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Mahashivaratri 2015

Mahashivaratri Worship Gallery

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I was struck by the potency of this image of Lord Shiva standing there, coming out of the dark. It was as if I was seeing in him the beginning of time and the end of time. I felt he had come to take me back home into the recognition of who I truly am, and that now is the time. A deep silence came over me.

Afterward, I went out for a walk with my dog, and while walking, I found three blue pearls on a blue thread on the ground. I saw this as a confirmation from Lord Shiva that what I experienced was true.

Milan, Italy

When I first saw the shadow figure in the gallery image, my breath drew inward in surprise. I felt a little fear, and my mind started questioning, "What is this shadow?"

Then I realized that the form was Lord Shiva, the great protector and benefactor. This recognition comforted me, and my body tangibly relaxed.

A few more moments passed, and then the beauty of this lesson came to me. I realized that, although my mind sometimes tries to create fear of the unknown, even the darkest shadows or challenging moments of our lives are all manifestations of Shiva, the bestower of wisdom, compassion, and ultimately, enlightenment.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for dispelling the shadows of ignorance from my mind and heart.

Georgia, USA

I was so moved to see the people who had walked through knee-deep snow to worship in front of the statue of Shiva. It set the tone for viewing the rest of the gallery, which for me, is an opportunity to practice seeing Shiva, recognizing the light of Consciousness in each image.
I am learning to become more sensitive and to remember more often to recognize this light of Consciousness as I go about my day, greeting people, attending to household chores, and doing my work.

Connecticut, USA

I believe this is the most exquisite photo gallery I have ever seen. Allowing my eyes to dwell on these images truly feels like an act of worship. I am drawn into the stillness, mystery, and scintillating beauty of this sacred celebration of Mahashivaratri. I perceive the presence of Shiva and the Guru’s love in every photo. And when I close my eyes after looking at all the images, I am sitting serenely in my heart.

Thank you for this gallery, which I treasure.

New Jersey, USA

It feels as if Shiva is right there, walking in the snow. I look at it again with great attention, and again it feels the same. I think, “Shiva is alive and is everywhere.” Then I see Babe Baba with his great smile. I feel he is affirming that Shiva is all-pervasive.

Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures, making it possible for all of us around the world to have darshan of these divine forms.

Noida, India