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Hearts in Nature – Part IV

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I’m finding that the more I open up my own heart, the more hearts I see in nature.

Hawaii, USA

As the slide show of the Hearts in Nature Gallery flowed before my sight, I was enraptured as I saw the shape of hearts emerging from the varied landscapes and swirls of colors passing by.
As I noticed that many of the hearts were an empty space encapsulated by form while others were a tangible thing surrounded by space, I realized that there is always space, both inside, and around, our hearts. I thought of Bada Baba’s teaching “The Heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam.” It resounded in my being.
As my eyes rested on one photo in particular, a heart made out of sky framed by sunny autumn leaves, my spirit soared through that sky and I felt spaciousness in my heart. I was filled with joy and gratitude for this experience, and for Gurumayi, for leading me to this experience.

Hurlstone Park, Australia

I feel my heart moistening and filling with love as I view the hearts in nature today. I feel a new awareness arising, as I see that hearts also exist in the spaces between objects.
I am especially drawn to the picture of a mass of pink tubular-shaped flower petals that open into heart shapes. As I look at this picture, I feel the meaning of the words, “lose yourself in the small things,” resounding within, and I feel such grace in embracing small objects and moments in my life.
I also remember, more than ever, in this month of October, that Baba Muktananda's love is everywhere.

Melbourne, Australia

The shape of a heart in the clouds, in the trees, in a flower, in a bee, in a rock, in a leaf—now I see that shape in the most amazing places. And each time I see one I think, "It's a message from God."
I imagine God saying to me, "I'm everywhere, in everything, and I love you."
I feel so blessed!

Madrid, Spain

The beautiful displays of nature, which show various shapes of hearts, remind me that all our hearts are filled with love. I only need to look around, and I can see that endless love is within my reach.
As I looked at these pictures, I actually saw Bade Baba, looking down through the hearts! I feel so blessed.

California, USA

My favorite heart pictures are the ones where I have to look closely, carefully to see the heart. Somehow, there is an even greater delight when it takes more effort to perceive the heart—as though that effort makes room for delight to flash forth.

And, today, through grace, it became very clear that this is a teaching for my sadhana—the greater the effort, the more space for grace to scintillate.

New Jersey, USA

This morning, as I visited the Hearts in Nature Gallery, enjoying the variety from snow hearts to gnarly branches to amethyst crystal, I noticed I was settling down inside, becoming peaceful.
I realized once again that no matter how busy I may be, just a few minutes visiting any one of the photo galleries on the Siddha Yoga path website brings me back to stillness and I return to my work refreshed and focused.

New Hampshire, USA

I have been inspired by the photo gallery on the website to look for hearts in nature. On Valentine's Day morning, I was having breakfast while sitting in the garden in front of the Annapurna Dining Hall. I like to look at the large evergreen tree there. I thought that surely there would be a heart in that evergreen. I searched the tree, starting at the top, and then I brought my gaze down to the bottom. But there didn't seem to be a heart there. So I let go of searching for the heart shape in the tree, and my eyes naturally came to rest at the branches that were right in front of me. And there was the most beautiful and exquisite heart, framed by the elegantly spiraling needles and branches.

I laughed that I had spent so much time searching for a heart above and below where my eyes naturally wanted to go. It was a sweet reminder to remain present and to be aware of what’s happening right in front of me.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

I felt a gentle surge of delight when my eyes discerned the heart in each photo. There was a pulse of energy in the moment of recognition when I glimpsed a heart in a place where I wasn't expecting it. I reflected on this moment of recognition and thought of the many times on the Siddha Yoga path that my eyes have opened to new ways of seeing.

My gratitude to my Guru is boundless.

Massachusetts, USA

Whenever I peruse the photographs in the Hearts in Nature gallery, finding the heart is easy in most—but in others I have to use more discernment to discover the hidden treasure. This has been a useful reminder of my encounters in daily life: I find it easy to connect to the heart in many people, but in others it can be more of a challenge. So these photos remind me that the heart is always there in each person I encounter, and my dharma is to let that truth illumine my every encounter.

Illinois, USA

Over the past few days, I have struggled to find hearts in nature, but I couldn't find any. Then the other night, I had a dream of Bade Baba.

Yesterday, as I was walking, I was remembering the sweetness of this dream and silently chanting the name of Bhagawan Nityananda. When I turned my head, I saw several little red hearts on a school window. I was so happy because I recognized Bade Baba's love in those hearts. For me, they were a clear sign of his presence because they were on a school window, and I know that Bade Baba loved children very much. In that moment, I felt I was his beloved child.

So beautiful!

