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Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom

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Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom

Baba’s words have profound meaning for me as I grapple with the events in Israel and Gaza. As I think of all the people, animals, and the very air and ether vibrating with devastation, Baba’s words ring with truth: “Where is that place where there is no Self? Who is there who does not have this Self?”

I am grateful that Baba’s incredible wisdom is available to us at this difficult time, enabling me to steady my mind so I can formulate and send forth divine prayers with the deepest longing of my heart.

Colorado, United States

As I was meditating and repeating the mantra this evening, I noticed that love began to flow in my heart. This experience of pure, spontaneous love is what gives my life a deeper meaning. This love is so fulfilling that deep contentment suffuses me; I experience inner peace and a merging with the infinite space of God.

Konolfingen, Switzerland

Recently, before I fell asleep, I read and reflected on Baba’s words about chanting. As I gazed at the accompanying image of Baba—arrayed in brightly colored robes and holding a tambourine, his arms raised in the bliss of chanting—I felt stirrings of joy. The next morning, I chanted for an extended period of time and then glided very easefully into meditation. Afterward, I felt bright, alive, and full of love. I felt this was an experience of the Kundalini, which I was able to take into the rest of my day. In fact, I believe that it helped me to find solutions to some of the challenges that lay before me. Even now, I am still experiencing the love and support of the Kundalini.

Warrnambool, Australia

I love this teaching in image 12!  I experience the truth of Baba’s words. Every night, I chant with Shri Gurumayi via DVD, and I feel the Kundalini Shakti becoming pleased with the vibrations of the chant. As the chant goes on, I feel pulled more and more into meditation.

Evening chanting prepares me for my final meditation before going to sleep.

St. Laurent, Canada

As I read Baba’s teachings, I realized that by contemplating, absorbing, and then gaining tremendous insight from his teachings, I become filled with rasa, which leads me to the experience of having Baba’s darshan! Jnana leads me to bhakti!

San Felipe, Mexico

In viewing this gallery of Baba’s photos, I looked at each of them, reading Baba’s words, and thinking about what I have received since 1985, when I came to this wonderful path through Gurumayi’s guidance. Suddenly I was crying and a weight that had been on my heart that day lifted. Then I was looking at Baba’s eyes, Baba’s smile, Baba as he chanted… I never met Baba personally, but I know him through his words and through shaktipat, this great experience I received.

Images began coming back, so present to my awareness, such as Baba’s Samadhi Shrine in Ganeshpuri, and the beautiful experience I had at a Siddha Yoga European Retreat in Sitges when Siddha Yogis who had met Baba shared their experiences. Baba felt so alive, so close to me in my life.

Paris, France

Recently we’ve been babysitting our twenty-one-month-old grandson, who’s been captivated throughout his short life by the photos and books of Baba and Gurumayi. He always seems to gravitate to them on the bookshelf and pull them out to gaze at Baba!
This week he can't seem to get enough of the photo gallery of Baba. Whenever he sees the computer, he asks for “Baba ji” and delights in each and every one of the photos. We are truly blessed to see that recognition in a small child’s eyes, a deep knowing that transcends time and space!

North Carolina, United States

What a morning this has been! I have been in total bliss since I began to view these photos of Baba. In doing so, I relived many moments that I experienced with Baba in Gurudev Siddha Peeth: chanting with Baba, walking behind him as he went around the gardens, watching him feed Vijaya the elephant with so much love.
At one point I felt as if Baba were standing right in front of me, and I could feel his love flowing to me.

 Mumbai, India

As I looked at each one of these precious photos and read Baba’s words, memories arose of the time I spent offering seva in Gurudev Siddha Peeth thirty years ago. I can recall the sacred stillness of Baba’s Samadhi Shrine and my experience of meditating there. The six months I lived in Gurudev Siddha Peeth are the touchstone I return to again and again in my life.

 New Jersey, United States

After viewing each of the images and reading Baba’s words, my heart swells with emotion. I have longed for years to know Baba better, and these images give me a precious and sacred darshan.  

 New York, United States

When the pictures of Baba with the beautiful quotations came up on the website, I decided to memorize one of the passages each night before bed. I was surprised how easy it was to do this! Just by reading them aloud a few times, I could learn them, and was often able to recall them spontaneously throughout the next day.
I know that Baba’s love was supporting me in this endeavor. Since I started doing this practice, my heart has been filled with such sweet love. My meditations have been full of peace and bliss. When I look at Baba’s picture, I feel his presence smiling back at me. In this way, I have had a direct experience of the teaching that when you take one step toward the Guru, the Guru takes countless steps toward you.

 Vancouver, Canada

For me, each of Baba’s pictures and teachings is a window through which I can view the world with the eyes of my heart. The mesh of the senses disappears, and I see the world without judgment, as if I were looking at a postcard.

Rodez, France

The sweet darshan of Baba’s photo gallery stirs a place deep in my heart. It is the essence of Baba. The words are so inspiring and hopeful. I feel as though I have just met Baba for the first time, and simultaneously, as though I have known him forever. Yes, that’s it—it is a timeless recognition.

Toronto, Canada

The first time I experienced Baba’s darshan was during an evening satsang at Shree Muktananda Ashram in 1979. As Baba came into the hall and moved down the aisle, it was as though the sun had entered the room. Even though he walked along so lightly, there was a sense of tremendous power, solidity, and brightness emanating from his being.

Later, when I came up to receive Baba’s darshan, he looked at me with recognition, as though he had always known me. I felt that I had come home. Now, once again, having Baba’s darshan in these beautiful photos, I recognize how he has continued to be a bright and ongoing presence in my sadhana.

 New York, United States

I first met Baba in Oklahoma when I was a graduate student at the university there. Baba held a dancing saptah, and he was full of ecstasy. It was a beautiful time that I will always relish. I remember watching Baba playing the tambourine and chanting God’s name. His energy filled the room, and it was transformed into a space full of joy and grace.

These pictures are a reminder to me of that wondrous time. Baba lit up my life and the world during those years, and I continue to experience his darshan in my waking and dream states.

 Florida, United States

During this month, I have begun to recognize that I experience my Self in many different ways in my daily life. And, most profoundly, I have realized that my very human beingness—with all my uniqueness, challenges, and idiosyncrasies—is the Divine expressing itself in perfection right now.

All through these flashes of awareness, I have felt unconditional love and respect for myself, a deep trust in life, and a sense of spontaneous joy and liberation. These experiences make me want to meditate more and more, so that this can become a steady experience.

 California, United States

I had never met Baba or Gurumayi, but Gurumayi was coming to the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland, and a friend brought me to meet her. As we waited in the main hall, we chanted Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya. At one point, in anticipation of Gurumayi’s imminent arrival, everyone stood up—still chanting—and faced the back of the hall, where she would first appear.
In the back of the hall was a photo of Baba, larger than life. As we chanted, I noticed the eyes on Baba’s image came to life—they were looking at me! And not just at me, but into me—into the deepest part of my being. I had never before experienced anything like this, and I knew at that moment that the Guru who was about to come through those doors was no ordinary person. And I knew my life would never be the same.
Through this experience, I felt that it was Baba who’d set the stage and opened my eyes for my first encounter with a living Siddha.

California, United States

Before coming onto the Siddha Yoga path, I never knew that the Self is so close to me. I used to think that the experience of the Self is possible only for those who renounce this world. After applying Baba’s core teaching in my practices, the experience of the Self has become so accessible. I have understood that this world is a reflection of the Self. I have recognized that I can experience the Self wherever I am. It is right with me as the changeless “I” in the midst of the different roles in my life.

Hyderabad, India

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 1

Looking at the three peacock feathers in the banner containing the title “Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom,” my eyes again and again get fixed on the centers of the feathers. I see them as vessels, delicate and subtle, golden on the outside and blue on the inside, with a green M at the upper edge, surrounded by a protective shell and the soft long hairs of the feathers. In my imaginative feeling the vessels are filled with sweet nectar.
This reminds me of the soft, sweet touch of the peacock feathers in darshan—and also of being a vessel for grace, and of giving and receiving. I was delighted to see this color arrangement in the Temple at and around Bade Baba on Gurupurnima as well. These colors remind me also of praying with compassion, empathy, and inner harmony for peace, delight, and freedom.  

Hindelang, Germany

While going through these pictures and teachings of Baba, I felt so connected to Baba. I felt his presence within me and can still feel his presence in my heart. He felt so alive! It is as though he is gazing directly at me as I receive his darshan.
Throughout this time, I could feel the shakti and my heart became heavy. I went into a state of meditation immediately. What an amazing experience!

New Delhi, India

Seeing these photos reminds me of the many times I was fortunate enough to watch Baba give darshan. The exchange of love between Baba and the person receiving his darshan was palpable. Watching each exquisite interaction radiated joy deep into my heart. It still does so today as I look at these photos and remember those extraordinary moments.

Georgia, United States

Since I found Siddha Yoga, Baba’s unshakeable longing to know the Self has touched my heart so deeply. Viewing the photos and reading Baba’s teachings here encourage me as I move forward in my sadhana. For me, they are filled with his enthusiasm and blessings. Even a little spark of his enthusiasm fills my life with joy and love.

Gottmadingen, Germany

As I experienced darshan of Baba from these images, I was reminded of the early days of my sadhana when I attended satsang at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Hyderabad. Each time I participated in the practice of darshan, it seemed different. I felt great compassion and unconditional love flowing from Baba.
I am so blessed to be practicing Siddha Yoga sadhana, and I am continuously putting forth my full effort. Shri Guru is constantly uplifting me. More and more, I can feel and see God within myself and in everyone.

 Gurgaon, India

As I looked at Baba’s photos and read his teaching for each one, I felt my heart softening and filling up with love, a little at a time. By the time I reached the last image, my eyes had welled up. I felt centered, and I had a yearning to always feel that love of Baba within me.

