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Baba Muktananda's Core Teachings

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Wactching this video, I felt that the Blue Pearl was shimmering in the crown of my head and the divine light was both expanding within me and surrounding me.

Vadodara, India

This is so beautiful! I wanted to stop and savor each of Baba’s teachings as they appeared on the screen before reading the next one. This is such a sweet reminder to me to reconnect with my heart. I shall be returning to this video often.

New Delhi, India

I was fascinated while watching this video and reading Baba's core teachings. I could feel Baba's and Gurumayi's love pulsating out from the Blue Pearl, from the triangle of blue light, and from the blue heart expanding across the screen. I could feel Baba's greatness and his attainment, and could feel how wonderful this love is which I experience after this darshan of the Blue Pearl! 

Gandhinagar, India

As I watched “Baba Muktananda’s Core Teachings,” I felt my heart expand and soar, and then I melted into a state of bliss.

Wisconsin, United States