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March Nature Gallery II

March Nature Gallery I
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I have such appreciation for the way the Ashram photographers have portrayed the lives of the creatures that inhabit the grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram. I feel as if I know that chickadee, that red cardinal, the deer moving patiently through the winter.

And then there’s that little red squirrel. What a delight! These little guys usually scurry around so quickly, as if they’re motorized. But here I am able to see this tiny fellow captured by the camera in moments of stillness—popping up from under the snow, and then up in the tree, as if in meditation. I feel privileged to see into the life of this precious creature.

New Jersey, USA

Thank you for this new Nature Gallery. I was touched by the gentleness of nature that I see portrayed in each of the pictures.

A special thanks to the sevites who took these photos, for sharing with us their way of seeing nature's splendor.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Today, as I sat quietly after chanting the Kundalini Stavaha, the picture of the group of deer in this March Nature Gallery came into my mind.
For many years, whenever I have seen deer I have experienced a sense of love, peace, and healing. Contemplating this photograph today, I wondered why that is so. What came to me was that this extraordinary creature that can leap and bound with such speed and grace can, in an instant, transform itself into a model of absolute stillness—representing Shakti and Shiva. And with ears that are always ready to listen, the deer is a great example for me.
Thank you for this beautiful photograph.

California, USA

Living in upstate New York for nearly 30 years, I have found the winters to be both beautiful and challenging. This year, by visiting the Nature Gallery on the Siddha Yoga path website each day, I have experienced such beauty that the challenge has seemed a small price to pay. While viewing the postings on the website, my heart remained connected to the wonder of God's infinite and ever-changing creation. I have learned that I can see divinity in countless forms if I take the time to look for it.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this teaching that arrives in such splendiferous forms right on my computer screen.

New York, USA

Looking at the photo of the jubilant young woman standing on the bridge, I like to imagine that she is celebrating the first signs of spring after a long, frigid winter. Living here in the northeast United States, my being rejoices at the sight of the melting ice, the crocuses breaking through the ground, and the deer standing now in a few inches, rather than several feet, of snow.

Although the flame of the heart was never diminished by the chill winds of winter, it is so nice to once again feel the warmth of the sun on our faces.

New York, USA 

It is so beautiful to see the changing seasons through the Siddha Yoga path website! It makes me feel so in touch with nature and with the cycles of time. 

Thank you.

Rome, Italy

I had always imagined being with Gurumayi on Holi, throwing flower petals of many colors. When I got up early in the morning on March 6, I felt great enthusiasm. I mentally offered flowers of many different colors to Shri Gurumayi, Baba ji, and Bade Baba ji. The colorful petals were falling on Shri Gurumayi like a cascade.

When I went to breakfast, I saw everyone was enthusiastically throwing colored powder on one another. Afterward, I opened the website and saw the Nature Gallery—and lo and behold, I found every color that I had mentally offered to Gurumayi.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

This morning, I was awestruck by the pictures in the March Nature Gallery. Each of the pictures is so beautiful, so playful, so gracious, and created with so much love and dedication.

A heartfelt thank-you to all the sevites who offer their talents to bring us these awe-filled moments!

Bussum, Netherlands

I have an agreement with myself to look at the Siddha Yoga path website each morning. When I click on the Nature Galleries, I often tell myself, "Well, okay, I'll look at a bit of nature," thinking it will only be for a few moments. But inevitably, every time, I am drawn into the images and tears form—and my heart is lifted and soars.
It's almost humorous—this play of the mind. My heart is deeply penetrated every single time, and I am so profoundly grateful that I opened to the website and to the photos.
Thank you, Gurumayi. Thank you to the photographers for the seva they offer. And thank you to myself for keeping my commitment, even when I resist it. What a blessed play!

California, USA

In India, we celebrate the coming of spring with Holi and then Dhuli Vandana. Today, March 6, is the day of Dhuli Vandana, during which people splash or apply colored water or powders on each other.

When I opened the Nature Gallery on the Siddha Yoga path website today, I saw vibrant colors in the pictures. These images brought a big smile to my face. I felt love and happiness coming from those images. Looking at these colors, I pondered the meaning of the tradition of people throwing colors on each other. What came to me was that this is a way of celebrating hope, joy, love, goodness, and openness to new life.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the Nature Gallery. Seeing these beautiful and colorful images, I reconnected with the spirit of this festival.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

During the spring festival of Holi in India, on the day of Dhuli Vandana, it is traditional to celebrate by spreading joy through colors. Today, March 6, I once again admire the beautiful colors of Mother Nature. I ponder: Nature is ever so fresh and ever so new with all her varied colors, which add life to Nature’s exquisite beauty. The colors are scintillating and alive. So many shades, so many facets– each one unique in itself! Nature’s absolute freedom draws me to experience my own divine freedom.

Just few days ago it rained here in the Tansa Valley. So much rain at this time of the year is very unusual. The rain and these photos made me feel that Mother Nature is always sprinkling her ever-new and fresh colors everywhere through each of her gestures—early dawn, morning, afternoon, twilight, night; rain, heat, cold, sunshine, and moonlight. Such newness! She is celebrating the festival of joy through colors all the time and beckoning me to participate in this celebration of uninterrupted joy.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

I am very grateful for the beauty that is conveyed through these amazing photos. I feel connected with the Self by looking at them.

Rome, Italy

As I viewed the young crocuses rising out of the earth, surrounded by the sparkling snow, I thought: "As the crocus is the harbinger of spring, so is the mantra arising from my heart the harbinger of the light of the Self."

New York, USA

These beautiful nature photographs are inspirational. To me, they convey hope, renewal, strength, and courage.

Yeovil, United Kingdom

When I opened the March Nature Gallery and viewed the stark, profound, and crystalline beauty of the snow photographs, my mind was immediately drawn inside. The silence that emanated from the photos led me to experience that same silence within. I understood that silence is at the heart of all that is.

Thank you, dear photographers, for so adroitly capturing the experience of silence in the form of photos.

Missouri, USA