Sung by Viju Kulkarni

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Mai Bagiyana Se

The bhajans and poetry of Mirabai are suffused with devotion to her beloved Lord Krishna. Once awakened to her love for Krishna, Mirabai dedicated every moment of her life to the worship of her Lord. Forsaking her role as a princess, she became a wandering mystic so that she was free in every moment to express her love for Krishna, whom she addressed as Hari.

In this exquisite bhajan, Mai Bagiyana Se, Mirabai delights in the many ways she will worship her beloved Hari. She will awaken him at dawn with sweet hymns, adorn him with fresh flowers, offer food to him, and wave a fan to cool him in the heat.

Mirabai teaches us, through the ecstasy of her devotion, to identify with the Divine. She becomes so immersed in the Lord that she experiences Hari in every pore of her being. She is aware of the Lord in everything, from her own voice to the breath that sustains and protects even the most vulnerable beings. The poet-saint demonstrates that through devotion, parabhakti, we can experience darshan, the presence of the Lord within ourselves and in all.