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In Honor of Mahashivaratri

Forms of Shiva Consciousness

Recording ©Ⓟ2014 SYDA Foundation®. All rights reserved.

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Spending time with the different postings on the Siddha Yoga path website relating to this year’s Mahashivaratri celebration has been so powerful for me! Viewing the gallery of photos called “Forms of Shiva Consciousness” while listening to the soothing music in the background drew me into a zone of complete contentment and surrender to Lord Shiva in my heart. In that inner space, I lovingly placed my recently born twin grandchildren in Lord Shiva’s lap.

Nairobi, Kenya

The stunning images of the forms of Shiva Consciousness evoked this poem in me:

My Lord Shiva slipped through my window last night.
Borne on the wings of the cooling night air
He drifted past the netted screen 
And through the window pane.
His breath the gentle breeze upon my face
His body the deepest blue of the night sky.
I’ve pleaded with him to come for many days and nights 
My heart ached for his presence.
And now he has come.
He has granted me a boon
His presence in my room.

Emerald, Australia

During this sublime month of February—the month of Shiva—I’ve enjoyed the divine feast of this gallery, accompanied by exquisite music. As I visit the gallery, I’ve experienced being transported inwardly to the location shown in one image. What a pilgrimage it has been!
Today as I gazed at the statue of Shiva along the Silent Path in Shree Muktananda Ashram, I felt myself standing there in exquisite silence. As I stood there, a memory emerged of helping the sculptor to paint Lord Shiva’s rudraksha beads in the summer of 1980. There was tremendous shakti all around the statues. Baba would make daily visits to check on the sculptor’s progress. It was one of my first experiences of the mystery held in these divine statues and in offering seva. One day as I painted the rudraksha beads, they came alive under my hands, and Lord Shiva’s skin was warm. I was so startled, amazed, and transported.
Visiting this gallery has given me this darshan many times. Words cannot fully express how moving this is and how deeply it has nourished my heart. I am so grateful to Gurumayi for creating this mystical vehicle of sh​akti—the Siddha Yoga path website.

New York, United States

“May my mind always dwell on that which is auspicious.”  These words delighted my soul, and I received them as a precious jewel at the end of this slide slow presenting the most beautiful and tender images, accompanied by soul-stirring music. They captivated my heart.

Wisconsin, United States

Early this morning I gazed at the images invoking Lord Shiva and listened to the peaceful music. I paused at the picture of Gurumayi making an offering to the fire in front of Shiva Nataraj and was drawn into a deep, restful meditation. Sometime later when I naturally emerged from meditation, I felt such gratitude for the peace and stillness of this experience.

North Carolina, United States

As I viewed the photos and listened to the soulful music, my state gradually changed to something sweet, quiet, and transparent. A delightful stillness arose in me. It was only after I closed the page that I noticed the title—“Forms of Shiva Consciousness.” This title reflected exactly what I had experienced.  

Hurlstone Park, Australia

At dawn today, I took in all of these incredibly beautiful images of the worship of Lord Shiva. As I gazed at image after image, I felt myself entering that pure, spacious, yet subtly full silence of the Ashram atmosphere. I found myself in the superbly gentle, sparkling air of Bhagavan Nityananda’s Temple. I felt that I was having Gurumayi's darshan, with the pure light showing with perfect promise out of the dark night colors.
Later in the morning, when I was reciting verses of Shri Guru Gita, this divine atmosphere not only stayed with me, but grew around me, enveloping me in the abode of Shiva. And, as I sat to meditate, the same silence, light, and tenderness filled me. Within me, I saw again the image of Lord Shiva’s silhouette, dark blue, with a dusting of pure white snow upon his hair, his shoulder, and his chest. I was touched by the power of his stillness and compassion in the form of the primordial Guru.

Oregon, United States

I experienced peace while watching this slide show in honor of the forms of Lord Shiva. The image of the Shiva Nataraj statue surrounded by flowing water is exquisite, with the texture of the stream like velvet. I am very grateful to see such beauty on the Siddha Yoga path website, and to feel the deep stillness of the heart it inspires.

Thornbury, Australia

As I started looking at this beautiful collection of pictures, while soulful music played in the background, I started feeling so peaceful that I felt as if I were sinking into the divine form. This is what I want in my life and my soul: to merge with Lord Shiva’s subtle form.

Pune, India