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The State of Harmony I

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Recently, I found myself in a state of worry. When I prayed to Gurumayi, I got the inspiration to revisit the Niścintatā photo gallery. Ever since this gallery appeared, I have tried to understand the deeper meaning of niścintatā. Today I understood that in timelessness, there is no future and no past. These tranquil photos remind me that my inner state is the result of my choice—and I can make a beautiful choice, with full faith in the Guru's grace.

As I contemplate these black-and-white photos, the best thing is that in this timeless moment, I am free of worries. May I relish it fully!

Thane, India

For the last two days I have been trying to let go of worries; then this morning I remembered niścintatā. I looked at this Gallery and had the experience of niścintatā. I wondered, what is it in these photos that leads me to this experience?
A thought arose: because the pictures are black and white and have sharp boundaries, the objects are clear. I felt, if I want to be niścintatā, I have to be like these objects, sharp and clear. When I experience the light inside, I know who I am, and I am able to accept myself as I am and my life as it is. This understanding has brought me new energy and leads me to niścintatā.
Thank you, Shri Gurumayi ji.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

When the Niścintatā gallery appeared on the Siddha Yoga path website, I was moved to contemplate the images daily. Seeing the black-and-white images made me wonder: "How does the state of niścintatā arise? Why doesn't this experience of stillness arise when I look at colors?"
About a week later, I was sitting outside the Shiva Temple in Gurudev Siddha Peeth. I began focusing on my breath and looking at nature all around me. After a few minutes, my state changed. I could see the stillness and the presence of nature, wherever I looked. And I could see that the stillness outside and the stillness inside myself were one.
I could see my state inside the objects. There were no differences, only unity—the trees were me, and I was the trees! The objects before me were no longer objects, they were energy. And then I was able to merge into that energy and experience our oneness.
Now the experience of niścintatā is available to me whenever I connect to the natural flow of the breath, and I am fully present.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

When I read, “It is within every seeker’s ability to become free from worries,” I teared up with relief and gratitude. I recognized that niścintatā is the state I am longing for. I am so grateful to Gurumayi for giving us this gallery as a means of learning about and directly experiencing niścintatā.
Each time I return to view the photos in this gallery, I understand something new about the state of being in harmony and free from worries. I hold Gurumayi’s gift of this beautiful word, niścintatā, like a gem. I repeat it to myself throughout the day, both to remind myself that this is the state I am aspiring to, and to invoke the state of niścintatā itself.

California, USA

These beautiful pictures quiet the mind so effectively, transporting me to a state of silence in which I am "free from worry."
They depict the power of Gurumayi's words and vision so sweetly and strongly.
Jai Gurumayi!

Cuttack, India

I notice when I come to the Niścintatā gallery that the energy above my eyebrows collects and forms a circle, like a full moon. It feels cool and serene, like liquid moonlight.

Sydney, Australia

I woke up this morning and began to worry about a situation in my life. I knew that worrying would not help me or the people around me, but my forehead was wrinkled and I had no peace.
Then I went to the Niścintatā photo gallery. As I watched each picture, my anxiety began to dissolve. By the end, my forehead tingled, and I experienced a vibration of bliss. I stayed in this beautiful state, refreshing it from time to time by repeating the word niścintatā.
I can feel the Guru’s presence when I visit the Siddha Yoga path website. I received the amazing grace of my beloved Gurumayi simply by using the tools she has given me—in this case, the photo gallery Niścintatā
The State of Harmony.
Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for all of your gifts.

Washington, USA

The play of shadow and light, pattern and form, in the black and white images is so delightful! They remind me to see the play of the world and find simple ways to be delighted by it.

Wisconsin, USA

I was filled with such happiness to read this teaching on niścintatā, and I wished to put the teaching into practice as I take my daily hikes. Near my home, there is a beautiful mountain where there are many places to pause and view the sky, the pines and redwoods, and hear the creek singing, the wind, and the birdcalls.

After viewing the Niścintatā gallery, I went up the mountainside, and I found myself coming to stillness at a certain place on the path. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them and thought of this teaching about harmony, I saw that the view from where I stopped had a perfect, gentle symmetry in all its diversity. I felt the unifying tide of love beneath and within all of it. Since that moment, I've experienced the harmony even in the traffic on the highway, in the bustle of people on errands, and in the playful shouts of my neighbor’s children. Most gratefully of all, I’ve felt that harmony pulsing within my own heart.

Thank you again, and again, and again, beloved Gurumayi. We are so blessed by your teachings.

California, USA

"Mai niscinta hu.  I am free from worry." What a powerful phrase! I am inspired to have full faith in the loving and protecting energy of the universe.

Thane, India

While watching this Niścintatā gallery, I was drawn deeper and deeper into a state of peace, harmony, and contentment. I felt embraced by the sacredness of the Ashram. With these exquisite photos, Gurumayi is giving me a beautiful refuge where I can come back every day to restore my inner peace and harmony.

