Chanting Krishna Govinda

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Krishna Govinda Lyric Sheet

Krishna Janmashtami, or Krishna Jayanti, is the holiday celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday. You are warmly invited to honor this auspicious day by chanting the namasankirtana Krishna Govinda with Gurumayi.

Krishna grew up as a cowherd in the village of Vrindavan. The namasankirtana Krishna Govinda praises the Lord in this form, calling him by many divine names: Krishna refers to his dark blue color. Govinda describes him as one who cares for the cows—and also as one who draws the outgoing senses inward. Gopala reflects Krishna’s role as protector, not only of the cows, but of the earth itself. Murali manohara describes Krishna as one who captivates our hearts by playing his flute. As you chant the names of Lord Krishna, you are invoking his sacred attributes.

This chant is in the Bhairavi raga, which has the rasas, or qualities, of prayerful devotion and yearning for the beloved. Chanting gives expression to this yearning and has the power to draw you inside and connect you with the presence of the Lord within.