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Jala Dhvani

Waterfall Series: 1

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Gurumayi's teaching is that listening to the sound of water is a centering technique which naturally leads one's mind into the state of meditation.

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The sound of gushing water in this Jala Dhvani video evoked a profound stillness in me. I felt drawn into the stillness of the great Self—that from which everything else emanates. As waves of bliss rose from my heart, I could feel them throbbing with the flow of the water.
It’s simply amazing!

Hyderabad, India

Looking at and hearing the flowing of the water reminded me of the passing of time. I thought about how time goes by very quickly, never to return. Soon I felt connected to the present moment, as I realized it is the most precious time I have.

It made me very happy and infinitely grateful to consider that all my present moments are filled with Gurumayi's presence and grace.

Milan, Italy

After doing all I could to prepare for an important conference call, I still felt a little nervous. So I visited the Siddha Yoga path website to center myself and refocus my thoughts.

I am so happy I did this. Just sitting quietly, listening to the water and watching it change shape—as light and shadow danced through it—brought me stillness. It restored me to a sense of contentment and calm as I experienced the sounds of sacred mantras cascading through and with the moving water. This was just what I needed to quiet the busy thoughts of my mind.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

Watching this video, I felt as though my mind was being cleansed. It brought me the realization that my task in this life is to stay steady in the awareness that I am not the body, I am the Self. I resolved to allow the challenging circumstances of life to wash past me and to do my best to let go of attachment to them. This resolution has centered me and given me a sense of calm, commitment, and focus.

Connecticut, United States

I can feel the sound of the waterfall energizing and encompassing me. I feel washed clean!
As I listen to the waterfall, I also hear an inner, oceanic roaring sound in my inner ear. It’s as if Gurumayi’s Message Artwork is at play within me. Blessings abound!
Today as I watched the video, I saw a vibrating heart appear in the water, and then more and more hearts kept appearing here and there. Love enveloped me in such a fanciful fashion.

Oregon, United States

I have watched this beautiful video multiple times. I return again and again to the point where the water falling from above creates turbulence and then settles completely into the lake in a peaceful manner. I realized the same thing happens with my thoughts.
Whenever I feel uneasy or low, the sounds of nature, like moving water or chirping birds, have always helped to bring me back to a sense of peace. As I listened to the video, I closed my eyes and found myself near a lake within, where I noticed my thoughts beginning to merge into their source. I saw that when I am able to witness my thoughts, they seem to return to that one Supreme Consciousness that the Siddha Yoga Gurus reveal to us.

Allahabad, India

Today as I was walking along the ocean for my daily exercise, I was mesmerized by the profound sound of the waves. I sat at a private location and felt the sound wash over me. Then I recited Shri Guru Gita, offering it to my beloved Gurumayi.
When I returned home, I opened the Siddha Yoga path website and saw Jala Dhvani. I was so touched to know that what I had experienced in California was a teaching coming at that very moment from New York. My Guru transcends space and time.

California, United States

I’ve always loved the sound of water; it brings me peace. Listening to the waterfall has filled me with serenity and reminded me of happy times spent at Shree Muktananda Ashram.

London, United Kingdom

After a stressful phone call, I opened the Siddha Yoga path website and received this perfectly timed surprise. I am feeling so relaxed now, listening to the divine music of the life-supporting force of water. I feel as though my inner and outer being has been bathed and refreshed.

Dombivli, India

For some unknown reason, this morning my heart felt heavy and my spirit low. I viewed the Jala Dhvani video and decided to sit and meditate. I imagined myself sitting directly under the waterfall, with Bade Baba's, Baba's, and Gurumayi's grace flowing down through me, washing my heart with their love. I felt drawn into their peace.

A little while later, both of my ears became filled with energy. I then experienced the sound of a loud inner bell, sending waves of shakti through my body, and a wonderful vision of Bade Baba's light-filled face appeared.

I emerged from meditation feeling renewed and refreshed. 

Thank you Bade Baba, Baba, and Gurumayi!

New York, USA

Listening to the sounds of the waterfall brings peace to my mind after a long day of writing university assignments.
I experience the sounds of the water and the feeling of the water. And I experience the freedom and calm this brings to my mind and body.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this serene way to return to the space of quietude within.

