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Shri Ganesh

Glimpses of Lord Ganesh in Nature

Introduction by Makario Sarsozo

Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed god revered throughout India and on the Siddha Yoga path, is known as the lord of beginnings and the deity of overcoming obstacles. It is said that with the blessings of Lord Ganesh, we can prevail over any difficulties and begin our lives anew—again and again. It’s with this sense of newness and wonder that Siddha Yogis throughout the world look for signs of Lord Ganesh in the natural world around them.

The photo gallery on this page, “Forms of Lord Ganesh,” depicts images in which this beloved deity is symbolized by natural forms in the world—formations in a rock outcropping, the lines of a mountainside, the voluminous and ever-shifting shapes of the clouds.

As a visual storyteller and environmentalist, I find that searching for signs of the Divine in the natural world can be a wholly inspiring experience. Nature is breathtaking to behold if we truly see it. In our daily lives, we are constantly surrounded by signs of divine activity, even in the busiest cities, where clouds surge across the sky, birds float unencumbered above the traffic, and saplings push through cracks in the cement. In a rural setting, where the rushing waters of a river cut deep into ancient bedrock and the wind creates innumerable shapes in the trees, it is often easier to see divinity in the world around us.

By actively looking for signs of God in our outer environment, we learn to see with new eyes the forms we might otherwise take for granted. As well, this endeavor helps us to maintain a perspective of reverence for the natural world. I have found this to be a powerful practice and a great blessing on my own spiritual journey. Through an increased awareness of God within myself, I have also come to treasure the splendor of our planet even more. Each moment that we immerse ourselves in the rejuvenating fellowship of nature can give us access to the Divine, can remind us of and give us an audience with the godliness that is inherent in our world.

I recommend that you take in the photographs of this gallery—images representing Lord Ganesh in nature from Siddha Yogis around the globe—and then enter into your own communion with nature. Let these photographs lead to the discovery of your own reminders of this playful form of the Lord. Whether you find the shape of Ganesh’s ample belly, the curve of his tusk, or the bulk of his elephantine form, let these images transport you to a place of awe and appreciation.

As you look for signs of this beloved deity in nature, you may become increasingly aware of the divine presence of Lord Ganesh in your daily life. Allow this awareness to connect you with the many blessings that envelope you in every moment of every day.


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In the last ten days I have been recovering from surgery. Returning home from the hospital, I was amazed to see “armies” of Ganesh clouds forming across the blue sky. They were all lined up in a parade, holding on to one another as they marched across the sky.
On my post-op visit to the surgeon, once again, before and after the appointment, large Ganesh clouds were scattered across the blue sky.
I thought to myself, “What an amazing life I have on the Siddha Yoga path!” My mind is full of wonder and my heart is full of gratitude. Guru’s grace is so abundant. I am humbled by the constant presence of beloved Gurumayi in my life and the darshan of Lord Ganesh.

Florida, United States

Contemplating the pictures of Lord Ganesh in nature quieted my mind and my breath. I felt the rhythm of my being becoming attuned, step by step, with the rhythm of nature. And by taking this time, I could feel myself honoring Lord Ganesh, and Lord Ganesh honoring me.

Paris, France

I loved these images of Ganesh! I have always looked for faces in designs, so I had a smile on my face the whole time. It was so much fun to see, like a treasure hunt of sorts. I noticed that I sensed a smile on all the elephant faces as well as a gentleness. I felt joy in my being!

Pennsylvania, United States

I looked through these images very slowly, not moving on until I had found Lord Ganesh in each one. As I engaged in this practice, I felt the great kindness, fun, gentleness, sweetness, and unfailing help that Lord Ganesh brings to my life and to my awareness whenever I am reminded of him.

London, United Kingdom

I was recently walking upon some very old lava rock. It had such a beautiful texture, much like the skin of an elephant. This led to a sense of walking on sacred ground, and I imagined I was walking upon the holy back of Lord Ganesh himself! Later, when I viewed the invitation to share images of Lord Ganesh in Nature, pure joy welled up in my heart.

I am grateful to Gurumayi, for teaching us to look to nature with reverence and delight.

New York, United States

I was delighted to see this new series of photos of Lord Ganesh in nature. While trying to find Lord Ganesh in the various images, I felt joy and a childlike energy surged in my being. It also gave me this insight: sometimes it is difficult to understand other people’s perspective or to see what others see right away.

Gurukula student in Ganeshpuri Siddha Peeth

How excellent and wonderful to see Lord Ganesh in nature! I took great delight both in seeing him in pictures where his image was more obvious, and in finding him hiding in others.
I am thankful to Gurumayi, for opening my heart so that I can experience so much joy and love.

Oregon, United States

Finding Lord Ganesh in the nature images fills me with delight. Sometimes it takes a while for his form to reveal itself. As soon as I see it, though, spontaneous laughter arises. How delightful he is! How fun loving! I feel he is playfully teaching me a lesson: the Truth is always there—I just have to open my eyes to it. 

Melbourne, Australia

I’ve never seen such detail in a cloud before! It is indeed Lord Ganesh! Flying Lord Ganesh, no less! I think he is flying to me, to remove obstacles from my mind so I may experience Gurumayi’s Message more constantly!

Colorado, United States