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Siddha Yogis' Hands Joining in Prayer through Mantra Japa

November 13, 2013

Dear Siddha Yogi,

Throughout 2013, Gurumayi's Message for this year, Mantra Japa, has resounded in your heart and in your life. What a gift! Thank you, Gurumayi.

Recently, I had the opportunity to inform Gurumayi about the incredible experiences Siddha Yogis have been submitting to the Siddha Yoga path website about their practice of mantra japa. Gurumayi was delighted to hear about this and said to me, "It looks like, so far, you have invited Siddha Yogis to share about their mantra japa sadhana through words. What about seeing Siddha Yogis of all ages practicing mantra japa, with their fingers moving on the beads of their japa mala?"

I loved the idea—why hadn't I thought of it?

I am thrilled to share with you an exciting way to help realize Gurumayi’s vision and include the global Siddha Yoga sangham in your practice of mantra japa with your japa mala.

Allow me to extend an invitation to you. Please send the Siddha Yoga path website photographs of your hand holding your japa mala, as you repeat the mantra. A montage of these photographs will be posted on the Siddha Yoga path website before the culmination of 2013.

Through your photographs you will be joining hands in prayer with the global Siddha Yoga sangham.

So many times Gurumayi has taught us how the repetition of the mantra is a wonderful way to send our blessings to the world. I’m so looking forward to seeing this visual representation of our sadhana, which will support in uplifting this world.

Warm regards,

Denise Thomas

Website Department Head
SYDA Foundation

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Information about Taking Your Photos

Before taking your photos, view the video demonstrating the hand position for practicing mantra japa with a japa mala.

  • As you can see in the video, hold the japa mala with your thumb and your fourth/ring finger and move the beads with your third/middle finger.
  • When taking your photos, make sure that only your hand, the japa mala, and the background of your choosing appear in the frame.
    • If possible, include your surroundings in your photos, for example, trees, mountains, buildings, interiors, etc. This will give the viewer a sense of where you are.
  • You may want to ask someone else to assist you in taking the photo.
  • When taking the photos, make sure the camera is as still as possible.
    • The best option is to use a tripod.
    • You can also place the camera on a flat surface.
    • If someone else is holding the camera, that person can place their elbows on a flat surface to steady their hands.

How to Send Your Photos to the Siddha Yoga Path Website

  • To submit photos, the photographer fills out the online form and uploads the images.
  • You are welcome to submit up to 2 photos.
  • Please use a JPEG file format no larger than 2MB in size for each photo.
  • The online submission form will close at 11:00 p.m., New York time, on Tuesday, December 10.
Click here to submit a photo