Sydney, Australia

The sound of the water calmed my agitated mind and took me into deep meditation. During meditation, I saw a red flower opening in my heart. Each petal opened very slowly and released an exquisite feeling of inner joy. This joy stayed with me the rest of the day. Thank you, Gurumayi, for guiding me into this experience of inner delight.

New York, USA 

Watching this has left me feeling gentle, calm, and serene, with memories of nature's peaceful embrace silently enlivened in the chambers of my being. Ah, the sweet connection to inner beauty! Thank you. This is a wonderful way to start my day. Off to meditate now.

Sydney, Australia

Before I began to practice Siddha Yoga, I used to go canoeing with friends. At night, we would sleep in tents or old mills on the riverbanks. In the dark stillness, the sound of the river was like a lullaby, easing me into a deep sleep. Each morning, I awakened full of energy.

After receiving shaktipat initiation, I went deeper into that energy. One day, I sat in meditation near a waterfall and the feeling of being separate from the river disappeared. I experienced the river in myself, and with that intimate union I found peacefulness.

Later, I lived near a mountain valley where a unique natural phenomenon occurs, called "the crazy fountain." The flow of the river emerging from a cave goes through a regular one-hour cycle, moving from a gentle spring to a roaring river. One day, I sat on a rock beneath the cave. As I listened to the sound of the water, I gradually became the water. In that deep feeling of unity with nature, I returned home full of inner contentment.

Thank you, Baba; thank you, Gurumayi, for this immense gift of shaktipat which, like the water's resurging power, spreads the inner flow of divine energy throughout my life.

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

As I view the Jala Dhvani video, I am pulled within:

I imagine I am Gurumayi, standing on the bridge, looking down with delight, as the streams of water hit the bottom and disperse into bubbles of light.

I imagine I am the fox, at the water's edge, pranaming on all fours, in thanksgiving and worship, drinking its cooling, life-giving waters.

I imagine I am the sparkling water, flowing down, nourishing all of creation, then rising up again, forming white clouds, reflecting the sun.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

New York, USA

When I watched the Jala Dhvani video, I decided that I will try my best to be as calm as the water. I will keep this image in my mind during meditation.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

a 13-year-old Siddha Yogi from Dombivli, India

We live on a small river and I have had many wonderful, peaceful meditations watching the water flow. For many years this has been one of my favorite experiences of nature.

The Jala Dhvani video reminded me of the day we received Gurumayi's Message for 2014. Although it was very cold here in Connecticut, I went out to the river to watch the water and contemplate the Message. Here are some of the lines I wrote that day:

In the flawless quietude
Of the perfectly still mind
Nature’s beauty expands.
Watching the water
Flow and freeze,
From movement
To stillness,
From sound
To soundless.

Connecticut, USA

Early this morning when I woke up, my mind had already taken the shape of a daunting to-do list. Where was the joy I had experienced hours earlier online with Jala Dhvani? What had happened to the bubbles of laughter as I viewed the water flowing with such ease over any potential obstacle?

I sat by a window. The sun had risen and was reflecting its radiant glory off a large window of the city building directly opposite mine. In that quiet space, I suddenly heard the wondrous sound of the waterfall, and I laughed out loud. My attitude toward my day totally shifted.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for being the sun in our lives and for continually showering us with divine grace.

Hawaii, USA

After watching this entrancing video, I stepped into my morning shower and realized I'm in a waterfall every day. I listened more closely as the water fell on my body and splashed onto the floor of the tub. What a joyful sound! Another reminder of how the Guru's teaching can transform our experience of an ordinary moment.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Michigan, USA

I watched this video again and again this evening after a long day of intense mental work. I felt as if listening to the sounds of the waterfall and watching the play of light on the water were washing my mind clean.

Afterward, I sat quietly for several sweet moments of meditation. And now, as I prepare to go to sleep, the sounds of the water and the images of light are still with me.

Thank you for this lovely support.

Michigan, USA

The sound of running water is like an endless OM. When I meditate, I try to become that endless OM—both its stillness and its vibration.

California, USA

Meditating on the sound of running water, especially mountain streams, as the water flows over rocks in a series of waterfalls, and, of course, at the ocean, has long been my favorite way to merge into meditation.

If I chant for a while near flowing water, then meditate after chanting, the sound of the water is like my tamboura for meditation taking me deeper and deeper within.

