Birthday Bliss 2016
Janmadin ki Jay Jay! An Account of Gurumayi's Birthday Celebration, Shree Muktananda Ashram, June 23 - 30, 2016

Janmadin ki Jay Jay! - Part V

Part V

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As I read this account, I very sweetly remembered these beautiful verses from the Rig Veda. My father loved these verses. He wrote commentaries on them in the form of poems in Hindi. He often sang them, and also helped us to learn these verses.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi ji, for reminding me with such care and gentleness about the greatness of the human heart—a heart which is full of virtues and immense love for all.

Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for guiding me to remember the teachings of the Rig Veda, which instantly uplifted my spirit. It connected me with you in my heart, where I experienced love for all.

a Siddha Yogi from New Delhi, India

Over the last week, I have been singing the first lines of the prayer quoted in this account, “Let Us Be United.” And during the week, I felt I did experience unity.

I have the privilege of being part of a team that offers seva for the Siddha Yoga Prison Project. During satsang in the prison, I had a profound experience of the one perfect Self, manifesting as each of us in the room: prisoners, sevites, prison officers. I saw us all as beings of light. I could feel the powerful, subtle presence of Gurumayi blessing us. We were unified. We were one.

As I reflected on this experience, I came to see it as one of the results of my study of Gurumayi’s Message for this year. The Message has strengthened a resolution to align my actions and words with the power of grace. In the prison this week, grace and unity were reflected back to me.

a Siddha Yogi from Melbourne, Australia

The prayer from the Rig Veda, “Let Us Be United,” evokes harmony so beautifully. In these challenging times, the words of this prayer inspire me to hold to a vision of a world united with a common resolution for the benefit of everyone.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for supporting the upliftment of all humanity.

a Siddha Yogi from New Jersey, USA