 Taguig City, Philippines

I was looking at the pictures of Baba and reading the quotations. I was becoming happier and happier with each one, becoming blissful and more blissful—and then there was no me. It was as if Baba was me and I was Baba. How wonderful!

 Oklahoma, United States

It's a double delight of darshan. The Guru’s teachings are what attract me the most on this great Siddha Yoga path. I experience darshan in the Guru’s words. And today, I can see Baba along with his soul-touching words, which carry his presence and grace.
Oh Baba, I feel your presence, I hear your voice. May I do so in every moment of life!

Thane, India

Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures of Baba again. What seems evident to me from all these pictures is Baba's all-inclusive love—for animals, music, the natural world, and for joy itself.
Thank you for this reminder of how Baba saw the beauty in all things!

 California, United States

All of a sudden in the past few days, by the great grace of the Guru, I am rediscovering Baba. Just one little thought of him and I am filled with bursting joy, like falling in love all over again, just as it was when I met him in 1978. I want to remember him constantly, and the mantra is rising of its own accord with ease.

Turning this morning for the first time to “Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom,” I find to my amazement and delight that all that I have been feeling is echoed and verified in Baba’s own words. What wonderfully chosen quotes! They enlighten my experience, and I find myself encouraged to dive ever deeper into the experience of mantra, meditation, and chanting. I feel such courage through this contact with Baba's presence, such comfort.


Rugby, United Kingdom

Before coming onto the Siddha Yoga path, I never knew that the Self is so close to me. I used to think that the experience of the Self is possible only for those who renounce this world. After applying Baba's core teaching in my practices, the experience of the Self has become so accessible. I have understood that this world is a reflection of the Self. I have recognized that I can experience the Self wherever I am. It is right with me as the changeless “I” in the midst of the different roles in my life.

Hyderabad, India

After gazing at Baba's photo for a few seconds, my eyes closed and spontaneously I went into deep meditation. Afterwards, as I was about to write this share, it happened again: I went into deep meditation and felt my mind go completely still. The mantra filled my mind, and love filled my heart. And then I saw Baba's laughing face, and I smiled.  
Thank you, Gurumayi, for sharing Baba's state with us through this powerful darshan photograph. How effortless is meditation in the presence of the Guru's shakti!

 New York, United States

Over the years, grace has helped me unfold a deeper experience of Baba’s words, “Meditate on your Self.” The Siddha Yoga teachings say the Guru and the Self are one. Sometimes for brief moments in meditation, all words, thoughts, and concepts—even words like I, Self, Guru, and God—dissolve and only the tranquil yet vibrant energy of awareness resting in awareness remains.
This, as I currently understand it, is meditating on the Self. This too is a form of experiencing God, the Guru, the Self, dwelling within me, as me.

Ohio, United States

Thank you for this divine remembrance. I first received a mantra card from Baba himself, in June 1974. I immediately felt the power, the shakti, of the mantra that was right there in my hand. The teaching from Baba that is posted on the website was also on the card.
When I started repeating the mantra, I knew that this path was for real, and that the one who gave the mantra to me was a real Guru.

California, United States

While having Baba’s darshan, I repeated his core teaching to myself. I experienced going further inward and simultaneously becoming more connected to Baba. I experienced love, and I could almost hear his laughter. I felt the bliss of recognition.

 Washington, United States

I have been reading Baba's books every night, and now, as I view his photo on the website, my heart is filled with gratitude for his darshan as I look into his eyes and read his words.

 Nevada, United States

I have remembered this teaching many times in the last thirteen years as I’ve grown from being a teenager to an adult. Baba’s teaching has helped me cross many hurdles and gain new experiences. And it has made me stronger. Each time I practice it, I feel more connected to my beloved Guru and to my own Self.

 New Delhi, India

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 2

In the second image of this series of beautiful pictures of Baba, he looks exactly as he did when he gave me shaktipat initiation in a dream many years ago. Today, I came for his darshan just before participating in the Siddha Yoga Global Satsang in Celebration of Baba's Birthday.

After the satsang was over, I came back to the "Experience Darshan" photos, in order to thank Baba for the blessings I received during the satsang. While gazing at his picture, I suddenly realized that I was truly in Baba's presence. He was so real, so alive, so present in the moment. His eyes were looking at me with the same love, the same joy as when I met him in my dream.

My day has been filled with immense gratitude. I heard Baba's voice, and I understood his words through Gurumayi's translation. Then I chanted his name, and I meditated on him. Later, I experienced Baba's darshan as a deep and unbreakable connection between us.

Happy Birthday, Baba!

 Joliette, Canada

I was standing in the darshan line, waiting to introduce my friend to Baba. Baba turned the full force of his gaze onto me. His face shone with light, unconditional love streaming from his eyes. He seemed so delighted to see me, I almost couldn’t believe it! Yet my friend later confirmed: “Did you see how Baba was looking at you with so much love?”

Thirty-one years later, I was at my father’s bedside as he was dying. His eyes were closed as I bent down to adjust the linens. Just then, he opened his eyes, his face shining with light. He looked at me with such unconditional love, such delight. And as I gazed into my father’s eyes, I saw Baba gazing back at me! I was held in that timeless moment of bliss, just as before. I experienced once more that only love exists—a love that heals all pain of separation and loss.

How compassionate! What grace! For this, I am eternally grateful.

 New York, United States

Yesterday, early in the morning, I enjoyed looking at Baba’s picture and reading his teaching posted on the website.
During the day, I had unexpected waves of love and understanding. And at night, before going to sleep, I was wondering where those waves had arisen from.
This morning, when I opened the Siddha Yoga path website again, I realized that those waves of love and understanding were Baba’s darshan.

Montequinto, Spain

Baba’s teachings are so simple and profound. When I read Baba’s teaching, it touched my heart and I felt an abundance of love for Baba. When I saw his photo, I could see and experience the joy and love that are always flowing out for me and for all. Baba, you are great! You have explained the meaning of humanity in such a simple and easeful way.

Nasik, India

Two days ago, I was near the sea. The morning clouds parted, and I was entranced to see a pool of shimmering ecstatic light on the water before me. I have been contemplating the knowledge that I had experienced the darshan of the Self.
The joy deepened this morning when I read the shares from other devotees who described similar experiences, and I recognized so strongly that we are truly one.

 Ironbridge, United Kingdom

As I look at Baba in this picture, I see a pure, truly authentic, and light-filled being. Then I read his words—words that I have read and heard for more than thirty years—and I am struck with the understanding that if I really imbibe these teachings, I too can be truly authentic and true to my Self.  
As I approach each activity in my life, I can ask myself, “Is this an act of honoring and worshiping the Self within?” 

New Mexico, United States

What a picture of Baba! I have never seen it before. When I read the first line of his teaching, I found my heart repeating the words in the voice of Gurumayi as she welcomes us all.

Gandhinagar, India

As I sat on my surfboard yesterday, bobbing in the waves, I suddenly felt a rush of love and connectedness in my soul. I felt a powerful impulse to welcome all the other surfers around me with love and respect. For an instant, I was the expansive sky, the whole ocean, the whole of humanity around me. I realized with just a simple gesture of welcoming—to nature and to my brothers in the water—I was truly the Self in all.
Thank you, Baba, for sharing the most direct and simple path to the Self—welcoming others with love and respect!

 New York, United States

When I read Baba's words, “I welcome you all with all my heart,” and when I hear Gurumayi say them, my response is a huge upwelling of love at my Guru's welcome. The generosity in that welcome is enormous, and the effect of their generous welcome is that it overflows into the way I welcome others.

Thank you, Baba, for such a simple, direct path to the experience of my own humanity—which is, really, divinity.

 New York, United States

I love that Baba says that to welcome another person with respect “is knowledge.” I come from a professional background in academia, and before I met Baba, I understood knowledge to be something that was located exclusively in the mind. What a glorious revelation—and what great freedom—Baba gave me with this teaching about respect: knowledge resides in the heart as well as the mind!


London, England

Baba's words are so encouraging. When I read this teaching I understand that the secret of life is not something distant and unattainable. It is simple, full of joy, and within my reach in every moment.

a staff memeber in Shree Muktananda Ashram

Every time I hear or read the words, “With great respect and love, I welcome you all with all my heart,” my heart jumps up with anticipation for it knows that these are the words our Gurus speak before they give a talk or a teaching. 

But I also understand that these words are a teaching in themselves. They tell us to open our hearts, to welcome each other, and to see God in each other and ourselves.

 Mexico City, Mexico

Reading this teaching reminds me of the many times that I heard Baba explain that he welcomed us with so much love and respect not to flatter us—but simply because when his gaze fell upon us, he saw our divine nature, he saw the Self. And watching him receive so many hundreds of people in darshan line, it was clear that this was not just his experience—it was his joy.

This made a profound impression on me. And the seeds of unity consciousness that Baba planted in me have been watered by many years of sadhana under Gurumayi’s guidance.

As a result, welcoming others with love and respect has become a natural part of how I move through my world, enabling me to connect with others easily and warmly because I have learned that we truly are all one.

Illinois, United States

As I looked at Baba's picture, I experienced his presence once again. And once again I was assured that Baba is always with me. I did not have the honor of being with Baba in his physical presence, but Gurumayi has shared Baba with us in so many ways that I feel as if I knew him in person.

Nevada, United States

Until I came into Baba Muktananda’s presence, no one had ever told me, and I could never have imagined, that God lived in me. Yet Baba’s welcome and his teachings called forth a deeper knowledge from within me. I began to awaken to the realization that I was inherently worthy—worthy of great respect and love. This was so encouraging, and the beginning of a new life.

Since then, over the years of sadhana under Baba and Gurumayi, my capacity to know and to welcome the Self that Baba saw and welcomed in me has grown. And I believe that, more and more, my eyes and my demeanor reflect back to others their own worthiness and invite their own divine nature to come forth.

