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Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi

Baba’s teachings from his book
Kundalini: The Secret to Life

Baba’s Teachings from Kundalini: The Secret of Life

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When I read Baba’s words, I remembered the day I received shaktipat from him. Looking back over my entire life since that day, I know I owe my very life to Baba ji. He awakened me to the greatest truth. A journey of the most profound discoveries continues today due to Baba’s compassion in giving me shaktipat.

California, United States

I was just talking to my mom, and we were talking about how our own body is a beautiful form of God. Then I opened the Siddha Yoga path website and saw Baba’s words, which clarified my thoughts really well. I experienced that Baba and Gurumayi are always with me, giving me knowledge at exactly the right time.

Illinois, United States

This excerpt from Baba’s book reinforces my awareness that God dwells within me, and accentuates the importance of awakening Kundalini Shakti the divine energy within.
It is because of shaktipat, the awakening of this divine energy, that I have experienced the blissful Consciousness inside me and in the world around me. Struck with wonder on that initiation day, I said to myself: “This is the summit of life!”
With this experience in mind, I know the goal of my life: it is to follow the teachings given by my Guru with care and confidence as I climb toward the inner peak, the sahasrar.

Rodez, France