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Gurumayi Chidvilasananda’s Darshan and Wisdom

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Opening the webpage with all the images of Gurumayi, my heart opened like a lotus with many petals and I felt overwhelming love. How blessed I feel to have Gurumayi in my life!

Lismore Heights, Australia

I love the way this photo depicts Gurumayi bathed in sunlight. Today where I live, the rising sun is covered with clouds and a gentle rain is falling down. Yet I know the inner sun is always with me in the form of my awakened heart. I have nurtured the light through many years of meditation and today I long for meditation once again. I will take the Guru’s shakti-filled words with me into meditation.

Warrnambool, Australia

Every photo in this minisite brings me complete joy!

This one in particular speaks to me today because the sky is overcast and it has been raining all day. The words of the teaching are like drops “falling on parched earth,” reminding me to “soften and yield.” 
I trust in the lessons I learn from the “rain” in my life and focus on the beauty of the blooms the rain will bring.

Michigan, United States

Today is the anniversary of the day I received shaktipat initiation. I have been celebrating it by chanting with a recording of Gurumayi and dancing.
As I chanted, I connected with my longing and let my body express this longing as an offering back to grace. Afterwards, I sat for meditation and felt myself glide easefully inward, into the space of the heart.
I love this picture and the teaching about chanting, as chanting practice has been a joyful friend and an awakening power for me for many years.

Thornbury, Australia

Last night I had a beautiful dream of beloved Shri Gurumayi. In that dream I was offering garden seva with my eleven-year-old godchild in Shree Muktananda Ashram. How happy and blessed we felt when we noticed Shri Gurumayi approaching us, with a smile and firm steps, while carrying two happy monkeys on her shoulders. After this darshan we went to participate in the morning Arati and chanted with all our love and gratitude with many others present.
This divine experience is so alive within me that I am overwhelmed! Later I found this photo of Gurumayi with her teaching, “Darshan happens in the Heart.” Yes, even in the dream state, darshan is happening in my heart! It’s not just a dream, it is “the movement of shakti in the Heart”!

Palzing, Germany

For me, the way to constantly experience “the movement of shakti in the Heart,” which Gurumayi teaches us is the essence of darshan, is to do the practices regularly and to spend the rest of the day remembering the Guru’s teachings. I do this by repeating one of her teachings over and over and feeling the movement in the Heart that results from this remembrance and repetition.

Washington, United States

About an hour after reading Gurumayi’s teaching about seeing God everywhere, I wheeled into the kitchen for a snack. There I cut an avocado in half. When I tried separating the two halves, the contents remained attached to the seed and only the outer skin had been halved. But the contents were very soft, and started to make a mess by leaking all over.
I remembered to apply Gurumayi’s teaching by seeing God instead of my frustration, but the situation was testing the firmness of my intention. I have a physical condition that leads to tremors, so the more I intend or attempt dexterity, the more tremors manifest. This challenge just strengthened my intention to see God in the situation!
When I did so, it was not that the external facts magically went away. But by focusing on God, as Gurumayi teaches us to do, I did not fall into angst of any kind. I was able to honor myself and be happy—truly and thoroughly happy.

Missouri, United States

I feel that while I have been grateful for many things throughout my life, I have not always been practicing gratitude. I believe that real gratitude means opening my heart and mind to God and truly appreciating all of the grace and gifts I have received. Contemplating Gurumayi’s words has helped to give me the understanding of the true meaning of gratitude. This teaching has also shown me that the practice of authentic gratitude must now be a priority for me.

Washington, United States

In reading Gurumayi’s teaching about the flower “as it breathes love into itself,” I realized that whenever I am able to love myself, it becomes a sublime experience. At such times, any unwanted thoughts or emotions just no longer have a detrimental grip on me.
Whenever I have had challenges with focusing on a chant or during meditation or any of my daily activities, I just have to remember the phrase “Love yourself,” and that enables me to become peaceful and loving toward myself—and toward others.

a Gurukula student in Gurudev Siddha Peeth

This morning as I began to meditate, I was already in a very quiet state. Repeating the mantra was easy and steady for a while, till I felt a shift within. I felt a simple desire to thank God for being with me and in me for eons—time without limit.
Gradually my ardor increased and then another shift occurred. I saw that God already knew that my greatest wish was to be aware of him every minute of every day and night. I was sure of this. Then it seemed that he was repeating my wish as though it was also his wish. This went on for some time, till all words seemed to evaporate and I felt enveloped and held by his atmosphere—utterly still and blissful.
Then, when I found Gurumayi’s words about prayer in number 11 of “Gurumayi Chidvilasananda’s Darshan and Wisdom,” I realized that I had been given the experience of Gurumayi’s words.

London, United Kingdom