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Poetry of Saints

Jnaneshvar Maharaj

Jnaneshvar Maharaj

About Jnaneshvar Maharaj

Jnaneshvar Maharaj (c 1275 – 1296) was a poet-saint from Maharashtra, India. He wrote what are widely acknowledged to be among the world’s foremost spiritual works—the Jnaneshvari, a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, and the Amritanubhava, a dialogue on the experience of union with the Divine. Jnaneshvar Maharaj is celebrated for conveying subtle truths in simple, poetic language. He wrote in the common vernacular, Marathi, at a time when much of India’s holy discourse was in Sanskrit, and he explained the scriptures through the lens of his personal experience.

Abhangas by Jnaneshvar Maharaj

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