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Homage to Lord Shiva, the Self of All
Verses from Scriptural Texts Studied on the Siddha Yoga Path

Recited by Maitreya Larios.
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Paramarthasara - You Exist in All Forms and are Beyond All Forms
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This divine scriptural verse from Paramarthasara awakened the memory of a precious experience I had in Bade Baba's Temple at Shree Muktananda Ashram back in 1998.
As we were chanting the Noon Chant, I closed my eyes. Upon opening them, suddenly I was surrounded with billows and billows of pristine white light. Everyone and everything was scintillating with heavenly white light. It took my breath away.
It still does.

St. Laurent, Canada

Thank you for all these wonderful verses. Each one has just penetrated right into my heart. They express the experience I had of Bhagavan Nityananda while on retreat at Gurudev Siddha Peeth in Ganeshpuri. And that experience is: Love.

Massachusetts, USA