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The Nature of Time

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I am so fortunate to have this life to follow my Guru’s teachings. The wheel of time has been so kind to me. I have been on the Siddha Yoga path since my birth.

Dombivli, India

The vast red space on the frontispiece seems like the Australian desert, rolling on endlessly, beautifully. And all over are tiny circles of light, like scintillating moments on the wheel of time.
Ever since I participated in A Sweet Surprise satsang, those scintillating moments have had their own life. I have increasingly noticed the roundness of time. When I let myself experience it, each moment feels full and perfect, like the full moon. The effect of this is that I am not hurrying. I am giving myself to these round moments, and delightfully, again and again as they arrange themselves in surprising ways, someone exclaims, “Oh, perfect timing!”

Melbourne, Australia

After participating in A Sweet Surprise for a second time, as I read and contemplate these powerful shlokas about the nature of time, it seems to me that Gurumayi is guiding us not only to value the time we have, but also to enter into our own being and to experience the eternality of our own Self.

Wisconsin, USA