I understand now why Baba says that this “is the true humanity.”

Wisconsin, United States

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 3

Today, after I read “The Guru always lives in your heart in the form of the mantra,” I decided to practice mantra japa with this very awareness in light of a difficult situation in my household. I began to repeat the mantra internally and to focus on remembering that the mantra is the Guru in my heart.
When the conversation turned to the difficult topics at hand, I continued this practice, and each of us spoke candidly, yet respectfully. Before long, the situation was resolved peacefully.
I’m so grateful to see again that when I practice mantra japa with full faith, the best solutions present themselves. I am guided to the most appropriate thing to say and do. I can be receptive to others, and they feel safe and welcomed.
I found once again that the Guru’s grace truly is with me when I take refuge in the mantra.

Connecticut, United States

Baba’s teaching in image 3 reminded me of my experience last night. I woke up in the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep. As I repeated the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, the peace and calm of my Guru’s love filled my heart, and I naturally fell asleep. I experienced the truth of Baba’s words.

St. Laurent, Canada

As I was looking at Baba’s picture and reading his words, “The Guru always lives in your heart in the form of the mantra,” I took a moment to connect to my heart. I realized how fortunate I am. Gurumayi is always in my heart in the form of the enlivened mantra Om Namah Shivaya. With every breath I take while repeating the mantra, I experience her presence in me.
Gurumayi is constantly guiding me in my sadhana and my daily activities. Mantra-japa is one of the Siddha Yoga practices that I do very diligently and with utmost devotion. In this way Gurumayi, in the form of the mantra, is always with me, guiding me through my life.

 Lucknow, India

Baba’s words are so true and alive for me today. I’ve been experiencing the mantra as a direct bridge to the compassion and support of the Guru, and as a comforting balm for my longing soul.

 Kentucky, United States

After my first Shaktipat Intensive, in 1981, I woke in the middle of the night. Instead of the familiar anxious thoughts, I heard the mantra—not as a song going through my mind, or as a memory, but clearly as if I were playing a recording that was for me, within me. It had no start or end but continued, unbroken, and I slept so soundly. The Guru had come to live in my heart in the form of the mantra.
Right now, I am traveling far from home, and reading these words of Baba’s showed me exactly how to maintain contact with the Guru: by enlivening my practice of japa. This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of right now.

 Sydney, Australia

When I look at the beautiful image of Baba holding in his hand a mala blessed by the repetition of the mantra, I have the feeling, reading the shares of the devotees, that each share is a blessed seed of the mala, vibrating with love for the Guru.

 Milan, Italy

In 1979, I took a Shaktipat Intensive with Baba in Boston. This photograph brings back so clearly my memory of visiting the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Boston where Baba was staying. As I stood quietly in the lobby, I could hear Baba’s footsteps as he walked on the balcony above, and a steady, clear click, click, click of his mala as each bead fell into place. I was amazed by the sense of deep reassurance I felt. The pulse of Baba’s japa mala was like the pulse of my own heart—steady, natural, and mysterious all at the same time. This beautiful photograph gives me darshan of that pulsation once again.

 New York, United States

About twenty years into my practice of Siddha Yoga, a friend visited my Tokyo apartment and gave me a session of energy bodywork. As we talked afterwards, she said, “As I held my hands over each place on your body, I inwardly repeated the words we use in my energy practice. But when I put my hands over your heart, I couldn’t repeat those words because instead, I heard those words you say: Om Namu Shi... Shibay?” I asked, “Om Namah Shivaya?” She replied, “Yes, that’s what I kept hearing.” She looked around my room, where I had photos of the three Gurus of the Siddha Yoga lineage. She pointed to a picture of Bhagavan Nityananda and said, “And it was him saying the words.”
My friend had never been to a Siddha Yoga program. I was awed by how the Guru came to my heart to give her darshan and to offer her the mantra. Later, I realized that Bhagavan Nityananda hadn’t just come that moment, but instead, “The Guru always lives in [my] heart in the form of the mantra.”

a Gurukula student in Gurudev Siddha Peeth

The first time I heard Baba singing the mantra, I felt its energy corkscrew into my chest, where it continued to circle around and around, filling me with bliss.
Since that time, nearly forty years ago, the mantra has never stopped repeating itself within me. It now pervades my body, repeating itself most strongly at the base of my tongue, between my eyes, and in the crown of my head.
Sometimes, when I’ve lost touch with my own center, or am on the verge of doing so, the mantra will rise up strongly to protect me and lead me back. And each time I arrive back in my heart, I find the Guru there with me.

a Siddha Yoga Swami

I received shaktipat initiation through the mantra during a Shaktipat Intensive in 1991. At one point, as I was chanting Om Namah Shivaya, the mantra seemed to penetrate deep within, and the gates to my heart were flung open. A flood of emotion poured out, as old thoughts, feelings, and memories were released. I settled into a profound stillness and experienced a pure love and contentment, independent of any person or circumstance. It felt as if the mantra had taken up residence in my heart.
This experience continues to unfold. When I meditate, there are times when the mantra arises on its own from deep within. At such times, the Guru's image fills my awareness. My heart opens more than I think is possible. Any sense of separation or distance between myself, the mantra, and the Guru dissolves. I realize that it is the Guru who has taken up residence in my heart through the mantra, and the Guru is my constant companion, ever-present within.

Massachusetts, United States

As I was going to sleep on the full moon night of Baba’s Lunar Mahasamadhi, I closed my eyes and began repeating the mantra within. For a brief moment, I saw Baba in radiant blue light inside of my heart. He walked toward me and stood there. Though it was only for an instant, seeing Baba for the first time in this way was true prasad.
Reflecting on this experience in the light of Baba’s teaching, I realized that the connection I have to the Guru is more intimate than any other relationship I have. The Guru is more than beside me as I walk the Siddha Yoga path—the Guru is within me. When I remember this, even when I’m a thousand miles away from my Guru, I can repeat the mantra and experience the Guru within.

 New York, United States

To come out of meditation and see this teaching from Baba on the website felt like something of a miracle to me. In my meditation, I had just experienced that every time I mentally repeated the mantra, I felt the Guru was inside of me. This experience is yet another confirmation that my Self, God, and the Guru are really one.

 Iowa, United States

In these few words, Baba has given me two practical methods to connect to the Guru within: by visualizing the Guru in my heart and by repeating the mantra. After reading this quote, I repeated the mantra a few times inside, and I could feel Baba's smile radiating within my heart.
Thank you, Baba, again and again, for merging into the Self of every one of us, and for insisting that the heart’s deepest wish—to stay in true, complete, and lasting contact with the Guru—is already fulfilled, and only a repetition of the mantra away.

 New York, United States

Baba's quote reminds me of an experience I had recently. As I was closing my eyes to sleep, I could hear the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. No chant was playing anywhere in the room, yet I could hear it very clearly. I became present with my breath and began to repeat the mantra in rhythm with the chant. As I did this, I could feel Gurumayi's sweet and loving presence with me in my heart.

Vancouver, Canada

Baba’s words tenderly reassure me that the Guru always lives in my heart: unchangingly and as the mantra.
As I contemplate Baba’s words, the image of Gurumayi repeating the mantra with a japa mala arises within me. I start repeating the mantra, too. With each round of mantra repetition, I feel a tender expansion in my heart: open and potent with love for the people around me and also for myself. I feel merged into a state of oneness with the mantra and with Gurumayi.
Baba’s words fortify me to value my own longing to be in touch with my heart and with the Guru. And he reminds me that repeating the mantra is what I can actually choose to do!

 Katzenbach, Germany

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 4

Every year since the Siddha Yoga Home Study CourseThe Power of Siddha Yoga, Path of the Heart was first offered, I have practiced Baba's and Gurumayi’s teaching to welcome and love and respect everyone.

At the beginning of each school year, I remind myself to practice this teaching. As I begin every class, I stand in tadasana, the mountain pose. I mentally practice a heart-opening exercise from the Home Study Course that embraces the students I see before me. Simultaneously, I inwardly repeat, “With great respect and love, I welcome you all with all my heart.”

It has become a great way to start each class. It establishes respect and love as the foundation of the entire class.

Washington, United States

After contemplating Baba’s sacred words, I realize that it is not only important for me to welcome a person into my heart when I am with them, but also to keep them in my heart when we are apart. I want my thoughts to be always nonjudgmental, holding people in the light and love my Guru has awakened in me.
I have found that mantra japa, coordinated with my breath, helps me to transform judgmental thoughts into welcoming thoughts of love and light.

 New York, United States

It was in 2009 that I started practicing this teaching regularly after a short-term stay in Gurudev Siddha Peeth. I didn’t know this teaching explicitly at that time, but after returning home, whenever I opened my door to a person, I would welcome them with love and respect. I would ask them if they’d like a glass of water, and in return, I would see how happy they'd feel.
I would automatically do this because I understood that in every person my Guru resides.

Ulhasnagar, India

Ever since I first heard this teaching from Baba, I have been practicing welcoming people with love and respect. As the years go by and my connection to my heart deepens, my hellos and smiles feel more genuine. In the elevator in the building where I live, for example, I can tell that my greetings reach my fellow elevator riders because they respond in kind, even if only moments before they had a scowl on their face.

Each time I smile and say hello, be it in the elevator, in the grocery store line, or when I am out walking, I feel as if I bring more love into the world—and I can see it ignites something in the people I greet as well. I love sharing this great reservoir of love that I have. And as I do so, that love seems to grow both inside and out.

 Washington, United States

Over the years, this teaching has become the bedrock of my sadhana. The first part, “God is one,” helps me to understand that the oneness of God encompasses everything in my life—that everything takes place within the being of God. That understanding has helped me immeasurably to not get caught up in the ups and downs of everyday circumstances, but to stay anchored in my underlying oneness with divine existence, which is my very own Self.

