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Honeycombs, the Ingenious Storehouse of Nectar

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In fall 2019, our daughter-in-law was writing her master’s thesis in biology on the subject of bees. She was pregnant at the time, and I introduced her to the Honeycombs photos, which she cherished.
Today she gave birth to her daughter, and today is also World Bee Day!
What synchronicity! What a blessed welcome to this newborn being! What a day full of nectar!
I am so grateful for this divine coincidence. I treasure it as a tangible expression of Gurumayi’s love and grace.

Katzenbach, Germany

Studying the photos and the title of this gallery, I felt that the bees were teaching me how to become a storehouse of the nectarean wisdom and grace of the Guru. I learned I should be open, ready, and available if I want to hold the Guru’s grace in my life.

Wisconsin, United States

I can learn about life, generosity, and kindness from bees. Just as bees work together to accomplish a common goal, I feel that we should all work together to share our light and kindness.

New York, United States

Ah! The sweet honey, the nectarean taste of the Guru's eternal love and protection. The memory of shaktipat and the practice of seva stir up the sweetness of honey in my heart and soul.

Montreal, Canada

As I looked at these images, I recognized the pattern of the honeycomb in Gurumayi’s Message Artwork this year. I thought about what this means to me, and soon made a connection between bees and the third line of the Message: Repeat this practice.
I realized that honeybees go back and forth between the flowers and the honeycomb, and each time they make this journey, they store a little bit of honey. Similarly, every time I practice Gurumayi’s Message, I experience divine nectar. As I do this over and over, I feel as though I store this nectar in my heart. I began to see that to practice Gurumayi’s Message, I can work diligently like a honeybee and keep leading my mind to the Self, where I relish the golden nectar of the Heart!

London, United Kingdom

I am grateful for these beautiful photos of honeycombs and honeybees. It seems to me that each bee is giving its love in order to form a beautiful community of devotion. I’m seeing these photos as a representation of all our Siddha Yoga meditation centers and chanting groups, where we experience the nectar of love.

Chennai, India

This gallery led me to contemplate how much bees can teach me about collective wisdom and community effort. It looks to me as if each hexagonal cell in the beehive is flexible enough to allow the neighboring cells to fit with neither space nor energy wasted.
I find honeycombs awe-inspiring and, to me, they are symbols of order, cooperation, and efficiency. At the same time, I am thinking that this pattern hasn't occurred by accident; I sense an underlying, divine hand sustaining it all. This realization humbles me and fills me with gratitude.

Buenos Aires, Argentina