Participating Locations in India

For information about locations in India holding Muktananda Dhyana Saptah, including event times and other registration details, send an e-mail to the address that corresponds to your location.

Dates City Language E-mail
July 7 Ahmedabad - Naranpura Hindi
July 7 Bangalore English
July 7 Jaipur - Gopalpura Hindi
July 7 Pune - Combine Hindi
July 14 Bhopal-BHEL Hindi
July 14 Mumbai - Dombivali Hindi
July 14 Vadodara Hindi
July 20 Delhi GK English
July 21 Bharuch Hindi
July 21 Thane - Hiranandani English
August 4 Mehsana Hindi
August 11 Vapi Hindi
September 1 Mumbai - Juhu English
September 15 Dharampura Hindi
November 17 Shahada Hindi
November 24 Nagpur - Gopal Nagar Hindi
December 1 Jalgaon Hindi
December 1 Naskik Combine Hindi