The second part of the teaching, “He is of the form of love,” gives me the comfort of knowing that this underlying oneness of life is not just some inert glue that holds the universe together. It is love. No matter what circumstances I go through, it is possible to reconnect to that underlying love at any time.

Most importantly, I need to continue practicing the application of this understanding, which is the third part of the teaching—to always welcome others with all my heart.

 Virginia, United States

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 5

I love Baba's words with image 5. Countless encounters that take me to an experience of the Self, of the Truth, take place in my daily life—hearing songbirds in the morning, seeing the smile on a baby's face, perceiving the light shining in the eyes of people I meet during the day.
It is wonderful to witness the divine in everything! Such bliss!

St. Laurent, Canada

During my youth, I was thirsty to attain Supreme Truth, and this longing took me on wanderings far and wide. Then came the day, out of the blue, when Baba found me and gave me the gift of shaktipat initiation. Reading Baba’s words now, my heart felt pangs of that longing, intense and deep. This longing keeps me diving ever inwards, following Baba’s steps to the divine Heart. It’s amazing— after four decades following Baba's teachings, the journey brings ever more peace, awakening, vitality, creativity, health, and devotion.

Ocean Shores, Australia

I looked at the latest photo of Baba and immediately began repeating the mantra So'ham, “I am That.” It seemed to me that Baba was absorbed in That, in supreme Consciousness.
Then a thought began to arise. As I looked at it, the thought began to reduce in size against a backdrop of expansiveness, until it floated away like a feather. I became aware of the infinitely expansive stillness that had contained this thought. Then another thought arose.
As I watched, I understood that it is only because I hold the thoughts that arise so close to “me” that they fill up my frame of awareness and seem so big and significant. I realized that as soon as I focused on Baba, I was able to let go of a thought and see it for what it was. Detachment was effortless, and That filled my mind.

Washington, United States

Baba’s teaching reminds me of how I came to be on this path. Although I was raised in a religious home, when I went off to college, I was still longing for an understanding about God. I wanted to understand this world and how I fit in it. I wanted to know what my relationship was to God. 
Then in 1988, during a visit with my aunt, I saw a picture of Gurumayi. I was drawn to it, and I asked my aunt who was in the photo. She explained that she was a Guru, a modern-day holy woman, a saint.
Something stirred in me, and I wanted to know more. This led to my coming to Shree Muktananda Ashram just after I graduated from college in the summer of 1988. I met Gurumayi in darshan, and that meeting initiated my journey on the spiritual path. My longing had led me to my Guru, and my Guru is leading me to know God. 

Vienna, Austria

Baba’s words, “intense longing,” stir those very feelings as I read his teaching. I connect with a great longing in my heart—longing that is in itself sweet and full. This is a state I love. In this longing, I am aware of my humanity and my divinity at the same time. I patiently acknowledge the beauty and challenge of learning over and over that there is no place that is not divine, no person who is not the Self.

In this simple moment, as I sit looking out of the window, the longing expands into unlimited, quiet joy.

 Melbourne, Australia

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 6

Oh! I feel so blessed, so happy, after reading Baba’s words written with this picture.
I recently bought a japa mala made of small rudraksha beads and for the first time in my eighteen years of sadhana, I practiced mantra repetition with a mala. I soon realized that I felt more connected with the mantra when I was repeating it with the japa mala, and I was experiencing that love for everyone. And here, I find that Baba assures me of that love.

Pune, India

Although I never met Baba Muktananda in his physical form, I have been blessed with three dreams where he appeared to me. In one, I was on the grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram, where I saw an unending flood of devotees entering the beautiful Shakti Mandap building. The other devotees did not notice, but somehow I was able to see that Baba himself was holding open the door for everyone to enter!

I saw clearly the beatific smile beaming on his face. Despite the moving crowd, the only sound I could hear in my ears was the whoosh, whoosh of his japa mala, which he was swinging with his other hand as he held open the door.

 New York, United States

One evening, during satsang at the Siddha Yoga meditation center in London, as the chant ended and everyone began to meditate, Om Namah Shivaya started repeating itself over and over at my normal speaking rate. I heard it in the same way I hear my own voice inside. I thought, “This is nice. I don't have to repeat the mantra because it is repeating itself!”

After a while, the mantra started repeating faster and faster. The repetitions became so fast that I could no longer make out the individual syllables. They seemed to merge into the sound hmmmmmmmmmm. My attention followed this sound until I came to rest in an inner stillness that was so joyful.

When I came out of meditation, I felt completely refreshed and rejuvenated and full of love. The mantra is love, indeed!

 London, United Kingdom

As I contemplate Baba’s words, I reflect back over the past decades and realize that mantra japa has been a very precious, supportive partner for me, helping to release the contractions of my being, my heart, and my breath.

I have raised two handicapped children, who are incredible blessings. There have been many challenges through the years, since each of them has serious health problems. Yet, with the mantra, I am able to sit in the space of love as I commune with my children and move through the situations our life brings.

New York, United States

When I received shaktipat from Baba Muktananda, I was engulfed in an experience of ecstasy like nothing I’d ever known. At that moment, the words rose up from within, “You can love that much. You can love like that!” Eventually, the experience subsided, and I was able to go to work the next day and function very well. However, remembrance of the experience remained, and my understanding of what is possible for me in this lifetime changed forever.
The mantra I received that day continues to guide me back to the ecstasy that Baba’s grace released in me. When I become still, the mantra is there, repeating itself in synch with my breathing. When I sit for meditation, or during moments in my day when my attention turns within, I can feel the energy of the mantra moving through my body, freeing places that have become tight, clearing and refreshing my mind.
At such times, I reconnect with the love I never knew was inside me until Baba awakened my heart. And I recognize yet again, and with endless gratitude, how blessed I am.

a Siddha Yoga Swami

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 7

Before journeying on the Siddha Yoga path, I always felt incomplete, as if pieces of a puzzle were missing. I searched externally to find the missing pieces so that I could finally be happy.

Then, during shaktipat initiation, I entered a sublime state of love and light, in which I experienced wholeness and completion. I felt I had returned to the core, the essence of my being. I had a glimpse of who I am and always have been.

Through the years, my Guru's grace and the practices of Siddha Yoga sadhana have been increasing my awareness of the precious Self within.

New York, United States

In a Siddha Yoga Sadhana Retreat, I sat and turned within, supported by the extraordinary grace and power of the retreat environment. I began to witness my thoughts. And then I focused on the one who was aware of me sitting there witnessing my thoughts, seeking the core of my being, praying to experience the witness-awareness at its source. 

Suddenly, my sense of myself dissolved into a throbbing vibration that contained, simultaneously, nothing and the entire universe; a pulsation that was both within me and contained me. Out of this pulsating vibration something manifested—a brilliant blue sphere. Nothing else existed, so it might have been smaller than a dust speck or larger than the planet Jupiter. And there was bliss—pulsing, ecstatic bliss.  

It seemed a glimpse into the vibration of the Self, the God whom we truly are. What a path we are on, that we are given the opportunity to experience the truth of such sublime teachings directly!

 Ohio, United States

Many years ago, in one of my readings of Baba Muktananda’s autobiography, a question arose strongly in my mind: “Is the bliss that Baba experienced in meditation really attainable?” Many years later, today, while meditating, in a moment of stillness, I experienced great joy. The mind then mysteriously recalled this question from ages ago, and itself answered the question. It fills me with deep gratitude.

 Mumbai, India

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about God. We agreed that there is no separation between God and ourselves. We also agreed that if there is no separation, then we do not have to go searching for God. God is within each of us. Sometimes I forget that God is as close as my breath.

After this conversation, I read and reread Baba’s teaching. My experience is that meditation reminds me of the nature of my being, which is God. The effort I make to meditate shifts my perception daily, bringing me closer to a constant vision of God within me. This vision supports me in living with acceptance and forgiveness.

California, United States

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 8

I moved from a location near a Siddha Yoga Ashram to a place far from fellow Siddha Yogis. I had been questioning my move and its effect on my sadhana. However, after this gift of Baba's darshan, I do not question any longer.

 Zeehan, Australia

Baba’s words remind me that when I put forth sincere, earnest effort, the grace will be there to support me, to guide me, and to reveal what needs to be revealed to me.

New York, United States

When reading Baba’s words, my whole being is saying YES! One can live anywhere! For more than twenty-five years I have been following the Siddha Yoga path while living in a small village in the countryside with my family, my friends, my work, my spiritual path.  
Baba’s words fill my heart with warmth. My efforts count!
Thank you, Baba and Gurumayi, for offering me a sadhana that I can pursue while living just where I do. Thank you, too, for igniting the fire of longing within me again and again.

 Katzenbach, Germany

For me, Baba’s words provide reassurance that my life is on the right path, and that I should trust my heart and my dharma in the world.
Baba's teaching about making an “earnest effort” in sadhana also strongly resonates. Recently, I’ve been contemplating what I want most, and where I should be devoting myself and my time. When I trace my longing to its source, I realize I wish most to be at peace with myself and to experience the freedom and knowledge the Guru has offered.

 New York, United States

What Baba says speaks to me directly.

I run a business and I often go through challenging times, as is true right now. In order not to be caught in the ups and downs of the situation, I take refuge in sadhana, mostly by meditating and by studying and contemplating the Siddha Yoga teachings. I remember my goal in life: to know the inner Truth in the framework of my life just as it is—and to become free.

Sadhana allows me to touch a place inside myself that is far beyond my thoughts and worries. In that place I reconnect with the qualities that dwell there—such as great joy, enthusiasm, and a love that exists on its own without an object.

And that place inside is available to me, by my Guru's grace, at any time and wherever I may live.

