Story of Gurupurnima

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Story read by Jonathan Shimkin
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Every time I read this story, I feel gratitude towards Veda Vyasa and his disciples. I thank them for beginning such a beautiful tradition of honoring Shri Guru. And I am grateful for the grace of my beloved Gurumayi, Baba Muktananda, and Bhagavan Nityananda.

Over the years, I have seen myself becoming a better person because of the Siddha Yoga practices and the grace, love, and blessings of Shri Guru.

Pune, India

As I listen once again to this timeless story, I feel that I am part of an ancient tradition that is so alive and relevant today. I’m grateful for a month dedicated to remembering and honoring the Guru. I look forward to thirty-one days of contemplation of the unfathomable gift of shaktipat diksha.

New Hampshire, United States

I love this story.
The celebration of Gurupurnima reminds me that, by the grace and guidance of a Sadguru, I find the strength to persevere in sadhana and experience my full divine potential. Through the sadhana of discipleship, and the cultivation of purity and humility, I can evolve beyond limitations. And as I contemplate the blessings and teachings I have received, I am so grateful to my Guru and the Siddha Yoga lineage.

Mar del Plata, Argentina