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Gurupurnima Moon Gallery – Part I

Gurupurnima Moon Gallery Part II
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Two days ago, while meditating, I felt inspired to share moon photos on the Siddha Yoga path website. So this evening, I went outside to take pictures. The weather was amazing—the sky was filled with red and sable clouds, and the wind, as it gently flowed, seemed to be following its own bliss. Beside the moon, a beautiful star was scintillating. As I stood there, I remembered Gurumayi ji in my heart, and I was completely merged with nature.
Pranam, Gurumayi ji, Shubh Guru Purnima.

Allahabad, India

I enjoyed looking at all the moons. I most liked to see the crescent moons.
Night is very beautiful because of the shining moon. Gurupurnima is the brightest full moon night.
Pranam, Gurumayi!
Shubh Gurupurnima to all!

a six-year-old Siddha Yogi from Dombivli, India