 Lyon, France

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 9

When I looked at this beautiful image of Baba, I immediately felt great peace mixed with growing enthusiasm. I felt as if I were there, in the same place of the photo, near Baba, and that I had become immersed in a fervent time of discipline, study, practice, and devotion to sadhana!
The next day, while meditating, I had the vision of Baba from the photo; he led me to meet him in the heart. With the Guru’s grace and my personal effort, I feel that my sadhana has been renewed with the gift of enthusiasm, and this was made possible thanks to Baba Muktananda’s sadhana! I also understood that I can feel Baba as a real, living, and constant presence when I meet him in the inner space, where he guides me to merge back into Consciousness.

 Macerata, Italy

Yesterday, my dog passed away peacefully in my arms as I chanted Om Namah Shivaya. Last night in my dream, she came to me, wagging her tail, healthy as a puppy. Then Baba appeared with a gentle smile upon his face. Today, I feel deep peace and serenity.

Thank you, Baba, for uplifting my spirits in a time of need. Thank you for your constant grace, helping to keep my heart earnestly focused on my sadhana.

 New York, United States

Yesterday morning when I sat for meditation, I had a wonderful experience. I entered meditation with the support of mantra, as it was taught in the Intensive. Very soon, I experienced my eyes merging into one and looking up to the crown of my head. There I saw a golden light equal to the light of thousands of suns. In the middle of that huge light, I saw a tiny dark spot moving with great speed and merging into that golden light. At that moment, I entered a state of great expansiveness. I didn’t intend at all to come back from that state—it was such a wonderful place, free of thoughts and filled with pure bliss.
Afterward, when I contemplated my meditation, I realized that I had experienced merging with the universal Consciousness which is not different from me.

Hyderabad, India

Shares from Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 10

I am delighted by the tenth photo of Baba, blissfully chanting, and by his teaching, “If you chant with love, the Name takes you to what its meaning is.”
Today, like many mornings, I chanted along with the Siddha Yoga CD of Deva Mazha Mi Devatsa, an abhanga by Tukaram Maharaj. Whenever I chant along with the abhanga, whose words mean, “God is mine. I am God’s,” I feel the divine love which our great Siddha Gurus awaken within us, the divine love that they shower on us, and the divine love God makes manifest in every particle and event in our world. Every time I chant along with Gurumayi, love bubbles up, and I am filled with joy and inspiration for the day.
I am tremendously grateful for the experience of chanting on the Siddha Yoga path.

Oregon, United States

This evening when I was chanting, I felt my mind dissolve into a place beyond words. Each syllable seemed to draw me back to its source, the Self. This was the first time I’ve experienced this wonder.

Afterward, when I went to the website, I was so excited to read Baba's teaching. I felt it was Baba who had just gifted me with such a liberating experience.

 New York, United States

Baba’s words remind me of my first experience of chanting the mantra. When I entered the Siddha Yoga Ashram, I walked into a silent, dimly lit hall. Sweet voices were chanting a melodious version of the mantra with Baba.
Immediately, the thoughts in my mind slowed, all of my senses were captivated, and my whirling emotions were soothed by the sound. I hummed the melody and eventually began to chant aloud. The love that emanated from the syllables was palpable. I felt closely embraced by a divine presence, around and within me.
I did not know the meaning of the beautiful words. This did not matter. I felt that each time I chanted the mantra, I was calling my own name.
Later, Baba spoke about the power of the practice of chanting. His words encouraged me to chant every day. I knew that if I did this continually, I could stay very close to God.

 California, United States

Of all of the Siddha Yoga practices, chanting has been the one that, from my very first chant, has taken me to an immediate and deep experience of my heart opening to ecstasy.
It is so helpful to see Baba explain that, in addition to the spiritual benefits of chanting, so much else is happening on a physical level—the cleansing of our blood and other constituents of the body. So chanting is truly a divine bath, purifying all levels of our being.

 Vienna, Austria

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 11

Baba’s words accompanying image 11 take me beyond the limits of who I consider myself to be. The shakti moves within me, and I perceive the essence of who I am. This shakti is like a precious alchemical elixir—sacred, refined, and yet pulsating with life. Now I experience that Baba’s teaching, my world, and my love for Shri Guru are perfectly one.


Hampton, Australia

The teaching accompanying image 11 is so moving to me. As I go about my life in the world, it brings me great comfort and support to remember that the Guru dwells within me as the Shakti. The more I read the Gurus' books and reflect on how teachings such as this one apply to my life, the more I experience that this is indeed true. The Guru has become my dearest, closest friend. I'm so grateful for this friendship.

Ohio, United States

When I first met Baba, I had an overwhelming desire to be with him and live in the Ashram, but circumstances made that impossible. For years, I resisted those circumstances because I felt that being close to the Guru meant being in the Guru’s physical presence. 

However, I did develop a steady practice of mantra japa, and over the years the truth of Baba’s words in this teaching unfolded in my own experience. I now experience Gurumayi’s presence intimately close within me. And the more steadfast I am in my practices and in implementing her teachings in my life, the more clearly I recognize that reality. 

 Virginia, United States

The understanding that the mantra is not different from the Guru, that it is a form of the Guru, fills me with deep love and respect for the mantra. I feel Baba’s grace supporting me to meditate with perseverance, steadfastness, and love.

 Vienna, Austria

As I contemplate Baba’s teaching that the awakened inner Shakti, which has transformed and brightened my life, is both the mantra and the “genuine Guru,” I sense the subtle and ever-present connection to my Guru grow stronger.
Since beginning on the Siddha Yoga path, I have become increasingly aware of the One in the many. More and more, I experience the disparate parts of my life as naturally interwoven and integrated by the graceful influence of the Guru’s benevolent Shakti.

Massachusetts, United States

What a sublime teaching from Baba!  I feel it contains everything we need to complete the goal of sadhana. I hold in my awareness the moment of shaktipat initiation, when the Guru’s state entered me in the form of the enlivened mantra Om Namah Shivaya. As I do this, I can feel how the Guru, the mantra, and the Shakti are the same, always vibrating within me. Each time I sit for meditation and practice mantra japa, I nurture this inner pulsation of love.  
As I step out into my day after having touched in with this love, my heart is filled with gratitude. I look for ways to offer support—carrying a heavy grocery bag for someone who is struggling, holding a door for someone with a walker, and truly acknowledging each person I meet with a smile. I move through my day feeling the Guru’s love radiating out of me.

Washington, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 12

As I looked through these wonderful images of Baba, I enjoyed a growing feeling of bliss. When I came to the picture of Baba chanting, I remembered that after I received shaktipat from Gurumayi, I began to recite Shri Guru Gita and chant Shri Krishna Govinda every morning. I offered the chants to Baba while looking at a small photograph of him and feeling I was reaching out to him with my heart.

After six months of this practice, the photograph came alive for me, and I received a great blessing: the feeling of Baba’s constant company. The memory of this experience floods me with bliss and fills me with wonder at the power and compassion of the Guru. Baba's words saying that chanting “is a magnet that draws the power of the Lord” are completely true for me.

 London, United Kingdom

For me, this is the sweetest photo of Baba. His words remind me of my experience of the power of chanting. When I first started practicing Siddha Yoga, meditation did not come easily to me, but I would attend all of the daily chants in the Ashram from morning to night. I realized at the end of each chant how indrawn I had become. While chanting, I connected to my heart, and meditation finally became easy.

 Arizona, United States

To play the tambourine while chanting with the local Siddha Yoga chanting and meditation group is like heaven on earth for me. I feel totally alive, powerfully engaged with my whole being. For someone who has feared his power and held back a lot, this is a deep healing and a profound blessing. I feel safe to give myself to chanting completely, understanding that this is an investment I can fully trust. My mind relaxes, and my body exults in being in natural rhythm with my heart. By helping to hold the heartbeat for the chant, I feel a vital part of the group, as well as personally deeply satisfied.

New Mexico, United States

The photo of Baba holding a tambourine with his arms upraised reminds me of being present when Baba led the chanting for the purnahuti, the ending of a chanting saptah. The energy level in the hall would rise dramatically and the voices in the hall would fill with more and more enthusiasm. Baba would pick up his tambourine, cymbals, or ektara and take the chanting to higher and higher levels of devotion and ecstasy.

The fullness of God’s name would flood my being, and I would soar in the joy of the divine name. I felt as though God had descended and joined in the joy of singing his name.

New Jersey, United States

I love the certainty with which Baba tells us to chant and discover for ourselves how effective this practice is. This has definitely been my own experience of chanting the mantra and the namasankirtanas enlivened with the Guru’s grace.

Chanting the mantra before meditation, I feel the energy in my body coming into alignment, my mind becoming quiet, and my awareness naturally drawn inside. On the other hand, while driving long distances, chanting with a rousing namasankirtana energizes me, keeps me present, and sharpens my perception.

What I value most of all about Siddha Yoga chanting is the feeling that arises of loving and being loved by God.

 a staff member in Shree Muktananda Ashram

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 13

Baba’s words saying he greets everyone with love and that love is his only worship confirm for me that he lives in my heart. I work in a grocery store as a clerk, and as I welcome and help every customer with love, I feel that Baba is also welcoming and loving them through me.

 Iowa, United States

“My worship is to love everyone. I don’t have any other mode of worship.”

I think of what an amazing statement Baba has made here—and how Baba’s life was a testament to the truth in these words.
With love and compassion for humanity, Baba constantly imparted divine knowledge so that we could become free of the suffering caused by ignorance of who we truly are. He gave shaktipat diksha to countless seekers, opening the way for us to know God within ourselves. It was out of love that he created the Shaktipat Intensive infused with the liberating power of his sankalpa.
It was Baba’s love that gave rise to the Siddha Yoga path that we walk today, with the SYDA Foundation, Ashrams, and meditation centers to support our sadhana. And it was out of his boundless love that Baba prepared a perfect Master to succeed him.
Our lives are infused with Baba’s love. We live in that love.

a Siddha Yoga Swami

Baba’s “I love you” at the end of this teaching penetrated my heart like a lightning bolt when I read it. It seems like such a personal and intimate statement, and it reminded me of just how personal and intimate my relationship is with the Guru. 
The Guru is my very own Self—how could any relationship be any closer?  Baba’s teaching conveys to me that the Guru-disciple relationship is composed of love. 
May I always be aware of that bond of love with my Guru.

