Shri Avadhuta Stotram

Recited by the music ensemble in Gurudev Siddha Peeth.

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Song sheet for Sri Avadhuta Stotram

The verses of the Sanskrit hymn Shri Avadhuta Stotram were adapted by Baba Muktananda to praise his Guru, Bhagavan Nityananda. Bhagavan Nityananda—or Bade Baba (elder Baba)—was an avadhuta, one living in a state of enlightenment beyond body-consciousness, and a janma siddha, one born with the full realization of his own divine nature.

Baba Muktananda wrote the opening and closing verses of this hymn, and adapted the remaining fourteen verses from a chapter of a devotional text, the Vedanta Chandavali.

On this page is a recording of Shri Avadhuta Stotram together with the text and translation. The hymn is also published in The Nectar of Chanting.

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