Chanting Nārāyaṇa

Chanting the uplifting namasankirtanaNarayana” in A Sweet Surprise 2018, Siddha Yogis and seekers throughout the world welcomed in the new year with Gurumayi.

As we chant the name Narayana, we are summoning the blessings of the all-encompassing Supreme Being who sustains and preserves creation and guides human beings on the path of dharma, right action. Narayana, like the sun, lights our way forward, leading us to the dawning of knowledge within our own being and the attainment of the highest Truth.

Chanting the names Govinda, Gopala, and Hari in this namasankirtana, we extol the Lord in his incarnation as Lord Krishna. We invoke the protection of the Lord who guides all beings.

The melody of this namasankirtana is set in the Prabha raga, which evokes feelings of serenity and the joyful expectancy of the dawn.

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Lyric sheet for Narayana

A recording of this namasankirtana is available in the Siddha Yoga Bookstore.

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