Words of Gratitude

In many countries it is traditional at this time of year to convey heartfelt gratitude for the harvest and the abundance of our world. On the Siddha Yoga path we give thanks for Gurumayi’s grace and teachings, which lead us to become established in the bliss of our own Self and to recognize this bliss all around us—in the colors of the sunset, in the food on our table, in the smile of a friend.

This November Gurumayi is inviting Siddha Yogis and new spiritual seekers to learn how gratitude is expressed in languages from around the world. Each day this month the Siddha Yoga path website will feature the word gratitude in a different language, both visually and with an audio recording. By seeing and listening to the myriad, beautiful ways gratitude is expressed, we can better appreciate the universal significance of this virtue.

To see and hear “Gratitude” in different languages, click the buttons below.

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