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Verses on the Mind and Meditation III

Viveka Chudamani, Verse 362

Pristine Mirror

The Viveka Chudamani (Crest-Jewel of Discrimination) is attributed to Adi Shankaracharya, a revered sage who introduced the teachings of Advaita Vedanta throughout India in the eighth century. This scripture, a seminal text of the philosophy, expounds the central teaching that a person’s innermost Self is one with the Absolute—and is, therefore, inherently perfect. It also addresses how a seeker can attain this exalted experience through a steady practice of meditation. Once the mind becomes still, it comes to rest in the true Self.

Viveka Chudamani, v. 362; trans. Swami Madhavananda, Vivekachūdāmani of Śri Śaṅkarācārya, 8th ed. (Calcutta: Advaita Ashrama, 1970), p. 137.

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After reading this beautiful verse, I contemplated what meditation is and how it affects my mind. Then, during my recitation of Shri Guru Gita, I practiced calming my thoughts by focusing on my breath as I recited the verses.

Afterwards, in meditation, a bright blue light filled my whole being with bliss. I understood that a thought-free state releases bliss in me, and that with practice and grace I can deepen the thought-free state. 

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

As I arose from my daily practice of meditation today, I was aware of the stream of joy bubbling within me. I prepared breakfast and then drove to my daughter’s house to celebrate my granddaughter’s first birthday.
While conversing with my family, enjoying lunch, and playing with my granddaughter, the underlying bubbling joy continued to permeate my awareness. On the drive back home, I was filled with gratitude for my experience of “the bliss of oneness” that had filled my day.

New Jersey, United States

This morning I chanted the mantra Om Namah Shivaya as I do most mornings as I prepare to meditate. And then there it is—the merging, becoming one, “the bliss of oneness.” It slips into my meditation so easefully and each time I am surprised and so pleased.

Sydney, Australia

This morning as I meditated, I focused on consciously releasing my mind from its many thoughts and repeating the mantra over and over. After a while, I became aware that my mind was completely still while the mantra was humming in the background. I experienced a contentment throughout my whole being and felt completely at one with myself and with everything.
Afterward, when I read the verse on “The Bliss of Oneness,” I was so happy to realize that this had been my experience in meditation.

Ripon, United Kingdom

This morning after a deep meditation and my recitation of Shri Guru Gita, I recognized that, instead of the usual sweet stillness and well-being I usually enjoyed at this moment, I was experiencing discontent. I watched this feeling and asked, “Why are you visiting me now?” 
Immediately I saw in my mind that the discontent of feeling separate has been there since my very first breath and has nourished my tendency to grumble, groan, and growl so easily. Then, the title of the verse from the Viveka Chudamani that I had read before going to sleep visited my mind: “The Bliss of Oneness.” And I understood why I like reciting Shri Guru Gita so much—because it guides my mind to a state of stillness and prepares it to “merge in the Absolute,” which has been my deep longing all my life.

Plougonvelin, France

Ever since I have been practicing svadhyaya and meditation, I see that my mind gets completely still and I can better understand the language of the heart. I feel that my Self is perfect. I have a deep longing in my heart to be one with this vibrant Shakti and with Gurumayi ji. I would love to have such serene inner company forever!

Bhandara, India

This evening, as I was engaged in the ordinary act of changing my clothes, I suddenly became aware that I was the Witness. I experienced bubbling joy and a surging energy within me, and felt it was none other than “the bliss of oneness.” As I allowed my mind to revel in the delight arising within, I mused how this joy really exists at all times.
Gazing at the room, I perceived blue dots dancing and sparkling before me. I embraced their joy, their grace, and drank deeply of the gift that had opened before me. As the experience subsided, I thanked the Siddha Gurus for their wondrous blessing and went to sit for evening meditation.

New Jersey, United States

I had an experience of this teaching toward the end of a six-day Siddha Yoga Sadhana Retreat. I experienced a pure white light without form. I remained aware of a sense of myself and a presence of immense bliss. I did not think that I could exist in this formless Absolute. To my astonishment, as I peered into the light, I discovered that the light, the bliss, and I were one and the same.


Washington, United States

When I read this profound and delicious verse, I feel like a gardener. The gardener takes care of the field and the plants, working with joy and steadfastness in accordance with the weather, the seasons, and the moon in order to reap the fruits of that field.
In the same way, as I go about my daily activities, I try to cultivate the field of Consciousness with a yogic attitude—breathing easily, using my body and my mind in the best way, and welcoming people and events with benevolence, knowing that this gardening will in due time bear the blissful fruit of oneness.

