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SYDA Foundation staff members and visiting sevites offering seva
in Shree Muktananda Ashram, September 2015

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I see this seva, offered in our beloved Shree Muktananda Ashram, as a form of prayer. Every picture, every person, every action is an offering to the Self. My own prayer is that I may always offer seva.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the grace that I receive from your teachings.

Mexico City, Mexico

As I looked at the photographs, I kept seeing so much beauty. It was in people's hands; it was in their physical movements and in their surroundings. Looking at each scene, I thought, "There is nothing that is not beauty."

Perth, Australia

I am deeply touched by the photos of these sevites. I see so much care and tenderness and joy in their faces. As I look at these pictures, I realize that the practice of seva has been one of my deepest connections to the path of Siddha Yoga and the experience of the Self. It’s been during seva that I’ve faced challenges, gained understandings, and experienced so much spiritual growth.

Seva has made such a difference in all parts of my life. I can feel it. Now, as I move about my day—in my work, with my family, and in my volunteering—I make the effort to offer each action with a sense of selflessness, and to bring to it the things I’ve learned from the practice of Siddha Yoga seva.

California, USA

For the past many months I have been inquiring into the nature of seva, and praying for a deeper understanding of what has been my favorite practice over the years. Returning to this gallery and spending time with these photos, as well as with the insights that others share, connects me to the joy selfless service creates.

California, USA