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Art Inspired by Gurumayi’s Message
A Gallery for 2016
I of III

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This evening I looked to the Siddha Yoga path website for inspiration and support. Looking through this exquisite gallery was like applying a soothing balm, allowing me to move into an expanded, uplifted state. It was a beautiful and moving way to experience the power of Gurumayi's Message, and I am so inspired by people's creative inspiration.  

Bath, United Kingdom

This magnificent gallery of artistic creations from Siddha Yogis all around the world, inspired by Gurumayi’s Message for 2016, expands my awareness of the many ways Gurumayi’s teachings continually inspire us to bring forth something new—and beautiful—in our own lives. I am deeply grateful to have been brought to a path, and to a Guru, whose spiritual power and wisdom are always inspiring me!

Illinois, USA

In many of these images, I witness reflections of my own sadhana—the continuously unfolding experience of engaging with Gurumayi's Message and the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices. Seeing and feeling this resonance mirrored back to me is very touching and helps me feel connected to other Siddha Yogis around the world.
I was particularly moved by the image depicting a turbulent ocean and a vivid, cloud-covered sky with a full moon. After a few moments of gazing at it, I recognized that the incoming wave was in the form of a swan. I have been reading Baba's book I Am That, on the cover of which is an image of a swan. Seeing the artist's painting brought me right back to my breath and to feelings of profound gratitude for the depth and mystery of Baba's teachings and grace. Through following Baba’s instructions for the practice of the hamsa mantra, I am indeed able to be in the midst of the sometimes turbulent, and always shifting, waters of life and remain connected to grace.

California, USA

One of the images inspired by the word move here instantly reminded me of an experience I had recently on a visit to the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland. On the last day of my visit, as I sat in prayer and openness before Gurumayi’s chair, a wave of energy entered me and made my entire body move. As the energy rippled through my being, I felt Gurumayi’s love, her joy, her smile, and her laughter echoing in my cells.
Without any words, I felt I received her sankalpa and understood her teaching—not only in my mind, but throughout my entire being. I knew that movement can—and should—be a joyous form of meditation. As a dancer myself, I received this as a wonderful validation from my Guru. Through this inner experience, I felt loved, affirmed, blessed, and worthy. I am amazed again at how perfectly she is with me through her love and guidance.

Arizona, USA

Longing for God.
Longing for an unbroken connection to my true Heart.
Longing to extend myself beyond complacency.
What grace this longing is.
How it has served me to be steadfast through decades of sadhana.
A human body, a Sadguru, longing for God,
What grace has been bestowed on me.
May I ever remember to long for God so I am constantly inspired to
study, practice, assimilate, and implement the teachings.

Michigan, USA

Each of these art forms had me saying "bahut sundar," a Hindi expression meaning "very beautiful."

Indore, India

These images invite me to move my attention inwards, into silent communion with my true nature. Simple, silent, and open. Humbled. Grateful. Softly sweetened.

Avalon, Australia

Today I made a list of different forms of movement. I thought of movement in nature: in wind and water and through the growth of trees and plants. I acknowledged movement in my body through walking, exercising, and arising each morning to meditate. Then I made note of the movement in my thoughts as I shift my way of thinking and viewing the world and those around me. Finally, this realization came to me: movement is also an inward shift, a subtle growth that takes place over time as I follow the Siddha Yoga teachings.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the inspiration of your Message and for these pictures that help me contemplate all the movement around and within me.

Missouri, USA

Such beautiful images here—bringing me joy, wonder, delight, and awe with great sensitivity. I find it so uplifting to be part of a global community of such great souls. Thank you, Gurumayi.

Avalon, Australia