Massachusetts, USA

While viewing this entrancing video, I especially enjoy watching the falling water turn into tiny bubbles, a sparkling mist, when it hits the bottom of the falls. It reminds me of meditation when I experience my physical body expanding into particles of light.

New York, USA

Tonight, as I listened to Jala Dhvani, I remembered my experience a few days ago of spending time quietly regarding Gurumayi's Message Artwork and then moving into perhaps one of the deepest states of meditation that I have ever experienced. I find both of these "diving boards" for reflection— one audio-visual and one visual—to be really powerful forms that cleanse my mind of thought and return it to a pristine state of quietude.

I love also that both the video for the waterfall series and the Message Artwork center in on Lake Nityananda—that extraordinary place of nature which offers darshan of the profound, mysterious, and miraculous state of flawless quietude that Bade Baba embodied.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for both of these gifts that carry transformation.

Ripley, United Kingdom

I have always loved running water. When I was a child, I would even open the tap in the sink just to watch the water run. Now, when I watch water, when I listen to the sound, I feel I am the water. Every cell of mine is what I see; every cell of mine is what I hear.

Quebec, Canada

This supremely beautiful video and the wonderful teaching by Gurumayi bring my attention to the beautiful and powerful sound of the water—with all its subtleties.

Thank you.

Lafat, France

My wife and I went on vacation just after participating in the Global Live Audio Stream Satsang, the finale of the Chanting Tour. What bliss it was to recite Shri Guru Gita beside the turquoise ocean! We brought the Chanting Tour with us as we walked the beaches chanting Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho and Kali Durge. It seemed as if our voices were in complete harmony with the waves breaking on the shore as we offered our prayers and salutations to the Guru and to nature.

Thank you so much for the waterfall video, Jala Dhvani. What an amazing reminder of the power of chanting in nature. The blessings continuously flow through our lives like the eternal rhythm of the sea.

LaSalle, Canada

Yesterday it rained and rained and rained and rained. When my husband returned home from work, he told me that the river at the bottom of our street had risen over the street level and the road had been closed. We decided to go take a look. There was a safe bridge to stand on that overlooked the river. We looked down at the water, just as we had when we watched the Jala Dhvani Waterfall Series I video. The water was moving quite rapidly. The power and the sound of the river were captivating. We could feel ourselves being pulled inside to that place of flawless quietude.

Thank you for this beautiful waterfall video reminder of the power of the sound of water.

Maryland, USA

This wonderful video reminds me of a camping trip I took with friends last summer. We camped by a huge river gorge in the Wairarapa, and when we were out walking through the bush, we came across a smaller tributary of the river rushing over big boulders. We decided to find a spot in the full stream to swim and ventured up the hill alongside it. The roaring sound of the water felt like bliss washing over me. We found the perfect place where the water turned a sharp corner, making a natural spa pool in the boulders. We swam in the freezing water and afterward sat peacefully, listening to the beautiful, all-consuming sound of the water.

This video evokes the same deep stillness I experienced on that day.

Thank you.

Wellington, New Zealand

The flowing water reminds me of Gurumayi's never-ending grace flowing out to all of creation!

New York, USA

For the last few days, for some unknown reason, I've been recalling the sound of the ocean and have been craving to hear its sound. Deep within, I've been wanting to experience that fullness again. When I visited the Siddha Yoga path website and saw the waterfall series and Gurumayi's teachings about the sound of the water, I was amazed at the connection!

It's as if my soul knows the Truth and I am experiencing the manifestations of its deep desires on the Siddha Yoga path.

I wish and pray that we stay connected like this forever.

Delhi, India

When I see and listen to the waterfall, my mind rests in the peaceful waves of love that wash through my body. Like Gurumayi's voice, the waves arise and subside in the space of flawless quietude.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for bestowing your grace on me and for giving me such wonderful, living tools to experience the Self constantly!

Caracas, Venezuela

I was amazed to read Gurumayi's teaching about the power of listening to the sound of water. During the last extremely long winter days here in Canada, I was having a difficult time focusing on meditation. I was inspired from within to listen to the sound of water in various forms and found myself feeling transported. I was wondering whether it was my imagination that this was really working, but now I am happy to realize that once again I have been guided from within. All I had to do was follow the inner inspiration.

We are all so closely connected!

Montreal, Canada