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Shubh Deepavali

Deepavali Ka Utsav
The Celebration of Deepavali

While viewing the images, you can listen to instrumental music of the namasankirtana Shri Ram Jay Ram.

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I really appreciate how the tradition of Deepavali is reflected in these colorful and meaningful images, along with the explanatory texts. They bring the rasa of Deepavali to the mind and the heart—worship with a pure intention. To me, Deepavali is one of the most magical celebrations. May its blessings purify our hearts and make them shine brightly.

Hindelang, Germany

After having a very difficult day, I saw these wonderful images and listened to this tender instrumental version of the beautiful namasankirtana Shri Ram Jay Ram. I suddenly forgot everything that had happened during the day. A sweet sense of peace came over my mind, heart, and soul.
It seems to me that my Guru always knows just what I need. It is the greatest fortune to have the Guru’s grace in my life, filling it with love and blessings.

Yautepec, Mexico