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Pre-Dawn and Sunrise New Year's Day Gallery

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I want to express my gratitude to those who shared the sunrise photos from all over the world. Thank you for showing us the sunrise from your perspective. As I looked at each slide, I would read the location and notice details of the place and the qualities of the sunrise. I began to notice the similarities in many of the photos, regardless of where they were taken.
As I move into the new year, I hold the prayer that we, all people, become aware of our similarities so that the peace in our hearts will be expressed in the world.

Missouri, USA

For me, it was delightful that my first act on the morning of New Year's Day, 2015, was to walk outside and find the best place to take a picture of the sunrise. The environment was still and sacred. The sound of the chirping birds added to the joy I felt inside. It was exhilarating to take this picture for my beloved Gurumayi. The sunrise itself was spectacular, almost as though the Guru were greeting me with her benevolent rays of love.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this extraordinary prasad!

Großkarolinenfeld, Germany

When I was an eight-year-old child, I used to take photos of the sunrise on the seashore during holidays. Each time, I stood in silence, waiting for something unique. I could feel a strong connection with the universe. I was merged into total freedom, trust, wonder, and love for this planet. I also learned a lot about nature.

Today, as I was waiting to take photos of the sunrise, I felt the same connection through consciously aligning my entire being with the sun and the earth. I heard the word mahashakti from within, and saw thousands of tiny, silent symbols of AUM radiating out from the sun and touching the earth delicately. What started a long time ago as an exploration has now become—through the Guru's grace—an awareness of the divine and a praiseworthy practice.

With all my heart, I thank you, Gurumayi.

Rennes, France

This morning I arose in an inner and outer paradise to chant the Morning Arati before the sunrise. The experience was truly magical! It was filled with stillness and brought back so many memories of bringing in the new year as a sangham. Journeying out in silence and capturing the sunrise in Maui was the perfect way to begin this year of 2015, and to infuse this year with shakti.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for creating this opportunity to feel the grace. I now have that photo of this morning's sunrise, which fills me with bliss every time I look at it.

Hawaii, USA

I have just been on the most beautiful and inspiring world tour in my life! As I went through each sunrise photo, noting the stated location, I found myself turning within more and more. At the end I just sat in place and felt myself in deep quiet with my heart so full. I had never before had such a profound experience of the extent of the Siddha Yoga sangham.

Thank you, Gurumayi. Thanks to everyone whose photos graced these pages, and helped me to experience the breadth and depth of our beloved sangham.

California, USA

The photos of the sunrise over Shree Muktananda Ashram are very beautiful. When I saw these photos, I felt that this could happen only where a Siddha resides.The deep blue color made me fall silent for a few moments, and drew me inside.

Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for giving us the darshan of this beautiful sunrise.

Nasik, India

It was a cloudy, foggy morning in Pune. I was waiting for the sunrise so I could take some photos. The delicate, multicolored fluffy clouds making magical patterns of a huge heart, and then double hearts, before transforming into AUM patterns, were spellbinding. An hour passed before the golden rays of the sun shone brilliantly through a patch of grey clouds. My heart was joyful as I had the darshan of the great light—and had the chance to photograph it.

Later, as I tried to choose the photos to share on the website, I realized I had taken so many, and each was splendid and unique. How would I choose? I was drawn into deep stillness and contentment. What arose from within was: "It’s not what you saw and photographed; it's what you became in those moments that matters."
I have been contemplating this insight, and now recognize the blessing I received: in those moments, I was one with the sky.

Thank you, beloved Gurumayi, for this profound experience.

Pune, India

On December 31, while looking for the best place to see the sunrise, I found new perspectives and walkways in my environment, and I felt that this experience was opening something inside me.
Then, on the cold morning of January 1, as I was waiting for the sun to rise over the eastern mountains, I began to listen to the early morning silence, while giving my attention to the increasing brightness and the yellow light sweeping the hilltops in the west. Suddenly the birds sang, and the sun appeared, opening a new day, a new year—a new play in God's magical theater.
Bonne Année! Happy New Year!

Blandas, France

A damp mist met me as I rode my bike down to the beach this morning. I found a good place to wait to see the first rays of the sun. I spotted a little sand mosaic at the base of a palm tree—a heart-shaped design.I had the notion that it was there to remind people of love.
Showers were moving across the horizon, blocking most of the view, yet I could feel that the sun would rise just right. I took two shots just in time as it rose and peeked through the clouds.

Florida, USA

Before sunrise on January 1, I bundled up and headed out with my camera to capture the first morning light of 2015. At first, I was focused on how cold it was and how to take the photos quickly and get back inside. But it wasn’t long before the magic of pre-dawn captured my attention—the stillness, the tangible anticipation of sunrise, the birds beginning to stir, and the sky changing color moment by moment.

My heart filled up with the wonder of the first morning of 2015 unrolling before me. I realized, this is Gurumayi's gift! She is always showing me how to connect to the heart. I delighted in being in the presence of nature at the dawn of a new year. And then, the sun emerged at the horizon’s edge and... Click!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing me how to access the wonder of the heart by observing, experiencing, and connecting to nature.

Happy New Year!

Maryland, USA

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for affording us the opportunity to post our photos in the Near Year's Sunrise Gallery. What a magnificent way to celebrate the New Year!

I feel like a little kid when I participate in these photo galleries—filled with eager anticipation. I may have some trepidation about my photography skills, but I’m always filled with joy and appreciation afterwards.

Love and best wishes to everyone in 2015!

New York, USA

I took a photo of the New Year’s sunrise, but it wasn’t until later, when I looked at the photo, that I noticed the presence of the AUM symbol in the sky! It seems as though AUM is showering sparks of light upon the earth. I feel so grateful to be blessed by this surprise.

Mumbai, India

My family and I participated in A Sweet Surprise satsang before dawn at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland. Our nine-year-old son and eleven-year-old daughter woke up early to be with Gurumayi in the Universal Hall, and though it was early, they were in good spirits and attentive through the entire satsang in the main hall.

The best part about receiving Gurumayi's Message all together as a family is that now we can spend our weekend planning how we want to put the Message into practice together as a family. We are all really excited about doing this together..

I’m so grateful for this Message, and for being able to participate with our children as a family.

California, USA

I love this sunrise because it is a New Year sunrise and it is amazingly beautiful. I know I'm a kid, but I still love beautiful things. The sun is shining, the trees are twirling—and look at me, I'm a poet!

I love you, Gurumayi.

an eight-year-old Siddha Yogi from New York, USA

Oh, my goodness! I love being with you all through these photos! They are like a mala of love connecting us, each bead the glorious sun. Thanks to everyone who shared a photo. Didn't you feel the joy of welcoming this morning? Like a child, I was out in my pajamas, parka, and boots to greet the sun and the New Year 2015! What anticipation and joy! 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for initiating all these ways that we can meet and share our hearts in the Universal Hall. A very Happy New Year 2015 to you all!

New York, USA

Seeing these gorgeous photos from around the globe, it feels as if we are celebrating this auspicious day in oneness with nature.

Connecticut, USA

As the sun crested the mountain this morning, its rays flooded the meadow in our lovely valley and awakened within me an awareness of the unfathomable generosity of the beloved Lord who creates and sustains our sublime dwelling, this universe.
As the mountain softly glowed with winter's purple buds, birds soared in the sky. Their wings flashed with golden light, and their sweet songs pierced my heart.
Gracious Guru, I belong to you. You dwell in me, and I roam in your infinite heart. My Guru, you are the sun of the devotee’s soul. Thank you for accompanying us each step of the way—the precious way of the heart.

Massachusetts, USA