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Birthday Bliss 2012

Words from Gurumayi

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These words from Gurumayi draw my mind inward. I feel as if I should read the words out loud. To me, they are a direct gift from Gurumayi, in the form of words that remind me that the Guru’s love and protection are always there for me.
In particular, when I read “Be gentle. Be humble. Be strong…” I realize that I can be strong by being gentle and humble. I never want to forget this.

Noida, India

This gallery always touches a deeper place inside me, bringing me a message I need at that point of my life, as if Gurumayi were actually talking to me in person. Particularly now when I have to make some choices in my professional life, I could clearly see the quotations guiding me step by step as to what I need to do.  
For example, the words “Rain or shine, be in the moment” indicated to me that I must accept my current situation without resistance. The quotation “Invoke God’s grace and receive inner guidance” clearly tells me what I need to do next. And when Gurumayi says, “Come with me,” I feel that Gurumayi is telling me that I am never alone, for she is with me, guiding me, throughout my journey.
I am in awe at seeing how Gurumayi’s tender care guides me in innumerable ways.

Hosur, India

My mother first shared this gallery with me years ago, when I was just beginning to connect with the Siddha Yoga path. I felt it was like taking a walk with Gurumayi through a very beautiful place.

I was startled when Gurumayi asked, “Are you still here?” At the time, my answer was no. In that moment, I was not! I noticed then how my mind tends to drift away, even from an experience of paradise.

Reading these words anew today, I am encouraged by how Gurumayi is always gently supporting me to return to grace, again and again, until one day my mind will eventually come to rest at the feet of God.

Canberra, Australia

Every image with its quotation is so beautiful and so full of wisdom; they give me an answer for every situation. The one where Gurumayi ji says, “I am listening to you,” touched my heart as I realized she has always listened to each and every prayer and all my problems—because the moment I tell them to her, I find a solution. Her love is so unconditional and full of grace!

Dehradun, India

I love seeing Gurumayi’s beautiful form, but I am especially inspired when I see pictures of her outside in nature. It is like seeing the Divine through the innocent eyes of a child. There is nothing more beautiful, delightful or hopeful.

Georgia, United States

Reading the gallery of “Words from Gurumayi” lifted my spirits. I was especially moved by the image of Gurumayi standing by a door, with the caption “Come with me.” 

It reminded me of an inner vision I had long ago of Gurumayi standing by a door and signaling for me to come with her. Seeing these words on the website connected me to that moment and to Gurumayi. 

I also felt uplifted by her words “I am listening to you,” because I’d been inwardly talking to Gurumayi about my concerns. Reading this warmed my heart.

Melbourne, Australia

We have recently suffered the loss of all our possessions. Yet, gazing into the eyes of my precious Guru, I realize nothing is lost. The picture of Gurumayi with the rabbit and the word Trust so moved me! It made me realize nothing is ever lost because Gurumayi is always holding me and teaching me. She always draws my soul to her light and her love.
I am so grateful for this beautiful minisite, so full of support and blessings and beauty.

South Carolina, United States

My heart is full of gratitude for our beloved Gurumayi! When I first came to these Words from Gurumayi, I was feeling a bit unsettled. Yet, as I took in each gorgeous, light-filled photo and read Gurumayi’s profound words, I felt settled, calmed, and filled with peace. For me, each phrase was a gift that guided me to a deeper sense of well-being. At times, I found myself closing my eyes and sinking spontaneously into meditation.
When Gurumayi asked, “Are you still here?” my heart leapt up and sang out, “Yes, Gurumayi, I am here! Where else could I ever want to be? I am forever at home at your feet.”

Maryland, United States

Today I have a challenging activity to take part in. Seeing Shri Gurumayi in all these photos and receiving her darshan through her words and loving eyes uplifted my soul, so much so that I now look forward to this activity with great delight and enthusiasm!

St. Laurent, Canada

Viewing the photos and reading Gurumayi’s words reminded me of my experience today biking through a summer landscape. I was seeing beauty everywhere: in the weeds and flowers, in the trees and brooks, in the birds and animals, and in people.

Nottuln, Germany

I’m going through a big transition, and an old fear is coming up. Seeing the picture of Gurumayi kissing the rabbit, with the word Trust next to it, reminds me to trust in the divine love and protection of the Guru.

New Mexico, United States

I am grateful to have this beautiful slide show available for viewing. It was very moving to see these beautiful images of Gurumayi with such inspiring quotations—like gems. I am looking forward to coming here each day during the month of June to reread them and receive them anew each day.

Montreal, Canada

These words remind me that Gurumayi is always with me, always drawing my attention to the profusion of miracles all around me, always nudging me to look. Guru’s grace sustains my life.

Connecticut, United States

As I was looking at this gallery, I felt I was talking with my Shri Guru in my heart. I experienced peace. I am so grateful to have Shri Gurumayi in my life.

Ratlam, India

Each image and word fills my heart with delight! Celebration is in the air and in my heart. Gratitude pours forth in me for the generous ways Gurumayi teaches her disciples, including the amazing, brilliant tradition of Birthday Bliss! Jay jay Gurumayi!

New York, United States