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Origin of Birthday Bliss

The Origin of Birthday Bliss

The solar birthday of our beloved Guru, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, is on June 24. For many years, in eager anticipation, Siddha Yogis and new seekers would begin celebrating Gurumayi’s birthday on the first day of June.

In the week leading up to her solar birthday in June 2008, Gurumayi gave this teaching to everyone offering seva in Shree Muktananda Ashram:

God is within you.

Let your bliss shine forth,

Today and forever…


Gurumayi’s words touched everyone’s hearts, and they experienced profound bliss as they offered seva throughout the week.

In 2009, to reflect the spirit of the birthday satsangs and festivities, Gurumayi gave the name Birthday Bliss to the entire month of June. Gurumayi explained that, by hearing and saying the word bliss throughout the month, seekers would invoke this sacred experience and connect with the bliss in their own hearts.

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Every year around this time, something wonderful happens. A sense of ease permeates my life. I feel inspired. I am excited every day by new possibilities waiting to be expressed. And I see so clearly the things I need to jettison, things that are no longer who I am. I experience a great ease in letting the past go, and in expanding my connection to the source of my joy—my beautiful Guru!
Then I remember. It's Birthday Bliss month! Of course!

Nevada, United States

Last year was the first time I truly experienced Birthday Bliss. For the entire month of June, I repeated the words "Birthday Bliss, Gurumayi!"
I would repeat it while walking, or waiting for the bus, or doing chores, even while taking on certain tasks at work. My whole being was filled with joy and bliss. This experience was so profound; even now, just the memory brings back the experience of bliss.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this gift.

New York, USA

The month of June has been a source of bliss for me since 1981—for I received shaktipat initiation from Baba Muktananda on June 24, 1981. At the time, I didn't know it was Gurumayi's birthday but, year by year, I celebrated this anniversary of my divya diksha, my spiritual initiation, with increasing understanding of what an extraordinary gift I had received that day.

Some time later, I learned that this shining day was also Gurumayi's birthday. And ever since, I have experienced June as a time of double joy and gratitude: joy at celebrating all that Gurumayi and Baba have brought to my own life, and gratitude for the countless ways in which these two great beings have blessed not just me but all of humanity through their examples, their teachings, and their grace.

Since I celebrate two birthdays this month—my spiritual birthday and my Guru's birthday—Gurumayi's invitation to "let your bliss shine forth, today and forever…" is one that I accept with all my blissful heart, and with profound gratitude.

Illinois, USA

Gurumayi’s Birthday celebration will give me the opportunity to mature in my understanding of happiness, and become more deeply established in the sadhana of bliss. In my experience, this bliss does not depend on any external factor; it flows unconditionally from within, making my heart smile.

Thank you, Gurumayi!

Punta del Este, Uruguay