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Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi 2020

Baba’s teachings from his book
Kundalini: The Secret to Life

Baba’s Teachings from Kundalini: The Secret of Life

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I once had an experience of oneness like that described in this excerpt. It was during a Sadhana Retreat after I’d completed the Siddha Yoga Home Study Course The Power of Siddha Yoga Meditation. I focused on posture by first relaxing my hands, leading to supreme relaxation of my whole body. I stayed unmoving except for my breath, along with constant repetition of Om Namah Shivaya. Supreme bliss arose. Guru and disciple dissolved. Only pure white, blissful light remained.  
Lately, even in large crowds of old friends, I am finding this same refuge in these same meditation principles. I am in bliss while participating in daily activities. It feels so natural that I don’t have to wonder whether this much bliss in such “worldly things” is appropriate.  
My intention for participating in the Shaktipat Intensive 2023 is to understand, nurture, and expand this beautiful experience of parabhakti, given by the Guru’s grace and supported by my effort in practicing her teachings on meditation.

Washington, United States

I very much enjoyed reading Kundalini: The Secret of Life. As I read this excerpt, I felt I was bathing in Baba’s words, and I was captivated by Baba’s love. I soon entered a state of meditation. For the rest of the evening, I felt a state of calm. As I looked around me, I experienced that I was seeing Kundalini Shakti in everything. For me, it was a revelation, and a wonder.

I also felt I was able to better understand the significance of Baba’s words. In fact, I found answers to some questions that I had been contemplating for some time.

This experience has shown me, once again, how vital it is to read the Guru’s words when I am seeking to stay in the company of the Truth. It also reminded me that the Guru is my best and true friend.

Milan, Italy

Seventy years ago, on my fifth birthday, as I looked out over the buildings and up at the sky, I felt a very strong intention form in my heart—to find the secret of life. Over the next four decades, I searched for this in different ways. Then, I received shaktipat from Gurumayi. This blessed event was followed by several weeks in which I experienced a state of witness-consciousness and bliss. I felt I was free of fetters, and had no desires, no fears, and no restlessness. It was as if I was able to see everything and everyone as my own Self. Soon afterwards, I read Baba’s book Kundalini: The Secret of Life, which helped me to begin to understand my shaktipat experience.

It seems that the Guru had heard my intention made so long ago. Receiving shaktipat was the beginning of my Siddha Yoga sadhana, which continues to be a wonder-filled spiritual journey, for which I am truly grateful.

London, United Kingdom

I love Baba’s words: “Meditate on yourself, honor yourself, worship yourself, for God dwells within you as you.” Over the years this teaching has guided me into stillness and inner peace. This morning when I sat to meditate, I experienced love in my heart. Baba’s words encourage me to keep going so that I can bring the love and bliss of meditation into my daily life more and more, so that I can go deeper into the experience of oneness. Today I initially felt reservations about attending a gathering, but remembering the experience of meditation, I feel I can attend and experience bliss.

Warrnambool, Australia

I am fascinated by Baba Muktananda’s ability to describe in so few words what seems to me to be the essence of the spiritual path! And I love how he talks about the importance of sadhana in leading us to the goal—to the fruit of our efforts. 

When I reflect on my own sadhana, I am filled with wonder and gratitude! For me, it is always about purifying my mind, opening my heart, and trusting my Guru. I have full trust in the Guru to take away my limited ego and open the door to the universe of the unlimited, highest Self.

Konolfingen, Switzerland

On the morning of my fifth birthday, I stood outside my house and looked up at the sky. I thought of the life ahead of me and felt a new awareness growing within me. With this, I made an intention: “There is a secret of life, and I will find it.” It was so clear to me, even at that young age.

Now, seventy years later, I look back and I am forever grateful to Gurumayi, to Baba, and the whole lineage of Siddha Masters for guiding me to discover the “secret”—that God dwells within me.

Having had a few tastes of that secret, I know that with further practice, with my own effort, and with Gurumayi’s grace, I will become more and more established in that Truth.

London, United Kingdom

The awakening of kundalini through shaktipat initiation that I received from Baba many years ago reverberates in me to this day. That early experience continues to unfold in wonderful new ways, teaching me from within about the oneness of all things, steadying my awareness in the bliss of the Self.

As I perform my daily meditation practice and the state of joy grows and expands within me, I feel deep gratitude to Baba, Gurumayi, and Bhagavan Nityananda for their immeasurable grace.

New Jersey, United States

When I read Baba’s words, I remembered the day I received shaktipat from him. Looking back over my entire life since that day, I know I owe my very life to Baba ji. He awakened me to the greatest truth. A journey of the most profound discoveries continues today due to Baba’s compassion in giving me shaktipat.

California, United States

I was just talking to my mom, and we were talking about how our own body is a beautiful form of God. Then I opened the Siddha Yoga path website and saw Baba’s words, which clarified my thoughts really well. I experienced that Baba and Gurumayi are always with me, giving me knowledge at exactly the right time.

Illinois, United States

This excerpt from Baba’s book reinforces my awareness that God dwells within me, and accentuates the importance of awakening Kundalini Shakti the divine energy within.
It is because of shaktipat, the awakening of this divine energy, that I have experienced the blissful Consciousness inside me and in the world around me. Struck with wonder on that initiation day, I said to myself: “This is the summit of life!”
With this experience in mind, I know the goal of my life: it is to follow the teachings given by my Guru with care and confidence as I climb toward the inner peak, the sahasrar.

Rodez, France