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Mahashivaratri 2015

Mahashivaratri Crescent Moon Gallery 2015

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Although there were snow clouds covering the sky most of the day and I could not use my camera, I still gazed up at the mist of white covering the sky, knowing the crescent moon was beyond the blanket of white, glowing in serenity, untouched by the weather's precipitation.

I was reminded that Shiva, the Self within, is always untouched by the shifting clouds, including those of my mind.

New York, USA

I’ve been having the best time with this Moon Gallery, repeating the mantra Om Namah Shivaya while looking at the photos. Seeing the crescent moon in each of the places, I think of Lord Shiva wearing it in his hair like an ornament. I imagine him there over a city, temple, ocean, or countryside, invisible except for the moon that signals his benevolent presence. How beautiful it is to think of him in each of these locations!

Wisconsin, USA

Shubh Mahashivaratri! I tried many times throughout the day to capture a picture of the moon. Alas, there was so much cloud cover and snow in my area that I could not accomplish this.

Still, trying to do this made me feel connected to all the Siddha Yogis whose wondrous photos are there for us to appreciate in the Mahashivaratri Moon Gallery.

New York, USA