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Bhagavan Nityananda's Punyatithi 2021

Darshan of the Lord

Story read by Vivek Panchapakesan
Rendered by Morgan Hooper
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I loved this story and experienced pure delight in learning that this was the origin of the enrapturing Nityananda Arati!

California, United States

My daughter and I regularly sing the Nityananda Arati at night before retiring to bed. It is a sacred practice for both of us. So when we read this story of how the Nityananda Arati came about, we mentally thanked Balakrishna Mhaskar. We are so grateful for his generous sharing through this arati of the fruits of his spiritual pilgrimage and his tapasya.
When we sing Nityananda Arati now, my daughter and I experience the enlivening presence of Bade Baba in the form of the many avatars of Lord Datta. We feel truly blessed to be able to do this.

Hosur, India

Like Balakrishna’s pilgrimage in the story "Darshan of the Lord," participating in The August Presence of Bhagavan Nityananda has been a pilgrimage for me. With each element of the satsang, I was led to another sacred place and received a new teaching and experience of Bade Baba.
The pilgrimage culminated for me in the dharana. Gazing at Bade Baba's golden form in the Nityananda Temple, I could see the scenes and hear the sounds being described. During the meditation, my body swayed softly with the waves of the tamboura, and images from the places I had visited on my “pilgrimage” arose in my awareness.

Castlemaine, Australia

In the beginning I thought this was an age-old story—not understanding  that someone in modern times could have the intention to recite such a long text as Shri Guru Charitra 108 times and spend years doing that! I was completely amazed that it happened in my grandparents' or maybe even my parents’ time.
Recently I had wondered a lot why the names in the Nityananda Arati—such as Datta, Narahari, and Akkalakota Swami—are mentioned, what they mean, and how they relate to Bade Baba. Now that I’ve read this story, everything is clear. I always loved this Arati, but knowing the amazing background, I love it even more.
I feel this Arati gives us an image of a pilgrimage to the absolute Truth in the form of beloved Bade Baba. I ask myself, ”What can my own daily pilgrimage look like? What part do I play in making this being who is Bade Baba real in my life?”

Hindelang, Germany

Awakening early this morning with enthusiasm and anticipation of Bade Baba's Punyatithi, I first listened to the story “Darshan of the Lord.” As I did, my heart was uplifted even further, my smile widened and spread throughout my entire self—a smile full of gratitude.
I am glad to know that this story, this generous gift, will deepen my understanding and joy when I chant the Nityananda Arati. I am deeply grateful for our beautiful Siddha Yoga path, that continues to fill and nourish my body and Self in so many ways.

Massachusetts, United States