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Baba's Birthday


A Story about Baba Muktananda

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Such simplicity, power, and grace in one word from the Guru! This story resonates with my experience of the words Gurumayi has spoken to me over the years. They are like a strand of precious pearls that I wear close to my heart. Over time, and in contemplation, I have linked the words together like a running conversation. Some have become answers to questions that Gurumayi had previously asked me.
Whenever I contemplate Gurumayi’s words, it feels like uncovering a new gem in a treasure chest—yielding a deeper understanding, a revelation. In this way I feel decorated with the Guru’s grace.

Oregon, United States

What I love so much about Swami ji’s share is the importance he gives to just one word uttered by the Guru: it has become the inspiration for a lifetime. This truly illustrates for me the power of the Guru’s word.

 Virginia, United States

What a wonderful story of Baba ji’s love! Reading this story helps me understand that what Baba gave to Swami ji with a single word was a blessing that has sustained this disciple for forty-three years and continues to do so.
This story also reassures me that every way my Guru responds to me will contain only love and immeasurable blessings.
I am grateful for the presence of Gurumayi in my life.

 Thane, India

I love this story of Swami ji’s darshan with Baba, and I find much to learn from it. For me, the sweetest moment in this story is contained in the words that came to Swami ji from within: “This is the one.”
I am touched to see how Swami ji’s heart recognized the embodiment of Truth before him and how this inspired him to move and to walk the path being shown to him. I’m also touched to realize that it is one thing for the Guru to extend grace in the form of such a command, and it’s quite another for us to be open to receive and act upon it.

Washington, United States