begun! I jumped for joy when I saw Gurumayi's photo in the Nature Gallery, her hands caressing leaves, flowers, trees, and birds. I made a fresh resolution to observe the Nature Gallery very carefully.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your darshan. Happy Birthday!

Gandhinagar, India

These images of Gurumayi connecting with nature in its various forms— the golden light of the sunrise, flowers touching water, leaves brown and latticed with light, a baby bird so trusting and serene in the offering of sustenance by Gurumayi's hand—it all connects me to the core of the Self. A sweet and familiar feeling slowly arises from deep within my soul: "We are all one—with everything." We are connected. I am so grateful for this reminder.

Thank you for this beautiful beginning, the awakening of Birthday Bliss.

Happy Birthday Bliss!

Shree Muktananda Ashram

Today, on the first day of the exquisite month of Birthday Bliss, I feel like that little bird on the bird feeder, savoring the abundance of nourishing grace from Gurumayi’s outstretched hand.

Happy Birthday Bliss, dearest Gurumayi! Thank you!

New York, USA