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Baba's Birthday

An Immense Gift

A Story about Baba Muktananda

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Reading this story reminds me of how much the Guru has given to us. We may ask for something but the Guru bestows something even better on us. I have experienced this myself on my journey along the Siddha Yoga path: I have always received from my Guru what is the best for me. Reading this story renewed my experience.

Farrukhabad, India

I was so moved by this beautiful, simple story of Baba. My heart stilled, my breath slowed way down, and in that quiet moment looking out the window onto trees and gardens, I felt a deep longing to do the same, to sit under my tree “and chant God’s name.” And in that longing was an acknowledgment of how I should regard my work in the world, and the seva I offer: with the clear understanding that all of the actions and thoughts of my life can be the same as chanting God’s name under my tree. When I hold the awareness that mantra is in every word I write, say, and sing, then I can experience that all places are the abode of Siddhas and all beings are breathing with me.

 Texas, United States