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Baba's Birthday

A Doorway to Joy

A Story about Baba Muktananda

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This story reminded me of my own first Intensive with Baba.
In spring 1981, I prayed for the first time in many years; six months later I walked into the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Manhattan and saw Baba’s photo. His smile was so genuine! As I talked with the lady behind the desk, I felt happier and happier. I signed up for the Intensive to be held the next weekend.
When I saw Baba walk into the hall, I thought, “That's what an emperor is!” I kept trying to meditate but nothing seemed to happen. But during the next meditation session, when Baba came around the hall, he touched my head. My mind became still and I sat immersed in inner white light. Later, as I drove home, a fire burned within my heart region, and I looked in my rearview mirror to see whether another driver noticed it!  
After that Intensive, I felt happy to be alive for the first time. That inner fire rekindles whenever I contemplate the Guru’s teachings.

Florida, United States

I was living in the Oakland Ashram in 1978, when Baba came to stay in Oakland. Baba spent a considerable amount of time during that period elaborating on the infinite nature of hamsa, its meaning, and significance, describing hamsa as a sublime practice. I took Baba’s teachings as if he were imparting them directly to me.
Like the writer of this story, I have also experienced the hamsa mantra as my constant companion over forty years. It is my treasure and my connection to Baba’s shakti. After so many years of practice, I have imbibed the meaning of hamsa, and my being is saturated with the experience of oneness with the Absolute.

California, United States

This story has had a profound effect on me. It made me ask myself how often I “sabotage” the experiences I receive in meditation or from my Guru's teachings.

Once in a deep meditation, I heard Gurumayi say to me, Be open to what I bring to you. In reading this story today, I am reminded that my willingness to be open to the Guru's teachings needs to be nourished every day. 

Pennsylvania, United States

What a beautiful experience of Baba! I couldn’t help but laugh and fill up with delight, once again surprised to see how incredible the Guru is.
I felt so grateful when I read the author’s final reflection showing how the mind can sabotage us with thoughts that make us feel separate from others and from ourselves. I too appreciate how the practice of the hamsa mantra is a remedy for this sense of separation and a great companion in meditation.
What a beautiful gem! How wonderful it is to remember that we are the ones who decide how to use our mind to guide us towards the Truth.

 Barcelona, Spain