Technical Information and Live Stream Test

To prepare your equipment and work space for the live stream, please become familiar with the information on this page.

Siddha Yoga Online Account

In order to participate in live stream events on the Siddha Yoga path website, you will need to create and sign into your Siddha Yoga online account.

How Do I create a Siddha Yoga Online Account?

  • Click on the link “CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT” located in the top right corner of the Siddha Yoga path website. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address requesting you to validate your new account.
  • Please create your new account in advance of the event, as it will facilitate an easeful participation.

Technical Requirements

Are there steps I can take to prepare for a live stream?

Yes, by taking the following steps you can prepare your equipment and work space optimally for the live stream:

  • Update the computer software.
  • Update the browser you will use.
  • Assess your internet speed to ensure it is optimal (see below).
  • Make sure all other applications on your computer or device are closed, such as Skype, software updates, other browser windows, etc.
  • Ensure you can login to the Siddha Yoga path website well in advance of the event.

Is there a recommended browser?

The recommended internet browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Please do not use Internet Explorer as there are persistent issues in live streaming with this browser.

What is the recommended internet speed?

The minimum recommended internet download speed for video stream is 4 Mbps, and for audio stream is 2 Mbps. To determine your internet speed, use a speed test available through your internet provider or search for “internet speed test” on the internet. Contact your service provider for assistance if you experience difficulties.

Testing Your Equipment

In the weeks leading up to each live streaming event, such as A Sweet Surprise, there will be a series of live streaming test that are accessible via this webpage. Please check this webpage during this time for more information about those streaming tests.

Troubleshooting Tips

The timer on the player is moving, but I don't hear any sound. What should I do?

Check that the speakers are turned on and that the volume of your device is not muted. You can check if the volume of your device is set up correctly by playing another video such as Shri Hanuman Chalisa.

What should I do if the live stream does not start or the sound is breaking up?

  • Stop and restart the live stream.
  • If the live stream stops repeatedly, select a lower visual quality. You can lower the quality by clicking on the settings icon tool icon in the lower right corner of the player, and set the quality to the lowest value.
  • Ensure that there are no other applications running on your computer.
  • If this does not work, refresh your browser by pressing the following key(s):
    • Press CTRL+F5 if you have a Microsoft Windows computer.
    • Press CMD+R if you have an Apple computer.
    • After refreshing the browser relaunch the live stream.

Contact Information

I am still experiencing technical difficulties. What should I do?

Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Browser version (Chrome 67, Internet Explorer 11, etc.)
  • Internet type (dial-up, DSL, cable, etc.) and speed (e.g., 2MB/sec.)
  • Detailed description of the issue

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