Texas, USA

As soon as I began to watch these beautiful images, I drifted into meditation.
Thank you, my beloved Gurumayi. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

Mexico City, Mexico

As I watched these exquisite photos, I felt an immediate sense of peace arise within myself. As each new photo appeared, I soon realized that I was no longer seeing the images in black and white—they had come alive with color, with energy! It was as if I was inside each photographic moment.

What a perfect way to celebrate Birthday Bliss. I imagined a world in which each of us paused for a few moments every day to experience this state of harmony. In this way, we would be helping to create a shared awareness of peace in the world, and blessings would reach beyond boundaries and enter every heart.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your invitation for us to experience the state of Niścintatā. Happy Birthday Bliss, Gurumayi!

Melbourne, Australia

Peace of mind and harmony

No colors—no agitation—no attachment—no pairs of opposites

Black and white—darkness and light

Just one small step before dissolving in the oneness!


Lord Shiva in the forest

The calm deer looking at me

Gurumayi taking her seat again within me!


Gratitude and Love

Palzing, Germany

These amazing photographs reflect the presence of God in everything and everywhere.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your love and guidance.

Mexico City, Mexico

As soon as I saw the first picture of this gallery of Niścintatā, it felt as if Shri Gurumayi was touching my head in exactly the same way she is touching the flowers in the picture, with love. And the flowers seem to be resting in Shri Gurumayi’s hands in the same way I am feeling now, in harmony. Just remembering Gurumayi, I forgot all my worries.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for being with me always. I love you so much.
Thank you for the wonderful gift of the Siddha Yoga path website!

Amravati, India

Seeing this gallery of Niścintatā, I remember my experience of studying Gurumayi’s Message for 2001: “Approach the present with your heart's consent. Make it a blessed event.”

As I go through the photos, I am once again immersed in that experience of being calm and relaxed, and fully enjoying the present moment.

Thank you, Gurumayi ji.

Aurangabad, India

Thank you, Gurumayi, for inviting us to get in touch with harmony through these pictures. For me, it was an amazing reminder that I have the ability to become free from worries and live in joyful stillness, easefulness, and harmony. I could easily reconnect with this state as I started watching these images.

Pune, India

In these beautiful black-and-white photos, the all-pervasive aspect of God is so apparent. We can see that every particle of this world is infused with the power and love of God.
I especially liked the one of the tile floor with the sun streaming through the glass door onto it. I thought that our beloved Guru's feet may have walked on that floor, making it really special.

Georgia, USA

Each image in this gallery invites me to take an inner journey to that place of pristine stillness within myself.

Nairobi, Kenya

Each photo gently takes my mind within, especially when I see Lord Shiva sitting on the Silent Path. Then, with the final photo of a hall, I feel as if Baba has just walked through, and I am walking behind him.

Florida, USA

As soon as I started watching this Gallery, I began to turn within and in a moment, I experienced the stillness of my own being and felt my heart moisten with love. Within just a few moments, this posting has given me the feeling of oneness!
Thank you so much Gurumayi.

New Delhi, India

These beautiful images took me into silence. I felt profound peace and deep gratitude, especially when the photo of Baba Muktananda appeared!

Thank you, Baba. Thank you so much, Gurumayi.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The fact that these exquisite images and scenes appear in black and white somehow takes my attention away from the apparent differences among objects and creatures. What's left is the experience that everything has the same underlying essence, everything is filled with God's power, God's energy. As a result, I arrive in the place of great quiet inside. 
Thank you for offering us a place of such beauty inside, Gurumayi.

New York, USA

These images made me silent. For me they reflected the inner light, which gives me joy and makes me steady inside.

Nasik, India

As I allowed myself the gift of watching this Gallery unfold, I became aware of a wellspring of love and peace inside myself and in everything around me. 

I was perceiving stillness in movement and movement in stillness; strength in flexibility, ease, and gentleness; sound where no sounds were being made. I was experiencing truth and beauty in all things.
This gallery is breathtaking! Thank you, Gurumayi, for constantly offering us myriad windows into the awareness of the Self.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

While looking at these beautiful, still black-and-white images, I thought, “Wow, it’s so easy to see that everything is made of the same light here, of the same particles of Chiti.”
Thank you for this beautiful perspective.

Massachusetts, USA

The moment I looked at the first image in this gallery, I felt my whole being immersed in silence and deep stillness. As the images continued in the slideshow, I felt filled with the extraordinary beauty of life, as if I were seeing life through God's eyes.

This beauty pierces the heart. It is as if it whispers to me, "Just let go."

New York, USA

These pictures speak to me of silence. They bring calm feelings of peace and surrender, letting go. That a picture as simple as a leaf can be so stilling makes me wonder about the enormity of God's power. These photos remind me to go into that stillness that exists inside me, where I can find my lighthouse.

Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for your ocean of love and compassion for us.

New Delhi, India

When I am by myself, I often experience my mind becoming still and free from thought. Seeing these images, I had the same experience. As I was cherishing the sense of calmness in the photos, I spontaneously started singing the mantra, and a serene stillness spread throughout my being.

Thank you for this gallery. Thank you, Gurumayi. With the website, it is becoming easy to experience your love.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

A calm hush passes over me as I see these images. They inspire me to reflect and to feel the stillness within myself.

Nairobi, Kenya