Āratī Lījo

Arati is a form of guru-puja, the worship of Shri Guru; it is an outward expression of a disciple’s devotion. The hymn Arati Lijo was written for Baba Muktananda in the 1960s by one of his devotees, Hari Om Sharan, a renowned singer in India. At that time seekers would often sing Arati Lijo at the conclusion of satsangs with Baba, and in the early 1980s Gurumayi established it as the midday arati in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, where it was sung for several years.

Arati Lijo is a treasured means for Siddha Yoga students to give homage to and express their love for Baba—to recognize Baba’s greatness and sing in gratitude to him.

You can read and reflect on the words of Arati Lijo during this auspicious month of Baba’s Mahasamadhi.

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Lyric sheet for Arati Lijo
Lyric sheet for Arati Lijo
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Arati Lijo is, for me, one of the most moving melodies ever, especially combined with the sheer beauty of its poetic imagery. And the teachings that this arati expresses are unforgettable. Even though I’m hearing it once again after many years, it impacts me profoundly and goes straight to my heart.

I am so grateful that Siddha Yoga music encompasses both teaching elements and evocative music; this combination helps me to deepen and sustain my understanding of some of the most significant truths. When I listen to Siddha Yoga chants, bhajans, and hymns like Arati Lijo, I am always inspired and uplifted.

a Siddha Yogi from New York, United States

As soon as I heard this arati, it felt like something extraordinary. I felt very peaceful within. After listening to the first stanza, I got the melody and  started singing along with the audio clip.
Both the melody and the words of the arati are so beautiful. Various feelings arose from within, like peace and unconditional bliss. The deep meaning of the words pulled me within. After singing the arati, I sat peacefully for a few minutes.
Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for this experience of this beautiful arati.

a Siddha Yogi from Pune, India

The beautiful picture and the words of the arati have touched my heart and transported me to Gurudev Siddha Peeth. I felt great peace, silence, and joy.

a Siddha Yogi from Chandigarh, India