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I had a vivid dream before waking today, and before learning about Gurumayi's intention for the Chanting Tour. I dreamt that I was playing my flute—which was amazing as I can no longer play. I was playing ecstatically in a harmonious, improvisational composition with just the natural tonality of the drum accompanying me. I was in one-pointed attunement to the music. How incredible to be included! 
Blessings to the Chanting Tour! 

Florida, USA

The share written by the devotee in Texas was a welcome reminder of the many ways that the Siddha Yoga practice of chanting helps me become attuned to the natural freedom that comes from setting the ego aside.

I too had to learn that my joy in chanting becomes much greater when I attune my voice—in volume as well as pitch—to the voices around me. In this way, the "I" that used to try so hard to be noticed and appreciated through my voice can relax enough to merge into the bliss of the resulting unison. In dancing saptahs too, I have experienced that ego-dissolving harmony that arises when we flow together in one unified circle of movement, one unified chorus in praise of God.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for bringing us together in so many inspiring ways that take our appreciation of chanting to ever deeper levels.


"Attunement" has been a deep teaching for me. I can still remember a time at Shree Muktananda Ashram when we were instructed before beginning a chant to listen to the people on either side of us and to adjust our own voice, so that we could hear their voices as we chanted. It wasn't easy in the beginning. Sometimes, in an exuberant moment, I would want to hear my own voice blast out over everyone else's! However, when I did that, I ended up feeling so isolated. It would take several rounds for me to find my way back to attunement.
Words in a share from the devotee from Pune, India, who mentioned being in harmony with nature, expressed my own experience of chanting. There seems to be a coherence between chanting and nature that one can almost hear and feel. It gives me a sense of the "soundless sound"—a deep connection with the peace, harmony, balance, and joy that is my natural state.
Now, whenever I chant, I yearn to hear my voice through the voices on either side of me. When that happens, I feel most in attunement with my natural state of harmony with the Self of all.

Texas, USA

A few days ago, I saw Gurumayi's beautiful acronym. I asked myself, “What should I do with this?” But today, I understand these wonderful words as one way for me to bring my body back into balance after a long illness.

Through chanting, I can compose for myself a harmony attuned to my natural tonality. And my natural tonality is the sound of my inner Self. Through the power of the practice of chanting (and taking my prescribed medications), I will harmonize my entire system.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your words.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Reading the beautiful words from Gurumayi on the website, I connected to my heart. My breathing became very harmonious with the So’ham mantra. I went into meditation and had a vision that a stream of nectar was flowing through me. I saw myself dancing and chanting the glory and name of my Guru.

When I opened my eyes, my heart was filled with happiness, peace, and gratitude. As I contemplated my vision, it came to me that the stream of nectar is the upcoming Chanting Tour, and I am eagerly waiting to participate in it. As I wrote my experience down, words from verse 1 of the Arati kept arising in my heart. This verse says, "Let all beings experience friendliness and joy. May brotherhood, love, and perfect steadiness of mind always prevail in the world!"

And so I offer my intention to chant the Arati every day to offer my prayers for the Siddha Yoga Chanting Tour: Australia 2014—Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

Thank you, Gurumayi. I offer my pranams to you for blessing me with this experience.

Mumbai, India

Today I chose to focus my attention on "Compose." I copied the beautiful script into my meditation journal. Then, as I thought about how this word applies to my life at this moment in time, I realized that I already have all the elements I need to create beauty, harmony, and truth in my life. This is just what I needed to remember today! I don't need to come from a place of lack, always needing more to be able to do something. I can choose to reside in the space of abundance, my own inner Self, from which all expression freely flows.

Alaska, USA

When I first read these words from Gurumayi on the home page, I felt an immediate sense of harmony. I understood that the words charged with the Guru's shakti had affected my state.