Virginia, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 14

I love the photo and the text accompanying image 14, in which Baba is lovingly holding the calf. I have seen this picture before and always wished that I could experience Baba’s love for the calf myself.

I live in the country, and this morning, when I looked out the window, I saw a little brown and white calf running up the road! It must have escaped from somewhere. Immediately, I ran to my neighbor’s house, and we called a farmer to ask for help. Together, we were able to catch the calf.

While the farmer was looking for its owner, I had the opportunity to cuddle the calf. It was so trusting and beautiful. My heart opened wide. When I looked into its beautiful, pure eyes, I felt as if I was seeing the whole universe.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Like the small calf being embraced by Baba, I know the experience of my heart being lit up by the great Heart. Thank you, Baba, for always loving us.

Oregon, United States

This morning I decided before I started my day, I would look at the Siddha Yoga path website, and I clicked on “Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom.” As I glanced at the pictures of Baba, one particular picture stood out to me from the rest. It was the picture of Baba holding the little calf's head, with Baba’s head resting on the calf's head. Seeing this, I was overcome by great emotion. I felt the love, respect, and connection Baba felt for this beautiful creature. I, too, have these feelings for nature, animals, and the universe. I was full of gratitude that I have found the spiritual path of Siddha Yoga.

 West Virginia, United States

This picture of Baba with the little cow reminds me of the many times in Gurudev Siddha Peeth when I watched Baba visit the cowshed. I would see him feeding the cows chapatis and sweets. He would even rub neem oil on them to keep the insects away. I was so impressed to see how much genuine love Baba had for these animals.
Baba visited the cowshed daily. I experienced such powerful shakti as I watched him interact with those cows.

California, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 15

Baba’s words expand as I read them. I experience them penetrating the layers of who I believe myself to be. Absorbing Baba's words in this moment, I become more simple and full. There are no questions here. Instead, my entire being is alive with knowing—and with a joy that has no object.
I reflect on the power of the words of a Siddha. Through them, I am immediately brought to the experience of who I truly am.
I resolve to carry this teaching with me this day—remembering that I am pure joy, pure awareness.

Melbourne, Australia

I must have been about twenty four years old when one day, as I stood in a garden, the boundaries of my individual existence suddenly and inexplicably gave way. For a moment there was only one serene shimmering consciousness everywhere and in everything—and I was that. I remember thinking as I came back my “self” and was closing the garden gate, “Well, if nothing else ever happens in my life, I was alive today.”
I knew no way to get back to that experience, no context in which to place it, and I went on with my life as I’d known it. It was until years later that I came to Baba Muktananda and learned from him that the blissful freedom I’d known on that day was my true nature.
Since then, walking the Siddha Yoga path, I’ve known many such moments. I feel so blessed in my life to have been guided by Baba and Gurumayi—Siddha Masters who not only describe to us the state of a Siddha, but who give us the means to know and become established in that state.

a Siddha Yoga Swami

I received shaktipat diksha at an Intensive in France, and a few months later, I flew to Santa Monica, California, to meet Baba.
During my first darshan, Baba told me through his French translator, “You can ask Baba whatever you want.”
I was so strongly affected by being before Baba that my mind became completely blank. I couldn’t say a word. Afterwards, I was disappointed that I hadn’t taken this unique opportunity to speak to him.
But then, I received his grace so abundantly. Whenever I had a burning question, Baba would give me the answer from inside, even though I was physically very far from him.
I became very fond of the teachings Baba had given to us out of his immense compassion. They were a fountain of such wisdom and utmost value for me. With reverence, I took time to translate some of his books and write them down for myself in French as a way to better imbibe them.
I have received so much love, care, and wisdom from Baba. What Baba told me during that first darshan has remained completely true ever since then.

 Lyon, France

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 16

When I clicked on image 16 and Baba's teaching on compassion appeared, I was immediately drawn into Baba's presence and could feel myself merging into him.

I kept the teaching on my screen all day, and with every interaction with another person, I felt Baba's words sinking deeper inside. In every case, with one person after another, compassion was exactly what was needed to ease or uplift the situation! Every interaction was expanded and transformed because of Baba’s presence.

I am filled with gratitude to Baba for showing me how I can experience compassion by immersing myself in his loving presence.

Auckland, New Zealand

As I gaze at the photo of Baba in the exact center of this gallery, I am becoming immersed in it. This has given me the experience of compassion and love that Baba speaks of in the teaching that accompanies the photo.
I did not meet Baba in person. However, when I look at this photo of him, I have the same experience of compassion and love that I have when I gaze at Gurumayi.

Colorado, United States

Today, finding this teaching from Baba, I felt it had arrived just when I had a real situation to apply it to—namely, re-encountering the painful tendency to judge myself and others. I decided to take Baba's words to heart and devote my meditation time today to absorbing myself in memories of the Guru’s compassion. I recalled one experience, in particular, visualized it in great detail, and filled my heart with it. I could feel my heart softening. 
These teachings from Baba are a great blessing, like the gentle rain outside my window.

Massachusetts, United States

I have found developing compassion to be an ongoing, grace-filled process. Before I received shaktipat initiation and became enveloped in my Guru’s unlimited compassion, my own compassion was limited. However, as I immersed myself in the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices, my heart naturally opened little by little.

Sometimes, I would get discouraged when I thought I wasn’t making progress. But then, all of a sudden, I would find myself responding in a loving manner to someone I previously was unable to be compassionate with.

I realize now that baby steps add up to giant steps, and have learned to be patient with myself and to trust my Guru’s way of opening my heart.

New York, United States

The sweetness of Baba’s words fills me as I read this teaching. Whenever and wherever I am, absorption in the Guru’s way of being puts me in touch with the purest part of myself.
Many years ago, I was passing through a troubling place in my life. During that time, Baba spoke of the innate goodness within each of us. Leaning forward in his chair, with soft eyes and a gentle smile, he reminded us that the light of meditation shines from within. As I leaned forward and looked at Baba, I became immersed in his compassion for everyone. The strength of my troubles diminished, and the power to live life fully returned. 
My continual experience is that the compassion of the Siddha Yoga Gurus is limitless, springing forth like water from a deep well of love and oneness with all life. I feel the Gurus belong to me, and I belong to them. This knowledge nurtures compassion within me.

 California, United States

I first saw Baba in July 1981, when my friend invited me to visit Shree Muktananda Ashram with her. From the very first instant that I saw Baba, my life was transformed. I did not really know at the time what had occurred, but now I can express my deepest gratitude that in the ensuing years, I have been able to live my life with love and compassion. Baba is indeed always in my heart.

 New York, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 17

I love this picture of Baba and his dog! I love how present they are. Seeing the two of them side by side makes me realize that while the experience of the Self is the highest reality, it can also be known so simply and easily.
Baba’s teaching on presence and awareness reminds me that everything is Consciousness, and if I really engage with what is around me, I can experience it that way. It also teaches me not to get caught up in the many limited identifications and understandings I have of myself. It teaches me to always strive for Baba’s awareness, the awareness “I am That.”
Thank you, Baba, for making the experience of the Self so accessible to understand. Thank you for reminding me to keep it simple.

 New York, United States

Baba’s teaching in image 17 is such a tantalizing conundrum to me. There are times in meditation when I touch the experience that I am the one seeing as well as the one who is seen. For a couple of heartbeats, I glimpse the oneness, then poof, it’s gone. I cannot hold this awareness—not quite yet, anyway! While I long for the state Baba describes, I also notice that a great deal of inner energy and momentum for sadhana is generated when I make the subtle effort to hold my gaze steady within and seek to perceive what Baba is pointing to.

Castlemaine, Australia

Long ago I learned from Baba to practice watching my thoughts with the perspective that I am not my thoughts but instead, I am the one who witnesses them. This has been very freeing. These days, when I do get pulled into one of the scenarios my mind produces during meditation, I am much more quickly able to come back to center. 
Today, reflecting on this teaching from Baba, I understand that in addition to being my awareness, I am also the blissful energy that often arises and has me swaying in love. I am the supreme peace I experience when my mind settles into my heart. The shakti moving in my body is the Guru’s shakti, and it is also my own energy, awakened by the Guru. The visions, sounds, and inspirations that arise from within—these are manifestations of my own Self.

 Wisconsin, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 18

One of the things I treasure most is that I can always count on meditation for guidance, support, and comfort. If I am stressed, waves of calm wash over me. If I am tired, I become revitalized. If I am seeking an answer to a difficult situation in my life, I can bring it to Bade Baba, Baba, or Gurumay, and help comes in a vision, comforting words, or simply an inner knowing. The greatest comfort and help is feeling my Guru's love within my heart.

But beyond the realm of life's challenges and meditation's solutions, is the silence within, the darshan of the Self, the Guru. My heart expands and the world dissolves into the vastness beyond space and time, where only love, light, and bliss exist.

New York, United States

When I began on the Siddha Yoga path twenty-five years ago, I was new to meditation and chanting. While chanting took me to immediate heart-opening experiences, meditation was more challenging. I remember feeling in meditation that my body was uncomfortable, or that my mind seemed out of control with so many thoughts. I found it difficult to stay with the mantra.
Over the years of practicing meditation and participating in Siddha Yoga retreats and courses, my meditation experience started to change. What I noticed was that when my posture was steady and my body was comfortable, my mind also seemed to be more at peace—and this allowed me to stay with the mantra or follow my breath.
After years of a regular meditation practice, I have gradually had deeper and more profound experiences of this inner world Baba describes. In that space, I feel stillness, perfection, and joy. Now, I don’t like to miss meditation before going to work. It is so important for me to give myself this time in the morning—even if it is only a few minutes—to connect with my heart. It allows me to remember that I am not just this body, with this job, living in this place right now, but that I am great, I am vast, and my true nature is divine.

