A Virtue Selected by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
for Birthday Bliss


Achala Woollacott

author photo Copyright SYDA Foundation

Achala Woollacott has been practicing the Siddha Yoga teachings since 1976 and has been a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher for thirty-eight years. She teaches regularly in Siddha Yoga Sadhana Retreats. Achala holds a PhD in neuroscience and has taught at the University of Oregon for thirty-five years. She has taught courses in rehabilitation, alternative and complementary medicine, as well as meditation and yoga. She co-authored a popular textbook for health professionals and has written numerous research articles.

Achala recently published the book Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind. She lives in Eugene, Oregon, with her husband, Paul Hawkwood.

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