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Nizamuddin Auliya and Amir Khusro

Story read by Lizan Mitchell
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As I listened to this amazing story, the profundity of the relationship between Guru and disciple came to life for me once again. I am remembering my good fortune in the rarest of gifts—Shri Guru's wondrous grace in my life.
What a beautiful blessing I have received through this story during the sacred and auspicious celebration of Gurupurnima!

New York, United States

This beautiful story reveals to me the unexpected rewards that can come from deep longing. Although I've heard this tale many times before, this time I felt I was truly able to absorb its nuances and imagery. I felt I could see everything described as if I were there.
I particularly related to the sublime fragrance that Amir Khusro speaks of. This brought back the times when I have experienced something similar—a subtle, sweet gift from the divine.
I'm very grateful to have read this powerful story that has helped me to remember these precious blessings.

Melbourne, Australia

I love this story and am moved every time I read or hear it. It connects me to the awareness that the Guru’s grace is the greatest blessing in my life.
After reading it today, I recalled when I first began practicing Siddha Yoga meditation and immersed myself in the practices as much as possible at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland and at home. Even when I was driving, I would be chanting.
One day, while driving and chanting, I noticed the light coming through the trees on the side of the highway. It was so beautiful, and I spontaneously said, “Look, Gurumayi, isn’t it beautiful?” as if she were a passenger in my car. In the next moment, the car filled with the scent of gardenias, the flowers I always associate with my Guru.

California, United States

I love this story! Hearing it deepens my understanding of how fortunate I am to have my Guru’s blessings and grace. When I look at the moon during this month of Gurupurnima, I feel so connected to Gurumayi!

Zeehan, Australia

Hearing this sublime story again reminded me of an experience I had while offering seva in Gurudev Siddha Peeth many years ago. After a very full day of chanting, meditation, and offering seva, and before going to my room to go to sleep, every evening I would go to the beautiful, quiet courtyard, and offer pranam to Baba's padukas on his seat. Without fail, when my forehead touched the cool marble floor in front of his seat, it was like falling into a blissful, scintillating dark void. It was the most beautiful culmination to my day. It made every day sacred.

California, United States

This afternoon when I sat for meditation, I had a vision that I was in conversation with Shri Gurumayi ji. Suddenly I had a glimpse of a great old man wearing a white robe and a white turban; he had a white long white beard and an intense, silent gaze. I asked Shri Gurumayi, "Who is he?" She replied, "He must be a Siddha."
After meditating, I was inspired to read the story of Nizamuddin on the Siddha Yoga path website. Curious to know more about him, I searched online and found a few drawings of Nizamuddin—which looked exactly like the old man in my meditation!
I was very grateful to have had this darshan of Nizamuddin during my meditation. I was also so inspired by the teaching he gave to the farmer: “Whatever I receive from people, I give to those in need.”

Bhandara, India

I love this story! Even though I had heard it before, I couldn't wait to hear Nizamuddin’s words at the end. When I heard them, I laughed out loud, as if it were the first time I was hearing the story. I am so happy to encounter again this miraculous tale.

Ohio, United States

This story of Amir Khusro being able to detect the scent of his master in his sandals reminded me of a visit to the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland, California, in 1976.
One morning, after reciting Shri Guru Gita, I was sitting in the main hall reading. The hall was empty, except for a woman who was polishing arati lamps. A fellow Siddha Yogi approached her and showed her a pair of sandals. "Baba gave these to me," he said. They were Baba's sandals. "Really?" the woman asked. "Let me touch them."
I too touched the sandals, and then touched my forehead. Within seconds, I went into meditation! I became a speck of joy, surrounded by billions of specks of joy in the universe. I don't know how long I remained in that state, but when I came out of meditation, the man had left. The woman polishing the lamps calmly continued her work.
Like Amir Khusro, I had experienced the undeniable, transforming, magnetic power of the Guru’s sandals.

Illinois, United States

The more I read, the more my longing to be in the Guru's presence grew. I sensed tension around my heart melting, as if Gurumayi were sitting right next to me. The impulse to bow to her grew so strong that I found myself at her feet, asking only for true knowledge of the Self. This was a perfect moment for me in my relationship as a disciple of my Guru.
I’m so grateful to Gurumayi for embodying the Supreme and giving me the opportunity to experience it within myself.

Rome, Italy

When Amir Khusro spoke of smelling “the most wonderful fragrance…the fragrance of my Master’s presence,” I was reminded of a similar experience I had visiting Shree Muktananda Ashram after a long time away.
I was standing in the foyer of Anugraha, and I could smell my Guru’s presence. I was sure of it. It was the familiar and exquisite scent of the Guru's shakti. I took several deep breaths so I could revel in those precious moments.
As I remember this experience, my heart fills with love.

Sydney, Australia

As I read this story again, I'm fully renewed with familiar feelings of longing and excitement, and a powerful pull to be with the Guru and to serve her. I am experiencing deep yearning for sublime devotion and glimpses of oneness with everything.

Guerilla Bay, Australia

I have heard this story many times, but this time when I heard “You got them dirt cheap,” my perspective on my entire life shifted. I have gone through many hard challenges in my life, and I have held the belief that these challenges were part of my receiving grace. Today when I heard the story and once again connected to the enormity of what I have received from our Gurus, I realized that these blessings have come to me “dirt cheap.”

Connecticut, United States

I first heard this story when I was preparing to come to offer seva full-time as a staff member at the SYDA Foundation. Although I had made the decision to offer full-time seva, I had been trying to understand, at a deeper level, the value of this commitment and why it was so important to me.
When I read the story, I was very moved by Amir Khusro's act of offering all of his material possessions in exchange for the Guru's sandals. I instantly understood the answer to my question. To serve the Guru, to be the Guru's disciple, to give myself completely to the Guru, and ultimately to become one with the Guru—this was the purpose of my life and this was what the choice to make this commitment was about.
I love to reread this story again and again as it refreshes my intention, reminds me of the purpose for my continuing commitment to offer my service full-time, and keeps me aligned with what is most important to me in my life.

Shree Muktananda Ashram