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Baba's Birthday

How Baba Answered My Question

A Story about Baba Muktananda

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This story reminded me that I had a very different experience when I asked Baba a question.

One night in the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland, I arrived late for Baba’s question-and-answer session. I had submitted a question and, as I squeezed into the back of the hall, my question was read out loud: “Baba, would you please tell me, why have I been born? What is the purpose of my life?”
Baba responded by saying, “This is the question a seeker should ask.” Then he looked directly at me, standing at the far back of the hall. “Your life is not meant for weeping or wailing, or causing others to weep and wail. Life is for joy. The purpose of your life is to discover your inner Self.” 
I have remembered his exact words ever since that night. 

Arizona, United States

I love the way this story shows how the Guru immediately understands what is at the heart of any situation. Bypassing words and concepts, Baba gave this seeker an authentic experience of her own true nature.

What a gift it is to have such a Guru in our lives!

Bellevue Hill, Australia