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Yoga—Skill in Action

SYDA Foundation staff members and visiting sevites offering seva
in Shree Muktananda Ashram, September 2014.

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As I contemplated the gallery, I was moved by these children's eagerness to serve and learn. It is so tender to see the love they have for the Guru and the Guru's love for them. Their faces brim with shakti, and their practice is so pure.

Seeing this transported me to a very special state that triggered in me the desire to serve the Guru all my life, within myself and in the world, in the Ashram or at my home. The feeling was so powerful and so full of shakti.

Thank you so much for this post!

Madrid, Spain

Hidden like a nugget of pure gold amid the actions of the Siddha Yoga sevites was contagious, pure laughter. I caught it instantly, and as I experienced it, I was reminded of how joy is increasingly permeating my life, due to Guru's grace and my own engagement in seva and sadhana.

Thank you, Gurumayi! Thank you to those walking the path together in love, devotion, and service.

Alaska, USA

When the close-up photo of Shri Ganesh's face came up on the slideshow, and I saw his beautiful eyes, the words "benevolent grace" arose from within. I felt I was receiving blessings from the remover of obstacles.
Thank you so much—it's just what I needed.

Farnborough, United Kingdom

It´s amazing how the devotion and love can come through the camera! It was heartwarming!

Guadalajara, Mexico

I felt Shri Guru's grace pervading each and every particle of the Ashram. I sensed the shakti through these beautiful pictures.

Thank you all so much for this amazing experience.

Gurgaon, India

I have been on the Siddha Yoga path for many years and offer weekly seva in our local Siddha Yoga meditation center. I only knew a few of the people in the pictures, but as I looked at every photo, my heart leapt to see them, as though they were all family members I had not seen in such a long time. It was a tangible experience of how we are all one in the Guru's world.

California, USA

It was touching to see the devotion and love offered to Lord Ganesh by the sevites. I could feel their devotion in my own heart. I could also feel Lord Ganesh's warmth and joy as he welcomed and offered his blessings to all those who approached.

Thank you, Gurumayi. Thank you, Swamis, and all the sevites, for this beautiful experience of love.

Missouri, USA

There is a grace in the sevites' body language in these pictures, revealing seva as a delicate dance of the heart.

California, USA

Excitement built as I looked at the slideshow, noticing how my heartbeat quickened and my heart expanded in gratitude. How exhilarating that such dear people come from all over the world to offer their devotion and seva at the Guru's feet, nurturing her abode and each other. And how gratifying that we are able to participate in this via the website. Heartfelt thanks to Gurumayi for this gift that enlivens our sense of community.

Florida, USA

It is amazing to see how laughter spreads. Something must have happened in the satsang that made two Swamis and the music teacher laugh like children. Seeing their photo, somebody must have laughed and suggested framing it. Now the Gurukula students are laughing; and here I am, too, laughing with all of them!

Thane West, India