Āratī Lījo

Arati is a form of guru-puja, the worship of Shri Guru; it is an outward expression of a disciple’s devotion. The hymn Arati Lijo was written for Baba Muktananda in the 1960s by one of his devotees, Hari Om Sharan, a renowned singer in India. At that time seekers would often sing Arati Lijo at the conclusion of satsangs with Baba, and in the early 1980s Gurumayi established it as the midday arati in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, where it was sung for several years.

Arati Lijo is a treasured means for Siddha Yoga students to give homage to and express their love for Baba—to recognize Baba’s greatness and sing in gratitude to him.

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Lyric sheet for Arati Lijo
Lyric sheet for Arati Lijo
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