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Baba Muktananda's Core Teachings

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I am really loving exploring and re-exploring Baba’s teachings. A few days ago, as I sat down to begin a fresh seva project, I instinctively opened the Siddha Yoga path website and was drawn immediately into this sea of nectar. I began to smile as I savored each teaching. I repeated each one and felt it center me and draw me into my heart. Every day now, I look forward to this moment of soothing calm before I begin my workday.

I intend to write each teaching on a fresh page in my journal so that I can focus on it in my meditation.

New Delhi, India

How timely to receive these sacred teachings at this time in my life. Baba’s words are so clear. They go straight to my heart. When I read them, I feel so connected to my Self and to my Guru.

Waikato, New Zealand

For me, Baba’s core teachings contain so much. They can seem so simple, and yet they are so profound.

They invite me to be in my heart, to live from my heart, to perceive the world with the eyes of my heart, and to let the love of my heart grow each day. They show me the magnificence of all hearts and the infinite power of love. They invite me to see and feel the love within me and all around me.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

These beautiful and profound teachings of Baba Muktananda are what originally drew me to the Siddha Yoga path. I am forever grateful that Baba so clearly and simply conveyed what I instantly felt was the Truth. These are the most important teachings for me to imbibe.

Illinois, United States

As I was watching the video and imbibing Baba’s core teachings, I experienced a pure deep silence. For me, this profound silence reflects the immensity of the blue Consciousness and the intimacy of God’s presence.
I keep in my heart the instant that I saw the Blue Pearl dancing in front of Baba. This extraordinary vision infused a shimmering light into my life and has enabled me to share my love with others.

Rodez, France

Watching the video and silently repeating Baba’s teachings several times drew me inwards. Soon my mind became quiet and still. Without any effort I found myself meditating blissfully. When I came out of meditation, I felt refreshed, renewed, and at ease.

Nairobi, Kenya

As I woke up this morning, my mind was jangling with negative self-judgment as a result of a decision I’d made which, I believe, could have an impact on my professional life. I was giving myself a hard time.
As I read Baba’s first core teaching, “Honor your Self,” the negativity dissolved and was replaced with a strong sense of awareness that the outer circumstances of my professional involvements are not important and that how I am within myself is all that matters. And I realized that I can always honor my Self in any situation.
I am grateful to Baba for yet another wake-up call.

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

What an amazing video! With all my heart I love these teachings of Baba, which I have been practicing for a long time. This video gives the perfect visuals to make the connection between these teachings and the supremely radiant Blue Pearl. The deeper I go into the study and practice of the teachings in the video, the more I experience the light of the heart. 

Delhi, India

Watching this video, I felt that the Blue Pearl was shimmering in the crown of my head and the divine light was both expanding within me and surrounding me.

Vadodara, India

This is so beautiful! I wanted to stop and savor each of Baba’s teachings as they appeared on the screen before reading the next one. This is such a sweet reminder to me to reconnect with my heart. I shall be returning to this video often.

New Delhi, India

I was fascinated while watching this video and reading Baba’s core teachings. I could feel Baba’s and Gurumayi’s love pulsating out from the Blue Pearl, from the triangle of blue light, and from the blue heart expanding across the screen. After this darshan of the Blue Pearl, I could feel Baba’s greatness and his attainment, and could feel how wonderful this love is!

Gandhinagar, India

As I watched “Baba Muktananda’s Core Teachings,” I felt my heart expand and soar, and then I melted into a state of bliss.

Wisconsin, United States