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Gurupurnima Nature Gallery 2014

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The exquisite rainbow over Lake Nityananda looks as if it is a sparkling bubble, Gurumayi's divine sphere of light enveloping the earth and the global sangham with love.

New York, USA

That nature expresses its glory in the most perfect way is natural, but within the home of a true Guru, nature shows itself in exquisite perfection, as it seems to take on the attributes of silence, beauty, devotion, and one-pointedness.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for sharing for these wonderful photos. They still my scurrying mind and center me in my heart.

Bremen, Germany

As I gaze at these marvels of natural beauty and perfection, my mind is drawn into silence. Then my heart revels in communion with the one prana in every creature. I am united with the one pure Consciousness in all.

Thank you so much, my dear Gurumayi.

Sorel-Tracy, Canada

These images are so inviting and alive that I feel as if I can just walk into each scene. They are also so powerful that at the same time I feel there is no separation—I am them and they are me.

Oregon, USA

Nature is so established in the soundless sound! Each time I see these photos, my mind is so refreshed and happy and amazed diving into the beauty of the flawless universe.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this prasad, this beautiful gallery that gives me the experience of the five elements.

Bangalore, India

Wow! That was my first reaction when I saw the picture of the clouds in the shape of Ganesh. It is so beautiful and perfect! It really makes me understand and be aware that nature is God and God is in nature.
I'm very impressed and amazed by all these beautiful pictures of nature and I want to express my thanks to all the photographers who have the eyes to see God in all his different shapes.
Thank you!

Shree Muktananda Ashram

Today, viewing the Gurupurnima Nature Gallery, with all the tiny details that look like precious jewels, I am absolutely astonished. The images bring both the micro- and macro-cosmos into perspective. My goodness, God is such an artisan!  So much beauty in nature; such a hugeness and smallness at the same time!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing us the universe from this perspective!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

When I see these pictures, I feel that nature is another aspect of the soundless sound that arises and subsides. Beautiful!

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

I was delighted to follow what felt to me like the unfolding movement I perceived in the series of the six photos of violet-colored flowers. It reminded me of the unfolding of a seeker’s sadhana.

First a bud, filled with promises and holding its full potential. Then five gorgeously folded petals, so perfect and symmetrical, ready to pop and expand. Then a graceful, delicate opening, welcoming the light into its midst, and releasing its inner treasures. Then wide open and drenched with water drops. Then gloriously in bloom, revealing further wonders with its perfect white pistil pointing to the sky. And then again, covered in droplets, as there is indeed an abundant, never-ending shower of grace.

Such beauty, wonder, and a reminder of abundance—a darshan of divinity in nature.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for constantly revealing the true nature of this world and our own Self. Thank you for the fullness in my life.

Montreal, Canada

With the Gurupurnima Nature Gallery, Gurumayi is showing me so many ways in which nature reveals her beauty. There is silence and profundity in each image. And the photographs capture the divine essence, the sparkling chiti, in each plant, animal, and vista. I feel invited to participate in this detailed appreciation of nature, invited to slow down, pay attention, make myself available to the present moment, and to luxuriate in the beauty and abundance of nature and the Self.

What a beautiful invitation! Thank you, Gurumayi.

Ohio, USA

As I view all the beautiful flower buds and blossoms welcoming the light of the sun, my heart becomes full, and I think about how my heart and each Siddha Yogi's heart around the world are blossoming with the warmth and grace of Gurumayi's love.

New York, USA

Almost every day, we are graced with a new delight. The photos are so exquisite. They evoke the beauty of the Self and fill me with longing to pay attention to and remember the infinite, varied beauty of nature. We could say to each image, “God dwells within you, as you!”

Such a fitting reminder of the flowering of our hearts on the Siddha Yoga path! Thank you, Gurumayi.

Massachusetts, USA

As I gazed at the beautiful hummingbird, hovering in stillness, vibrating with its sound of hummm, and drinking nature's nectar, I am reminded of the 2014 Sweet Surprise Message.

A spontaneous prayer arose: “May I be like a hummingbird and hover in each moment, immersed in the stillness of the soundless sound, drinking the divine nectar of the Self.”

Thank you, website photographer, for capturing in nature the rasa of the New Year's Message!

New York, USA

The photos of Gurumayi are exquisite! Her eyes are looking deeply into mine, and I feel that she meets and greets me in my heart with so much care and benevolence!