Vienna, Austria

This teaching from Baba on the vastness of the inner world is very meaningful for me. The compassionate teachings of Baba and Gurumayi and the living energy of their grace make meditation an exciting journey for me, and a sacred pilgrimage.
The past couple of weeks have been a challenging time for my family and me, and the practice of Siddha Yoga meditation has been a great source of solace and inner peace.

 Massachusetts, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 19

Reading and absorbing Baba’s words in image 19, then taking a small step to implement these words allowed me to relax and experience gentle currents of delight in my heart. Even situations as a  barking dog or some physical discomfort lost their hard edges as I embraced Baba’s teaching to “see everything as Shiva.”
I also love the way the photos of Baba impart so much. Baba’s form in image 19 conveys to me a sense of total relaxation. As I connect to his state, I let go of judging how I think situations should be and instead accept them as they are.

Thornbury, Australia

Yesterday, after viewing all the darshan images of Baba, I sat down to meditate. As I coordinated So'ham with my breathing, I had a beautiful vision of those same photos. But in each photo Baba transformed into a person I'd never met. I heard Baba say, “Everywhere you go.”
Today, while sitting in a large restaurant filled with many people, I looked around and knew that there were no strangers, just Baba. I could feel my being expand with So'ham, with love, as I received Baba’s darshan from each person in the room.
Thank you, Baba, for your darshan—everywhere I go.

New York, United States

The practice of focusing my attention on unity rather than on diversity is at the core of my sadhana at the moment. This is allowing me to experience a kind of grounded happiness that doesn’t depend on satisfaction of desires or worldly accomplishments.
How precious are Baba’s words! I feel guided by him with every step of my spiritual journey.

 Lyon, France

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 20

Once Baba told me, “Study Vedanta.” I followed Baba’s direction, and as I pored over the sacred texts, their meanings began to arise spontaneously from the words, as if each teaching was alive with shakti. I knew that Baba had granted me the grace to benefit from my study.
Soon it became clear to me that the main teaching I had to put into practice was neti neti—“not this, not this.” This is how the sages of Vedanta teach us to get rid of suffering and miseries. Every time I got caught up in unnecessary complications or negative patterns, I applied the Vedantic approach: “I’m not this; I am the Self.” A shift would occur in my awareness, placing me at the center of my being, in my own truth. From there, I could draw the clarity and confidence to deal with the situation. As my ability to adopt this stance improved with practice, inner freedom and peace would bring renewed joy to my heart.

a Siddha Yoga Swami

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 21

Seeing this picture of Baba reminds me of that many times I sat in the meditation hall having Baba's darshan. The gestures, the way Baba tilts his head and closes his eyes stir in me the shakti of being in his presence. So vivid is the image that I can feel as though I'm actually there while viewing this picture.
The Guru is alive within and guides us from that space inside. 
Salutations to the lineage of Siddha Gurus!

New Jersey, United States

When I first met Baba, three qualities that are represented in this quotation drew me to him so powerfully: his strong, confident sense of purpose; his boundless compassion; and his amazingly positive conviction about human nature.
I observed that everything Baba did—how he spoke, how he walked, what he wrote—was full of purpose and meaning. With supreme compassion, Baba devoted every moment of his life, every ounce of energy he had, to uplifting others, to educating them (in the highest sense of the word) to “live in constant bliss.”  
And it was so uniquely, refreshingly exhilarating to encounter a being who taught that living in constant bliss was a possibility for me, and for every human being, because it is our essential nature. This conviction about human nature and human potential was radically different and more positive than anything I had ever heard or learned. And it was so compelling because it was clear that it was not just a philosophy or an uplifting point of view; it was Baba’s experience.
Thank you, Baba, and thank you, Gurumayi, for seeing us as potential saints. Thank you for so patiently, constantly, and tirelessly teaching us to recognize our true nature and fulfill that potential.

a Siddha Yoga Swami

I find myself deeply touched by Baba’s words as he shares his desire to lift the suffering from everyone, everywhere.
I am inspired to do my part to fulfill Baba’s wish. I have received so much from Baba and Gurumayi—the supreme blessing of shaktipat awakening, the most sublime teachings on the nature of the Self, the unconditional love of the Master for the disciple. All of this has been given so that I can uplift myself and the world I live in.
The least I can do to repay such gifts is to be continually vigilant to keep the fires of sadhana blazing brightly through all the circumstances of my daily life. 

 Virginia, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 22

One evening recently, my husband was lovingly playing with one of our cats. We both acknowledged how much joy we experience through satsang moments with our cats.
A few minutes later, I visited the Siddha Yoga path website and opened Baba’s darshan photos. For fun, I closed my eyes and let my finger select a photo. I was surprised—and delighted—when the photo of Baba holding two cats popped up! It was such a sweet reminder that Baba is always with us. The quote from Baba accompanying the photo reinforced for me how loving our cats can expand to support us in loving our world.

 Massachusetts, United States

Before Shaktipat initiation, I believed heaven was a place far away and I had to earn my entrance by becoming perfect. My Guru’s shakti, coursing through my being as the peacock feather tapped my head, turned my belief system upside down! Heaven is within and without, in sparkling wonder.

After years of sadhana with my Guru’s grace, I remain more and more in the bliss of samadhi that I experienced that most auspicious day decades ago.

 New York, United States

There is something sublime in the way Baba is holding the two cats in his lap. His connection to the natural world is so richly apparent in this delightful picture of him. The one cat gazing with quiet intensity at the camera reflects Baba's quiet intensity so perfectly. One might almost believe they were one and the same Being.

Thank you for the reminder of Baba's love for nature and his oneness with us all.

 California, United States

Reading this teaching, I think of how my understanding of the words God and heaven has changed since beginning Siddha Yoga sadhana. Each has come to represent something that is accessible and present for me any time I become still and connect with the shakti that is awake in my being.
I’ve experienced God’s presence as the force that moves the breath in and out of my body and every living thing. I’ve experienced God as my own pure awareness. Witnessing thoughts arising and dissolving within me, I’ve understood how this whole universe arises from and dissolves back into the one Consciousness that is God.
Sometimes, when my mind is still and my eyes are open, I can perceive one divine energy shimmering in everything I see—in the bare trees, in the workers across the road, in the amazing sunset sky. In such moments, when I perceive the presence of God within and all around me, this is heaven on earth for me.

a Siddha Yoga Swami

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 23

Looking deeply into image 23, I experienced anew that the Guru’s glance is an inner glance. The feeling of connection with the Guru’s grace-bestowing glance is so deep and so clear that it feels infinitely unbreakable.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for opening me to recognize this form of the Guru’s grace, symbolized for me as an “inner glance”—felt in the heart—which surrounds and protects me.

London, United Kingdom

For years, I intensely studied the science of Kundalini. I learned about nadis, chakras, prana, yogic asanas, breathing techniques, and precise meditations meant to arouse the spiritual energy. I read multiple books and studied under different spiritual teachers. But it was only when I found my beloved Guru, Gurumayi, and received shaktipat initiation that I experienced Kundalini Shakti rising within me and entered a state of samadhi.

I feel so very blessed to be alive at the same time as a living Master who has the ability to bestow shaktipat.

New York, United States

When I met Baba and received his grace, along with powerful experiences of the shakti moving inside my body, something else happened that was very significant for me.
My mind at that time had become very confused by all the different philosophies and scientific approaches to life I had explored. I’d been looking for the truth, but couldn’t find it. Yet with shaktipat, it was as if Baba cleared the fog of my mind in no time.
What an amazing gift this has been for me! This clarity of mind that I could taste for the first time in my life led me to experience tranquility, peace of mind. That peace of mind became the foundation of my sadhana and my life. I began to follow the Siddha Yoga path with complete faith and trust.
Today, I have immense gratitude for what the Guru granted me with the gift of shaktipat.

Lyon, France

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 24

Last night before going to bed, I read this teaching from Baba. I looked for a long time at the image of him standing before his Guru—an image that was imprinted in my heart when I first saw it many years ago. My mind became silent and I lay down to sleep.

When I awoke this morning, it was clear to me that although I have loved and served the Guru, I’ve held tightly to my individual identity and never known what it is to truly “live as the Guru’s entirely.”

Now, looking again at the image of Baba standing there so simply, so completely given to his Guru, I feel the mantra he gave me rising in my chest, my throat, my head. I feel Baba with me, in me. It’s as if he is letting me know, “The Guru never turns away. I am here. Stay here.”

I bow my head in gratitude.

 New Jersey, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 25

As I read Baba’s words, I understand that the bliss of the Self is always the same in everyone, whether I see it or not. Approaching others with this understanding will be a blessing for me as well as others.

Yesterday at work, I was walking down the hallway. A very busy day was ahead of me. A colleague was approaching me. Just then, I realized that I was showing them my “I am busily engaged” state. In a split second, I decided to smile and simply be with my colleague as we passed by each other. Lightheartedness spread between us.
My state had changed immediately for the better. My approach towards someone else had benefited me as well as the other person.

Thank you, Baba, for teaching us how to live our lives filled with bliss. Looking into your smiling face, I am feeling blissful.

 Katzenbach, Germany

The words of this teaching remind me of how Baba taught us over and over again about the importance of a regular practice of meditation, turning inward. Over the years, I have become aware that when I turn my attention inward in meditation on the Self, I have a glimpse of the bliss Baba speaks about.
The awareness of the bliss within me strengthens my resolve to perceive the same bliss in everyone, everywhere, all the time.
Recently, when I emerged from meditation, I perceived an unmixed joy in the air around me. As I moved through the day, I was aware of this bliss in my family, my dog, the plants in my garden.
Baba became established in this awareness of bliss. Through sadhana, he and Gurumayi attained the bliss of samadhi.
Guided by the Gurus of my path and supported by my own continuous effort, I have faith that, day by day, I come closer to sustaining this awareness.

