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Baba's Birthday

Why Wait to Do Japa?

A Story about Baba Muktananda

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It felt like a blessing to read this story about doing mantra japa. As I read about Baba insisting that the storyteller do japa, I felt happy. For many years, I have been doing japa. I have always loved the peace and confidence it evokes in me. I carry this practice everywhere with me, repeating the mantra even at my workplace.

Whenever I am engaged in an important assignment, I play the mantra in the background as I do my work. This has helped me to focus on and complete my assignments well. Repeating the mantra has become a constant companion in my life.

Hosur, India

This story reminded me of my own connection to Baba’s teachings about the power of mantra japa. When we moved recently, I put up Baba's picture in a hallway that connects the front and back of the house. Many times during the day I walk down that hallway, and every time I pass Baba's picture, I feel he is reminding me to repeat the mantra. This has been my “medicine” during the pandemic and the best way for me to face the daily challenges I experience.

Minnesota, United States

Reading this story, I recalled my own struggles as a mother of young children. A fellow Siddha Yogi had suggested I repeat the mantra regularly throughout the day. I wondered how I'd do that in the midst of all my other tasks as a mother. However, I tried it out.

I was amazed at how my outlook and approach to life began to shift. There was less struggle, greater ease, and an appreciation of the gifts around me.

Today, japa, meditation, chanting, and visiting the Siddha Yoga path website are my regular practices. They keep me anchored to the Truth, remind me of the bountiful beauty of nature, and guide me to see God in others.

Thank you, Baba. Thank you, Gurumayi. I feel your love every day.

 Paddington, Australia

I am grateful to be learning about the importance of mantra japa from a Siddha Yogi who learned it from Baba himself! Her story tells me clearly, just as Baba said: “Never forget to do japa.”

Thank you, Baba, for this lesson. Thank you, Gurumayi, for all your love and care!

Yautepec, Mexico

I loved this story. Japa has been invaluable for me in just about any problem or difficult situation. This morning I had a medical procedure done in a doctor's office that I expected to be uncomfortable. Before it began, I resolved to repeat the mantra and stay relaxed.
As soon as I did that, I could sense Bade Baba, Baba, and Gurumayi in the room with me and feel their supportive presence. I kept repeating the mantra and breathing deeply throughout the procedure. I found that if I stayed relaxed and centered, I could move my awareness of the procedure to the periphery of my awareness and just enjoy satsang with my beloved Gurus.

 California, United States

After several hours of struggling to sleep tonight, I decided that I should read the “Stories of Baba Muktananda” on the Siddha Yoga path website and look for guidance in them. I immediately chose story number 12, and I did receive the guidance I needed! The storyteller clearly states that when she has sleepless nights, she practices japa! And now I am going to do this too.

I am amazed to discover how Baba continues to guide us, even through other people’s experiences.

 Mumbai, India

Recently my cat has been sitting beside her bowl with head bowed, but has not been eating her food. I tried everything I could think of to entice her to eat, but nothing was working. When I read this story, I remembered how I’d been able to persuade her to eat in the past. So I went into the kitchen, repeated the mantra Om Namah Shivaya aloud to her with love, and she quietly ate her food! After all, I thought, I repeat the mantra before I eat, so why not repeat it before offering food to my cats?

Thank you Baba, for this timely reminder!

Sydney, Australia

Until recently, japa hasn’t been one of my regular spiritual practices. I had thought that I had time to meditate, and sometimes to chant, but not to practice japa. Then last week, I noticed that in photos Baba often has a japa mala in his hand. I thought to myself, “If a living Guru continued to repeat the mantra, what makes me think that I can do without it?” 

I realized that japa is an indispensable practice, one that can permeate not only my formal meditation time, but also my daily life. I pray for the grace and self-effort that I find in this story to remember my resolution to repeat the mantra every day—just as Baba did.

 North Carolina, United States

This story really resonates with me. I can relate to it so easily because it reflects the many dimensions of my experience each time I make an effort to follow the Guru’s command or to imbibe a teaching: from the distractions and inner resistance that can come up, to the creative efforts I need to make to keep the guidance I receive in my awareness, to the sense of connection—satsang—that takes place when I surrender and make the right effort.
Reading this story has been a beautiful experience for me. It has inspired me to renew my commitment to a specific teaching, to appreciate the effort I’ve been able to make so far in assimilating it, and to relish the opening of my heart that has come from that.

 Ohio, United States

This beautiful story fills me with gratitude, because it evokes my own memories of Baba’s love and dedication to each of his disciples, and how he always knew exactly what each disciple needed to be able to move forward along the path.
Thank you, Baba, and thank you, Gurumayi, for your ever-patient teaching and perfect guidance.

 Kentucky, United States