I was particularly interested in "Attunement." I realized how we are all connected, like tuning forks, and each of our own resonances affects the whole. Our individual responsibility is to attune ourselves to our highest vibration, so that we can contribute to the harmony of the whole.

I also reflected on the amazing power of chanting, through which we are attuned to the vibration of the Name. What a beautiful resonance for the planet—the Chanting Tour!

I am so grateful to Gurumayi for giving us the amazing practice of chanting, for always showing us how to compose our lives in harmony with the whole, and for teaching us the "perfect pitch" with which to create such harmony. Let's chant!

New York, USA

When I first read these five beautiful words, I related them to music and the upcoming Chanting Tour, which I am sure the whole global community of Siddha Yogis is waiting for with eagerness and excitement.

I think of composing as being creative, but in harmony with nature by attuning myself to her rhythm. Then I will hear the natural tone, the sound, and it will take me to the “soundless sound” within. To me, nature is constantly chanting the Creator's name. So, very naturally, it will take us to the state of silence that is within our heart.

Thank you so much, my beloved Gurumayi, for coming into my life and making it all the more meaningful.

Pune, India

When I read the five golden words posted today, my mind wove them together into a sentence: Compose your life’s symphony in harmony and attunement with your natural tonality.
I felt I was invited to learn how to strum and attune to the rhythm of my soul, being aware of each moment and regarding it as totally new and unique.
My Siddha Yoga sadhana has reconnected me with the power of music, especially singing. I experience chanting as a unifying force within and without. By chanting, I compose myself; I become the conductor of my inner orchestra in order to express my true pitch, timbre, and tone.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this grace-filled celebration of the Heart!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reading the shares today, and thinking about "Natural," I remembered a moment this weekend when I was outside with my dog. It was raining gently, very quietly, and I noticed the rhythm of the raindrops in the storm drain. The rhythm was danceable, and so natural. It made me smile and appreciate being able to see and hear the wonderful creativity that exists everywhere.  

Texas, USA

When I first saw "Compose" written in such a lovely musical font, I immediately thought of musical composition. Then I realized that the same word, which can be applied to creating a musical piece, also refers to making oneself calm or tranquil.
With this understanding, I accepted "Compose" as a command. I stopped and listened to the sounds of the namasankirtana that has been playing softly in my mind since I played Gurumayi's CD of it earlier today.  I became composed.
Thank you, Gurumayi. I realize that I can do this at any moment. 

Wisconsin, USA

When I saw this new teaching by Gurumayi, I felt delighted, mystified, quiet, contemplative, and engaged, in rapid succession. I felt invited to delve into the mystery and promise of these words.
“Compose” calls upon me to be a conscious agent, and invokes creativity and musicality.
“Harmony” invites me to listen, taking cues from my environment and the sound of everyone within it; and to blend my voice—the sound of my own being—into an uplifting soundscape.
“Attunement” gently focuses me toward the means to channel this delightful effort. “Natural” suggests that my ability to make this effort is inherent within me, God-given, so the outcome will be easeful.
"Tonality" is another divine clue that I am a drop within the ocean, that I exist within a fabric of consciousness—a family of color and tone—and that I can dance and play in a delicious revelry of sound.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

California, USA

As I read the words posted on the homepage of the website this morning, my breathing became steady very easefully. I paused, and was drawn within, so I closed my eyes. I began relishing the steady dance of the breath coming in and going out. It took me very deep within where I began to experience peace and gratitude. I became lighter and lighter with each breath.
Thank you, beloved Gurumayi, for blessing me with the amazing prasad of your teachings.

Pune, India

When I view the teaching, each word is so delicately written and flowing, like the outbreath singing a divine tune and dissolving back into the Self. When my eyes focus on “Attunement," I think of the power of chanting that attunes us all to our oneness. 

New York, USA

All the Siddha Yoga chants are composed of musical notes in a natural harmony and tonality, which helps me to attune with my Self and the universal Self.
Pranam, Gurumayi.

Pune, India