As I look at all the different flowers, I am reminded of Baba's words about seeing God in each other, because each of us can be seen as a unique flower—so different from all the others, so perfect in its own beauty, complementing the other flowers in the garden and thriving under the same benevolent sun.

Looking at the slides, I feel reconnected with the child in me as spontaneous joy, peace, and happiness arise in my heart.

Thank you, dearest Gurumayi!

California, USA

The picture of Gurumayi's silhouette against the morning sky, the rising sun cupped in her hands, took my breath away! For me, it was so symbolic, for it is through shaktipat that I received from my Guru that the dawn of true knowledge has illumined my life.

My heart is full of love and gratitude to my Guru. I feel truly blessed.

Pranam, Gurumayi.

Honolulu, USA

Last night, after having Gurumayi's darshan throughout the day in the form of these magnificent photographs, I had a powerful dream. Gurumayi  and I were alone together, just the two of us, sitting in silence. There was nothing that I needed or wanted to say, which was quite surprising, since I felt that there was something I ought to be asking—wasn't there?
I said to Gurumayi, "I always have so many things I want to ask you, but then when I see you, I can’t think of anything to ask."
She responded, with a big, bright-moon smile: "That’s okay! It means that everything is being answered within." That made me smile, too. 
Gurumayi, thank you for making the gift of the inner and outer remembrance of you so available, so accessible—on this sacred day, and always!

New Mexico, USA

We have a lotus blooming in our pond this morning for the first time in three years. When I shared the news and a photo of it with my husband, he said, "It's the same lotus from the Gurupurnima card!" And he was right!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your ongoing presence with us, whether we are near or far. We only have to "open our eyes" and you are there with us. And we are with you.

Florida, USA

What a perfect way to celebrate Gurupurnima. With each of these galleries—and especially this one—I experience how every photographer invokes the Guru within and offers seva from that magical space, waiting in silence for the perfect moment to emerge so that even in the action of freezing the frame, silence is held in a tangible form of love.

Through the seva of my fellow seekers, I experience the Guru. And as I look at each flower, each moment offered here, it feels as if I get to see how the Guru sees the world.

And in the photos of Gurumayi herself, I experience deep love inside, and my sense of “me and mine” dissolves into a vast ocean of union.

Shubh Gurupurnima—this most auspicious celebration of the endless circle of love.

New York , USA

Something inside told me, “Go to the Siddha Yoga path website now!”
And this is what I found! I can't seem to pull myself away from looking at the photographs of my exquisite Guru. (And really, I ask myself, why should I?) 
Along with experiencing the perfection and beauty that Gurumayi has taught me to recognize, appreciate, and experience in nature, comes the immense gratitude that fills my heart to overflowing, knowing that I have been blessed with God's greatest gift: Gurumayi.
My infinite gratitude, Gurumayi, for showing me where and how to find God in this lifetime.
Shubh Gurupurnima.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

Tears of joy
To see the face of our
Beloved Gurumayi.
In every single 
Radiant shot.

New York, USA

I was lost in the wonders of the vibrant nature: the dense bush, the colored sky, and the most ecstatic flowers.
Looking at the closed flowers, then the half-opened ones, and finally the fully opened ones, I received a teaching through them: how necessary and important it is to open up fully, to be in unison, to experience the unity, to listen and be one with the soundless sound.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for all your love for all of us. My most loving salutations at your lotus feet on this great day of Gurupurnima.

Cuttack, India

The beauty and love that the pictures carry, along with Gurumayi’s smiles, make me feel alive and joyous just knowing there is heaven on earth and it is available to our hearts.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for sharing your wonderful love for God and for the reminder, which is so evident, that God dwells in all.

Arizona, USA

I didn’t expect this kind of surprise when I opened the Gurupurnima Nature Gallery. Each photo of Gurumayi is brilliant! The celebration of Gurupurnima has begun.

I feel that Gurumayi is teaching me to develop a sense of wonder and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Thank you, Gurumayi!

Gandhinagar, India

Thank you for these stunning images. As I gaze upon them this morning, I feel so refreshed! Gurumayi's grace finds so many ways to reach my heart.

Thank you.

Alaska, USA

I was moved to silence and awe observing the nature photos.

How tender are the petals that emerge from the soundless sound.

How seamlessly the name of God becomes a flower of praise, a lake praying in mist, a deer leaping into the space of flawless quietude.

Thank you for these spandas of the divine play!