Rodez, France

O my mind! Please understand!
Why are you wandering here and there?
When you merge into the Absolute, the bliss of oneness will sweep you off your feet.
Treasure every moment you touch oneness, even slightly.
As you go about your day, remember this little spark of oneness.
Invite it to your door again and again, until you have merged eternally with the Absolute.

Montreal, Canada

During meditation this morning, my heart melted in a wave of stillness, softness, and contentment. Suddenly, a pristine, bright white light flashed within, and I saw Gurumayi smiling ear to ear. I felt she was showing me oneness, showing me how the inner light, the Guru, and the Self are one!

Montreal, Canada

Today, while reading these words of wisdom, my mind focused on steady practice. Having been on this sacred path for many years, I have recognized the power of daily Siddha Yoga practices in purifying the mind and opening it to the light of the Self.

During the days and weeks of sadhana, I may not always have been aware of my inner progress. But every few months, as I looked back and took a spiritual self-inventory, I would realize there was indeed an awareness of my heart being more open. I felt better about myself and others, my meditations deepened, and I was responding more to life’s situations rather than reacting to them.

I have come to understand that lasting change happens little by little, and is even sometimes so subtle that I am not aware of it on a daily basis. In the long run, I found that with Gurumayi’s grace and my earnest effort, my baby steps added up on the way toward the experience of samadhi, the light and bliss of oneness.

New York, United States

As I meditate, inspired by this verse, I am consciously acknowledging my mind as mature. One definition of the word mature is ripe. I remind my mind that it has been ripened by the teachings, by grace, and by my steady practice. My awareness becomes more subtle with this reminder. My state expands into Witness Consciousness, and I see the delight with which the shakti is creating and dissolving thoughts. Then, I begin to perceive my mind’s desire to know its own essence. With this perception, my mind becomes absorbed in deep meditation. And the incomparable bliss of the Self arises.

Melbourne, Australia

This beautiful teaching brings to mind the words of the previous verse that spoke of perceiving one’s own perfection. I have experienced this tremendous sense of coming home, first in the Shaktipat Intensive, and then frequently in meditation as a feeling of union.

Today, I was contemplating the words, steady practice. I thought of the virtue of perseverance. Before my introduction to Siddha Yoga, I readily claimed that virtue. But it was in an ego-based way, as a willful pursuit of my goals. Now I understand perseverance to mean the kind of steady practice that opens me to grace and aligns me with Kundalini Shakti, which leads me unfailingly to the awareness of union.

I am grateful for the experience of oneness and for the Guru’s guidance as I persevere in my sadhana.

California, United States

Over the past few years, I have come to revere and honor even the briefest moments of samadhi in meditation. Touching that state, I am beyond time and space. There is only the truth of oneness, of light and bliss, which is timeless. I treasure these moments.

New York, United States

Today, as I sat in meditation with the awareness of this verse, I became aware of everyday thoughts and feelings and how they were playing in my consciousness. Soon the background noise settled down, and I eased into a simple state of stillness. There was no drama, just simple presence, followed by the realization that I had become one with my Self. This was reassuring, lovely, and blissful.

On the bus on the way to work, I noticed my mind starting to speed up as though preparing for the day ahead. I was able to halt this pattern and bring myself back to the simple oneness within that I’d experienced in meditation. I felt so grateful for the practice of Siddha Yoga meditation and the grace-filled teachings that help me deepen my experience and transform my state.

Ohio, USA

Thirty years ago this winter, in a Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive, I spent an afternoon in this very state—profound absorption in the Absolute and the enormous bliss of oneness. For the next three months, that state remained accessible to me. Then my old state of non-oneness returned to mind. It was then that I began sadhana in earnest—learning from my Guru, doing the practices, walking the Siddha Yoga path.
“When the mind that has matured…” Ahh! Now, after these years of steady practice, I feel I’m coming home. My Guru, whose grace has permeated every aspect of my life, has been maturing me. My sustained steadiness, never really giving up, has brought back that ready access to the perception of oneness and the experience of bliss. While I’m not gulping it, I can surely taste it. And savor it.
For such a life, with so much maturing growth and such sweetly blissful fruits, I bow before my Guru.

Hawaii, United States