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Mahashivaratri 2013

Nature Welcomes Mahashivaratri in Shree Muktananda Ashram

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I just saw Gurumayi’s teaching "Laugh." I began to laugh, and I am still laughing, and I am so happy!
Thank you Gurumayi! With all my love and happiness!

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Yesterday morning, I was sitting quietly for some time looking at the photograph of Lake Nityananda, with the words from Gurumayi that had arrived on the scene in all manner of ways—tumbling, skidding, marching, moving with grace, and so on. This reminded me of different aspects of myself.  Watching Laugh light up so beautifully and unexpectedly, the realization came to me that the sun on the horizon is like the Guru—ever-present and radiant, constantly shedding rays of grace on all of us at whatever stage of sadhana we happen to be. When we practice her specific teachings, we open ourselves to receive that grace; and eventually there is a moment when we merge with the Guru, with that blazing light, so that we too glow in the same radiance of Self-realization. In that state, I’m sure, too, that all the cells in our bodies are blissfully laughing at all times.

California, USA

I’ve been reflecting on Gurumayi's teachings daily, and now it seems that every time I laugh I think of Gurumayi and the teachings—and I end up laughing at my own laughter.  And on it goes!

Thank you for all your kindness and love, Gurumayi. And three cheers for the Website and the sevites in the Website Department.

Washington, USA

Thank you, Gurumayi, for bringing enchanting new meaning to the term wordplay! And thanks to the website sevites who facilitate this delightful global conversation for us all.

New Mexico, USA

Like so many others, I just love this animation of Gurumayi's teachings—the way H walks on like the steady parent with her/his charges, the individual personality of each character in Laugh gaining the attention of u to be upright and focused, the way each member of Unite has found the joy in the moment and becomes part of the team. Then there is the magnificent light of Grace, the elegance of Love, and the creativity and balance of Appreciate. So much joy. So much love. So much grace. So much light.

Then I noticed CELEBRATE above it all, and I thought of how lightheartedly Gurumayi always supports us to gain the knowledge of the Heart. As she has taught us so many times, there is perfect joy within the Heart. To go there is a spiritual practice, allowing the mind to become serene and find the fountain of joy within.

And what leads the mind to the Heart so it can settle there? The mantra. The mantra helps us to appreciate the Guru's constant grace that helps us honor the love within as we unite with the Self.
This path: Gurumayi, Meditation, Mantra, the Self. How blessed we are!
Celebrate? Yes—with great lightness of heart. 

Melbourne, Australia

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