Massachusetts, USA

Thank you for bringing Shree Muktananda Ashram to us so beautifully.

Washington, USA

Today, in the month of Gurupurnima, when I was walking on the terrace in the moonlight, I felt the presence of grace and the showering of blessings through the moonlight. My heart filled with great joy and love for my Guru and for the guidance and great blessings I have received from her.
Thank you, Gurumayiji.

Pune, India

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the darshan of these beautiful forms of chiti (Consciousness).        

Delhi, India

Thank you for these beautiful nature/flower/moon pictures. They keep bringing up the rasa of joy for me every time I look at them, which is quite often lately. They invoke timeless, transcendent joy, ripples of joy, breaths of joy. My heart is tingling with the rasa of joy in these wonderful pictures.

Thank you.

California, USA

As my eyes viewed each of these exquisite images from Shree Muktananda Ashram, I recognized that this beauty was the same as the beauty of the Self within me. I experienced our beloved Gurumayi's shakti scintillating in each image.

Thank you.

New Mexico, USA

What a selection of beautiful gifts from nature! And how thoughtfully noticed, lovingly chosen, and masterfully photographed these photos are. The arrangement, play of lights, and vibrant colors make each picture a work of art—uplifting, inspiring, overflowing with life-celebrating energy.

Thank you so much for this experience.

California, USA

When I looked at the orange moon, I felt happiness and it reminded me of a horizon that makes you feel good. It also looked like the moon was setting instead of the sun.

a nine-year-old Siddha Yogi from New Jersey, USA

The pictures of flowers are so beautiful that it felt as if I could smell the sweet fragrance that emanates from them.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for constantly guiding me to the sweetness of my own Self. And thanks to all the sevites who bring us these photos.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I found the four sparkling bubbles perched on the long stem so magical and intriguing. I felt that I could see the clear reflection of the sacred gardens of Shree Muktananda Ashram in each sphere. It reminded me of how each mystical, sparkling bubble of the Self holds the entire universe within it.

Thank you to the photographer sevite who captured nature's wondrous, mystical play of Consciousness.

New York, USA

As I looked at the lovely photos, I felt such a deep connection with my own garden. I kept glancing out the window at the moon, which is beautiful tonight, just as it is in the photos. I feel as if I now live at the Ashram, to the extent that I can appreciate the natural beauty of my neighborhood, my life, and my householder world. They are saturated with the same divine glow, freshness, and fullness of the Kundalini Shakti that permeates the Ashram.

I feel my heart is now one with the endless fountain of love that Gurumayi has shown us within our very own being. How blessed we are that, like devotees throughout the ages, we are able to celebrate the great good fortune to have found our Guru and to honor her on this most auspicious occasion of Gurupurnima.

Jai Gurumayi!

Texas, USA

While reciting Shri Guru Gita at the Siddha Yoga meditation center today, after a few shlokas my focus automatically shifted to the meaning of the shlokas, and I felt as if I were reading those verses for the very first time. While reciting the rest of the verses, I practiced reading them carefully. The quality “carefulness” remained with me after the satsang as well.
With the same carefulness, when I started watching the images from the Gurupurnima Nature Gallery, I realized the truthfulness of the phrase, "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." Watching the images carefully, I saw that they represented divinity. It is so true that while walking the spiritual path, our eyes have to look for divinity in order to experience and behold it. And to do so, I have to look at the details and practice carefulness.
I am grateful to the Siddha Yoga practices that guide us always. 
Shubh Gurupurnima!

Pune, India

As my eyes moved from one picture to the next, I became more and more still on the inside. I could deeply appreciate the beauty of every image. I felt as if I was one with the objects in each picture. I experienced so much joy just watching nature in all its glory. I wondered if nature was conveying the soundless sound to me in this form.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful insight.

Bangalore, India

As above, so below, as there, also here. Feeling the longing in the buds as they ready themselves to bloom, and then their joy as they open and offer themselves in their brief moments to the light. Missing the Ashram strongly and yet knowing the same joy is also here. Strengthening my resolve to notice the butterfly in my own backyard and the blossoms on the way to work, the same crescent moon calling to me in the evening.  The Guru's energy and love are pulsating in every particle of this universe, and I offer my thanks to the forms of the beloved—Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba—who teach and remind me to see and honor the same light everywhere.

Washington, USA

I see hearts in the pictures, serenity, peace, equipoise. There is movement in all, yet it is serene.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Oregon, USA