 California, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 26

When I first met Baba, I was struck by how much he laughed and how light he appeared to be. When I would listen to him chant on a recording, there would be such reverence in his voice for the sacredness of the syllables he was intoning, and at the same time there would be lightness, almost a playfulness, in his voice as he sang. This joy was catching, and I would often find myself smiling as I listened.
This reverent lightness and laughter has had tremendous transformative power for me in my life. I no longer take my small self so seriously, and the state of bliss that Baba describes seems immanently attainable. The Siddha Yoga path is truly the sadhana of transcendental joy.

 Virginia, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 27

Today, I once again clicked on this minisite. I reviewed all the teachings and photos in these pages, along with all the shares from devotees. I’ve been doing this every day since the start of this series.
It has become clear to me that a powerful conscious energy is very present in all these pictures and teachings, as well as in the shares. I have seen a lot of these photos and teachings before during my many years of sadhana, and the shakti in them has always affected me. But this time, with this review, I’m finding myself affected in a much deeper way than ever before. It’s as if a new dimension of Consciousness has opened for me now. I feel as if I’m owning all that I’ve experienced, heard, seen, and received from the Guru.
This new awareness is very real—and it goes on all day long, not just in moments of contemplation. It seems deeply rooted, here to stay.

 California, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 28

The twenty-eighth teaching reminds me of how, as I was walking up to the huge tent for my first Shaktipat Intensive with Gurumayi, I looked down at the ground and saw a marvelous blue dot filled with what I intuitively knew were stars and solar systems and galaxies. It seemed totally natural at the time. Later during that weekend I felt my whole being vibrating with the words “I am God.”

Recollecting these experiences and reading Baba’s teaching makes me reflect on how I might experience the state of total expansion and assimilation and how natural and yet phenomenal the experience of Kundalini Shakti can be. 

Washington, United States

Reading this teaching from Baba reminded me of a meditation experience I had years ago. During meditation, it started to feel as though my body was getting bigger. First, it felt as if I doubled in size, then I got as big as the room, and finally I filled the building. As I was feeling myself getting bigger, I was also feeling happier and happier, lighter and lighter. It was the most wondrous feeling. 
Now, Baba is letting me know that I can see the universe within myself. I look forward to the day when that will happen and I will live in that state.

Oregon, United States

This teaching about acquiring the strength of Kundalini inspires me to take action. First of all, it reminds me that I’ve had glimpses of the state Baba describes, moments in which I am one with Consciousness and contain the world within my own being. Baba confirms that these experiences are real, that they are previews of the goal of my sadhana, and that they can become my permanent awareness. Therefore, I’m reinspired to honor every glimpse, to dwell on it and record it in my journal, so that it doesn’t simply disappear into the background as my mind involves itself with other activities. 
Secondly, I’m inspired to refresh the discipline of my sadhana. I want to be sure to nurture and protect the precious Kundalini Shakti as it unfolds within me. And so, once again, I will take up Gurumayi’s book The Yoga of Discipline.

Wisconsin, United States

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 29

I met Baba in 1978 in Australia and later again in Los Angeles. I am very familiar with these photographs and also with most of these teachings. Yet today, I feel as if I have looked at them properly for the first time. There is so much profound richness, such a depth of truth in each of Baba’s teachings.

For the first time, I feel that I am applying what he is saying to myself, to my Self, rather than nodding at them sagely. The lovely image of Baba on the doorstep of his house, looking so intently at me, is calling me to begin again with my sadhana.

 Kilsby, United Kingdom

When I saw the banner on the home page “Experience Darshan: Baba Muktananda,” I immediately recognized the marble wall behind the words—the wall of Baba’s samadhi shrine!

Then I saw image 29, in which Baba is sitting at the door of the building that became his samadhi shrine, and it transported my heart to that place.

Once, I was offering seva cleaning the windows of the samadhi shrine. For that, it was necessary to stand on a high chair, and to do that always had scared me. However, one time, as I stood up on the chair, I saw Baba´s photograph and prayed, “Please protect me.” While cleaning the wooden shutters and the grills, I experienced that I had to be extremely focused in order to keep my balance, and I had to be very careful each time I climbed up and down from that high chair.

I feel that Baba gave me a great teaching that day: to be focused and balanced in my sadhana.

Thank you, Baba, for your gift.

 Mexico City, Mexico

Seeing the photo of Baba Muktananda seated on the steps of his house—now his Samadhi Shrine—in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, I remember the silent power, cool refuge, and waves of love that I experienced in meditation there in 1988, during the Mahasamadhi Celebration.
I was relatively new to the Siddha Yoga path. One day, I went to Baba’s Samadhi Shrine to meditate. The power of Baba’s freedom and love allowed me to fall right into a meditation in which I saw workmen hammering inside my mind. When I mentally asked them what was going on, one of them said, “We’re building a temple for the Lord’s name to be repeated.” Then I understood that the Guru’s shakti was purifying my mind, making it fit for the Lord’s name, and that the Name would lead me to freedom and love.

 New York, United States

I understand that Baba is telling me I have everything I need to become a Siddha. This is why he established the Siddha Yoga path, giving us all the “yoga of freedom,” so that we could break free of our limited understanding of who we are and become free like himself. His writings say this over and over again, as do Gurumayi’s.
I have the awakened Kundalini Shakti, the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices, the good company, the Guru’s sankalpa, and the Guru’s example of what a human being can become. I just need to keep wholeheartedly walking the path the Guru has laid out for me.
And I love to think what I’m practicing is “the yoga of freedom.”

a Siddha Yoga Swami

How blessed I am to have the darshan of a living saint, a Siddha, such as Baba and Gurumayi, and to be able to receive their guidance. As a little girl, I read stories of saints and was always moved by their devotion and their service. Saints lived in a different time, I thought.
It was only as a young adult, after meeting Gurumayi, that I understood there were living saints today. And that meeting has changed my life forever. Gurumayi has shown me the path to enlightenment, lit the way, and taught me that reaching the goal is entirely possible in this very lifetime.

Vienna, Austria

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 30

When I first met Baba and started to come and visit him at the Ashram, I had no understanding of, or appreciation for, the power of guruseva. In fact, I was actively resistant to being given a seva assignment. During my precious time at the Ashram, I wanted to do “real” spiritual practices, like chanting and meditation—not wash dishes or sweep the paths.
Fortunately, after hearing Baba speak about the importance of guruseva, I was able to push through this resistance and just dive into the seva tasks I was given. It was an amazing, consciousness-raising experience. Not only was it an opportunity to offer something back in gratitude for all that I had received from Baba, but the acts of selfless service were themselves great heart-openers. 
My general orientation toward life gradually changed from “What can I get out of this?” to “How can I serve this situation?” As I look back over my years on the Siddha Yoga path, I see that almost every major breakthrough I have experienced came while practicing guruseva.
Thank you, Baba, and thank you, Gurumayi, for showing me the life-transforming power of service.

 Virginia, United States

I recognized very soon after receiving shaktipat diksha that there were no other activities or pursuits in my life that so abundantly fulfilled my longing for meaning and purpose as guruseva.  I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the work of a living Siddha in this world.   
Through the practice of guruseva, I have known an ecstatic state of non-doership. At these times, the mind is fully focused, the body active—moving rapidly from task to task—and suffusing it all is the blissful, direct experience that the Guru’s grace and shakti are doing everything. It is like surfing a giant, benevolent wave of love.
I am eternally grateful to Baba and to Gurumayi for teaching about this exalted Siddha Yoga practice and for providing the opportunities to practice guruseva.

a Siddha Yoga Swami

I have always felt blessed to be able to offer guruseva. Throughout the many different actions and roles I have performed as seva during the past thirty years, one thing prevails: for me, guruseva means to enter the realm of the Guru.
With guruseva, my limited ways of thinking and performing actions fall away, and I embrace a greater view. The small ego gives way to the great I am, and I act from that place, which is a blissful experience. I establish myself in my own worthiness and become part of the Guru’s world, which is priceless.
Also, guruseva has given me the perfect field in which to practice the Siddha Yoga teachings given by the Guru. It allows me to do my sadhana in the good company of other Siddha Yoga students, satisfying a need for fellowship.

 Lyon, France

Shares about Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom: Image 31

I used to believe that such experiences were exotic, remote. One of the great gifts and miracles of years of Siddha Yoga sadhana is to discover that glimpses or hints of such experience have become so potentially available.  
One example is the discovery that my own awareness is nothing but Consciousness itself. When my attention moves to awareness itself and releases the habitual focus on the objects of awareness—my sense perceptions, thoughts, feelings, body, identifications, reactions—I experience myself as full, complete, desireless, and unbounded by time and space. So simple and so natural. 
With infinite generosity, the Guru leads us to discovering our true nature!

Ohio, United States

One of the first times I had a chance to hear Gurumayi’s voice was with a recording of the namasankirtana Om Gurudev. As the chanting came to a crescendo, Gurumayi began ecstatically singing Guru Om! Guru Om! Guru Om! I listened to her voice with complete focus, mesmerized with every repetition of the mantra Guru Om. I was being pulled deep inside. Her voice was expressing so much love, joy, and power! To my surprise, I suddenly knew that deep within me I, too, have this capacity to be ecstatic. A deep longing to live my life in Gurumayi’s state arose in that magical moment. It has completely changed my vision of what human life can be. 

In the past weeks, I have recalled this experience many times, remembering the sound of Gurumayi’s Guru Om within me. This practice of remembrance is filling me with great joy and love.

 Katzenbach, Germany