The Profoundness of the Guru’s Teachings

The Fruit of Shri Rudram Recitation

One night, after I listened to the Siddha Yoga tape of Shri Rudram being recited so beautifully by Brahmin priests, I asked Gurumayi to please come to me in my dreams. And guess what? Gurumayi appeared in my dream!

In my dream, Gurumayi’s beautiful eyes are like diamonds. And in her presence, meeting her gentle gaze, I feel pure and light.

There is a boy with Gurumayi who is a great artist. He is drawing positions for meditating and for studying which cater to my current circumstances of living in a small cell. He focuses on my comfort and relaxation so that I can better receive the grace of the practices and my study. He doesn’t speak. He just draws on his canvas.

I ask Gurumayi, "Can you tell me what to do with my life?"

Gurumayi looks at me and then whispers in my ear, "Follow your heart's desire and soar like an eagle."

Then Gurumayi motions with her hands, one hand pointing to the sky, one hand pointing to the ground, indicating, "Up here, not down there."

Since I had this dream, as I continue to study the Siddha Yoga Home Study Course lessons, my understanding of Gurumayi’s teachings has come more into focus and my awareness of Gurumayi’s grace grows broader.

I’ve been thinking about the practical steps I can take to integrate this new understanding into my everyday life. One way is to continue to contemplate the dream because I know it must have many layers of meaning—particularly since I believe the power of Shri Rudram brought it about. And I am studying Gurumayi’s teachings—particularly her teachings about grace.

I am approaching the Siddha Yoga practices with greater reverence and love. I have come to understand that my life is going the way it is supposed to go and I can make it what I want. I have Gurumayi’s grace, which guides and protects me as I fly to my heart’s desire: the highest truth.

And one more thing I wish to say: I strive to become an instrument, by my words and actions, through which love can transform the lives of others because Gurumayi has filled me with her love and light.