Meditate on Bhagavan Nityananda’s Form

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I just meditated on Bade Baba's form and my heart is so full. Thank you.

Bade Baba's silhouette captivated my mind and I became quiet. As my mind was focusing on his form, I started to see the light, the immense light—radiant, strong, so bright.

Thank you Bade Baba for your darshan.

Thank you Gurumayi for using the website to shower us with so much love and grace. I love you!

a devotee from Switzerland

On this auspicious morning, I turned on my computer with the sounds from two building sites going on around me. But I did the dharana and meditated on Bade Baba's form anyway. In meditation, I could still hear the noise outside, but inside I could feel the sweetest most profound silence. The peace of my own heart. Then I went outside and sat in my garden for Bade Baba's darshan. Suddenly, Bade Baba flew in—in the form of a sulphur-crested cockatoo. Thank you. Bade Baba's grace and blessings can be found everywhere, at any time.

With love,
a devotee from Sydney, Australia

Early this morning I saw the beautiful video and meditated on Bhagavan Nityananda's form. Then I went for a walk in the city park. I saw an oak tree I'd often passed, but this time I stopped, suddenly transfixed by its majesty, strength, and the beauty of each individual leaf.

a devotee from New York, USA

My experience on meditating in the presence of Bade Baba was warmth and love. My eyes started pouring warm tears and he was telling me, we are not separated by anything.

Physicality is not a barrier. We are together always. Learn to live in the now. We are all together now and we are not separated by anything.

Thank You Bade Baba. I love You

a devotee from Mexico

Dear Ones,

This morning to prepare for meditation I listened to the dharana in honor of Bhagavan Nityananda's Golden Punyatithi. When I was invited to see myself walking down a path to a sacred place where Bhagavan Nityananda abides, I saw myself walking into my own great HEART.

The awareness arose within: "The path of sadhana has been, is, and will always be lit with Bhagavan Nityananda's light and silence. There is no distinction. Silence inside, silence outside. Bade Baba outside, Bade Baba inside. All is one"

Wrapped in the deep, abiding silence of this awareness, meditation simply happened.

Thank you Bhagavan Nityananda, Baba Muktananda, and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda for guiding me on the path of sadhana; illuminating the path to the HEART with your teachings, practices, and immeasurable love and grace.

With deep love and appreciation,
a devotee from Missouri, USA

I arose early this morning and was gently drawn towards meditating on Bade Baba’s powerful presence in the courtyard of Shri Gurudev Siddha Peeth Ashram. As I slowly breathed in and breathed out, my mind became quiet and calm. I then chose to repeat, “Bade Baba, Bade Baba, Bade Baba” on each in and out breath, with the mantra Guru Om, Guru Om, Guru Om then arising spontaneously, after a few minutes, on each in and out breath.


a devotee from Australia

After meditation, I performed the Nityananda Arati and opened the presents in the boxes on the website. I feel like a child at a birthday party! I then read Gurumayi's poem a few times. It reminded me of how I so love nature. I am excited to follow her gentle guidance to explore it more. So I stepped outside as the sun was coming up. I saw two great herons soaring in absolute silence across the sky, as the sun reflected on their sleek bodies, their wings spread wide. I heard the joyous song of morning birds. When I returned inside, I read the poem again. I looked at a photo of Bade Baba smiling at me. A deep, thick, loving silence now pervades. I am having darshan. Thank you, Bade Baba and thank you, Gurumayi. My heart is full!

a devotee from Florida, USA