Milan, Italy

Here a lot of fresh snow has been falling. I went out for a walk to the forest. I decided to look for hearts in nature. While thinking of hearts, I found myself repeating the mantra and became very happy about it. I kept going on like this until at last I found a heart shape on a tree.
With these inner experiences, the whole walk in this pristine white landscape was really awesome.

Bad Hindelang, Germany

Ever since the Shaktipat Intensive in 2011, “The Heart Is the Hub of All Sacred Places. Go There and Roam.” I have been collecting hearts in nature, feeling that nature is gifting them to me.

Each time I receive a heart from nature, I connect with my own heart and give thanks. I have come to feel that each of these hearts is the heart of God, expressing itself for us.

Naucalpan, Mexico

It’s so amazing to see the “Hearts in Nature” gallery. I felt so connected to everything in nature: the flowers, the snow, the heart-shaped leaves all remind me that God resides in the heart.

It inspires me to be with nature more and more, and to feel the vibrations of happiness and love in every particle of this universe.

Thank you so much for capturing this wonderful treasure and sharing it with us.

Kolkata, India

In 2013, in the sacred atmosphere of a Siddha Yoga Sadhana Retreat, I had a wonderful meditation experience. I gave myself fully to the natural flow of my breath, and in doing so, I perceived a constantly flowing river of light within myself. Everything within me and around me felt complete.  After this profound meditation, I looked outside a window and my eyes fell upon some branches. They formed a perfect heart shape.

For the rest of the retreat, I could see heart shapes in trees. I couldn't believe that I had never perceived them before! I continue to see heart shapes in nature, and they connect me with that experience in meditation. In fact, it always feels like a divine greeting, tenderly calling me to breathe easy, to look within, and to smile.

Thank you so much for these deeply moving images of heart shapes in nature. Every single one is perfectly wonderful!

Katzenbach, Germany

I really want to thank and acknowledge the sevites who offer such wonderful photography. Through their lenses, we can see these hearts in Shree Muktananda Ashram and learn to find messages in Mother Nature. Whenever I look at these pictures of the hearts, they gently remind me to live in the present moment and to feel the love that is all around. And I am feeling loved, right now. Thank you so much.

New Delhi, India

Warming love is everywhere—even in the ice! Thank you so much for leading me to search for signs of love in nature. So beautiful!

Bussum, Netherlands

Thank you so much for the wonderful "Hearts in Nature" photo gallery. I love looking for the individual heart in each photo; each time I discover one, it is such a sweet gift.

As I see the hearts in nature, I also become aware how important it is for me to make an effort to honor the hearts of others wherever life takes me.

A most joyful December to everyone!

New York, USA

One evening I was sitting on a bench in Dakshin Kashi with a fellow sevite. We were quietly gazing at the beautiful nature scene, looking at the sky and the egrets flying. My eyes fell on the eucalyptus trees in the center, and it seemed to me they were forming the shape of a heart. I felt so happy to find a big heart in the midst of Dakshin Kashi, and I joyfully shared this with the person sitting beside me. He, too, could see the trees making a heart shape.

The next day when I opened the Siddha Yoga path website, I felt extremely happy to see this gallery of Hearts in Nature. I felt so connected. Nature is such a beautiful medium for us all to stay connected and be together in the heart with our beloved Gurumayi.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the blessing of this website.

a Gurukula student in Gurudev Siddha Peeth

Thank you for these beautiful photos. I have always loved looking for hearts in nature. They are gorgeous reminders to seek the love that exists everywhere.

California, USA

What beautiful reminders that love is everywhere! I feel these hearts are Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba, showing me there is no limit to love and no limit to pure bliss. They exist inside of me and all around me, in every breath, thought, and experience.

Georgia, USA

I could not attend the Intensive this year, because I had to work. I had a great longing to be there, and early that morning, I decided to immerse myself in the Intensive energy during the rest of the day. I was very excited, as though I was actually going to attend!
Just before 8:00 A.M., I looked out my kitchen window to send my love and support for the Intensive—and there was a beautiful heart formed by the space in the clouds! I felt such support and love for my intention.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

New Mexico, USA

Crossing the threshold into December with the heart pictures brings my own heart delight! It is so much fun, feeling childlike awareness rekindled as I try to see the hearts hidden in a leaf, a tree, a cloud, or icy water.
Walking the path of the heart, every day becomes a celebration!
Joyful first of December to all!

Montreal, Canada

Thank you so much for this awesome collection! This is such a great reminder of the all-pervasive and eternal presence of God and God's love everywhere and all the time. Makes me feel blessed.

Texas, USA